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Spring 2013 Portfolio

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“See Me”; Photoshop CS5.5; January – February 2013

My first attempt at graphic design, the idea for an anti-stereotype poster came from my son, Kenshin, who is of mixed race. Ideas about barcoding and various charts swirled around the layout of the profile, but a clean chart was eventually decided upon. Verbiage was also simplifed greatly to ensure the message was received quickly. 2


Basing a design off of the color scheme of a favorite photo is an amazing way to create a design. This webpage scheme is based off of the beautiful sunset on the water pictured here. The blue and yellow are great together and the purple provides a complimentary accent to the blue.

“Sarasota�; Photoshop CS5.5 and InDesign CS5.5; February 2013

co o r prof i i ng



SM” were ever-present, the verbiage and layout changed immensely for this event poster. This poster, created entirely The colors used are approved colout of type, went through an ors for the university, and the font evolutionary process. Though lends itself well to the simple yet the words making up “USF- effective design.

“USFSM Day”; Photoshop CS5.5; March 2013



“Tech Magazine�; InDesign CS5.5 and Photoshop CS5.5; April 2013

typese ting

These magazine layouts (including pictures) are unique due to their section headings and dropcaps.

brand ng portfolio

“eARThen”; Illustrator CS5.5 and InDesign CS5.5; April 2013

d e s gn

an evolutionary tale

WIth a vision of a logo for the company Earthen Art (stylized as eARThen) of a globe and the lettering “ART” created with negative space, various creative ideas culminated in a versatile logo for the company.







The original color and texture (below) were to resemble a grass mat to emphasize the company’s focus on the environment.

The “pencil-to-paper� conceptual design that eventually became the original digital version of the eARTHen logo (above).

The original digital version (right) allowed for the idea of negative space to stand out, which was a main design-element. 8


An attempt to emphasize negative space and the environment led to the creation of a water droplet, wave, and 2 dolphins (below).

Another attempt at simplifying the design and playing with word placement led to the very tiny “eARThen� above.

Due to some confusion over the company name and cluttered negative space of the previous design (left), this design evolved (right).







After the placement of “earth- the eARThen brand and logo. Aden� was determined at the end of ditionally, a logotype was added the spacial phase, it was time to to further brand the company. determine what color best suited






The final logo and pitch of the eARThen logo and branding emphasized environment and global awareness.

portfolio A statistician at heart, the creation of beautiful, readable charts is dear to me. Simplicity, color, and font choices played a large role in ensuring these charts both displayed and symbolized the data they presented.

“What’s That Degree Getting You?” and “Starbucks Milestones”; Illustrator CS5.5 and InDesign CS5.5; April 2013

charts 12


A collection of designs for my first design class.

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