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Why Employ a Corporate Magician?

Why employ a corporate magician? There are various techniques a magician specializing within the corporate marketplace can help your company. Some of those include things like:

• Marketing and advertising your merchandise

• Building brand awareness

• Entertaining essential account decision-makers

• Motivating sales persons

• Driving site visitors to a trade show booth

• Emotionally involving your prospects, customers or staff

Most times a corporate magician is either performing close-up or stage magic. Close-up magic, also named strolling magic, is presented even though the magician is walking about and performing, and a lot of instances surrounded. Stage magic is generally performed on a platform or stage when the audience is seated. Typically magic shows last amongst thirty to ninety minutes.

A corporate magician may possibly perform at:

Trade Shows

The third highest traffic draw for any trade show booth is actually a magician. The first and second involve celebrities and models (it really is tough to compete having a Television star or the Playboy Bunny from the Year). Magicians can customize their magic and/or presentations to deliver the marketing messages required. When the magician has drawn a crowd and finished his presentation at the booth, the salespeople will take over and qualify the prospects. Additionally, a lot of magicians may also function hospitality suites to entertain crucial account decision-makers.

Sales Meetings

Corporate magicians are typically hired to entertain for the duration of sales meetings. Lots of sales managers will introduce new products, or the engineering/technical division will highlight new solution specifications towards the sales department. Either way, a magic presentation is an excellent strategy to reinforce the message.

Business Picnics

The annual business picnic is an ideal setting for any corporate magician. Most providers possess a want for entertainment at these events, plus a magic show is each entertaining and entertaining.

Holiday Parties

A company's holiday party may perhaps be either formal or casual. Either way, a magician may perhaps be referred to as upon to perform either close-up (during the cocktail hour) or possibly a stage show because the most important entertainment for the evening.

Particular Events

This category might contain awards banquets, grand openings, open homes, golf tournament hospitality tents, and substantially much more. Employing a corporate magician will make the prospect/customer encounter memorable.

When picking any entertainer to represent your corporation, they should really reflect the image you need to portray. The following are some considerations when deciding on any entertainer for your business:

Expert Appearance - A magician should stand out and look the component. Most corporate magicians will wear either a tux or maybe a suit. A corporation selling razor blades would not opt for to have a magician using a lengthy Rip Van Winkle beard.

Business Background - Does the entertainer have the organization encounter required to place together an expert presentation that will engage the prospects or clients?

Specialization - You may wish to pick a magician that specializes in corporate magic, not a birthday party or street entertainer.

Talent Level - When a magician specializes in corporate magic, they generally possess the technical skills important to accomplish the job. It takes years and years of practice to become fantastic adequate to perform magic to get a living.

Education - Will the entertainer be interacting with educated prospects or customers? The magician should be capable of connect with those she or he is entertaining. Numerous corporate magicians have advanced degrees and are intelligent adequate to become in a position to carry this out.

The primary advantage in working with a corporate magician is that he or she is in a position to engage the imagination of one's intended audience. Persons appreciate getting entertained and amused, and prospects make obtaining decisions according to emotion and back up their decisions with logic.

Whether your goal should be to entertain prospects or educate your workers, the art of magic might be utilized to assist you realize your goals.

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