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The leader in Innovation introduced the first waterproof and moisture permeable fabric in 1979. Since then Toray was committed to offering maximum comfort at any time under any condition for the wearer. Over time this belief led to breakthroughs and market shaping technologies released by the think tank in Japan.

深は新 - “THE DEEPER, THE NEWER“ JAPANESE CRAFTSMANSHIP The Japanese culture is full of traditions and rituals. One of the biggest heritage is the art of manufacturing a samurai sword or the long tradition in weaving and sewing kimonos. Also, the will in Japanese culture to achieve an improvement in quality or innovation is unbelievable. For one of thermal underwear products Toray’s technicians created more than 2000 different yarn blends in order to find out the best performance in function, quality and handfeel. The combination of tradition and dedication with state of the art technology is nowhere else to be found and makes Toray’s products so unique.

HIGHEST PERFORMANCE STANDARDS As the leader in innovation Toray has always set itself high goals in creating new technologies and improving already existing ones. To do so Toray’s engineers work hand in hand together with outdoor enthusiasts to get new input on how to improve their products. Another key to the high standards is the 100% vertical production at Toray. Everything is done by Toray which leaves no room for errors or similar by outsourcing certain steps in production.

STRETCHING THE LIMITS OF TECHNOLOGY “When you dig deep into something, the result will be new discoveries and inventions” For Toray this means that in their research & development process, they want to dig into a topic, idea, vision as deep as possible to get the best results possible. They do not stop experimenting and testing until Toray and their developing partners, such as Bergans are 100% satisfied with the result – always trying to pursue the limits of technology. For the Dermizax membrane Toray lives up to this philosophy in every processing step which is why Dermizax is the most functional and innovative membrane on the market.

The “smart membrane family� consists of four different versions of the basic Dermizax nonporous membrane. All provide a superlative degree of waterproofness and breathability combined with other smart features such as moisture management, 4way-stretch or self adjusting temperature control.

NEXT-GENERATION WATERPROOF BREATHABLE TECHNOLOGY Dermizax NX is the premium outerwear solution in extreme conditions. Engineered to meet the demands of outdoor specialists and serious enthusiasts.

THE ADVANCED LEVEL WATERPROOF BREATHABLE TECHNOLOGY The heritage membrane with advanced moisture management and waterproof technology. Durable and stable since decades.

MAXIMUM COMFORT MEETS MAXIMUM FUNCTION This membrane also impresses with improved moisture permeability and great waterproofness. It is often used in outdoorwear for skiing, hicking or other activities outside.

THE NEW STYLE OF WATERPROOF, BREATHABLE FABRICS Due to the special “Dry Technology” finish and 3D microcapsules these fabrics are very comfortable to wear but still durable and highly water proof and moisture permeable





The extreme waterproofness of the Dermizax membranes is mostly granted by the nonporous structure of the membrane. This means that the membrane has no openings for water to come in and therefore is 100% waterproof.

The superior breathability of the Dermizax membrane is reached by a special mixture of polymer yarns. These yarns contain hydrophilic polymer molecules, which absorb water vapor on the inside (high concentration of water vapor) and transport moisture effectively to the outside of the membrane (low concentration of water vapor). Driving force of this process is the 2nd law of thermodynamics which states that moisture will always move towards dry.

Long lasting and always the same functionality are key advantages of the Dermizax membrane compared to microporous membranes (e.g. GoreTex). The conventional microporous membrane has small pores which can clog up when sweating (salt-crystals), by washing (detergent) or even with dirt. This cannot happen with the Dermizax membrane because it has no micro-openings.

All Dermizax membranes are coated with a special DWR (Durable Water Repellent)-finish. This ensures that the membrane doesn’t soak up with water and keeps its breathability and waterproof function. Without the coating the water from the outside would directly hit the membrane and get stuck in between the membrane and the outer layer making vapor perspiration impossible.

THE SMART MEMBRANE MOISTURE MANAGEMENT & LOW CONDENSATION A very low condensation means that there is not a lot of water vapor which stays inside of the clothing and causes the wet feeling after sweating. Conventional microporous membranes have exactly this problem. The microporous openings can only let a fixed amount of water vapor pass at the same time. The hydrophylic structure of the Dermizax membrane does not have these constraints. It actually increases its diffusion process and lets more water evaporate

ABRASION RESISTANCE & COMMONLY WASHABLE The nonporous structure of Toray’s Dermizax membrane makes it resistant to small crystals (e.g. in washing detergent) plugging up potential holes. Also the outer finish due to no pores is more durable and abrasion resistant than other membranes.

Moisture Management

Abrasion Resistance

Low Condensation Rate

Washable With Common Washing Detergent

Up to 360degree stretch

Self-Adjusting Breathability


STRETCH & 4way-FIT Fit and stretch, are extremely important for sports activities because they grant lower pressure/resistance points when moving and therefore make the activity easier for the user. Dermizax reaches its superior stretch & fit by a specially twisted yarns, which have different stretch depending on the application they are used for.

SELF-ADJUSTING BREATHABILITY AND TEMPERATURE CONTROL The polymer molecules responsible for the breathability have the unique feature of moving faster at higher temperature. This means if the athlete performance at a higher intensity, the diffusion process of sweat and water vapor will increase and the clothing will automatically become more breathable and transport more water vapor to the outside and therefore adjusting the temperature in the clothing.



A team of scientists at Toray developed a all new membrane structure for Dermizax NX. On a molecular level the scientists were able to create larger spaces within the membrane molecules. This allows water vapor to now escape more efficiently to the outside and enables a new dimension of breathability.

Toray developed a special twisted yarn to ensure maximum stretch in all directions. The stretch reduces the pressure points on elbow and shoulders significantly so that the athlete feels more free and unrestricted in his movements.

SPECIFICATIONS Waterproofness: 20000 mmH₂O or higher Breathability: up to around 55000 g/m²/ 24 hrs. or higher *depending on face fabric and membrane




The nonporous Dermizax membrane impresses by its wide range of functions. It is extremely waterproof, greatly moisture permeable and has a low condensation rate.

The special outer finish grants the Dermizax membrane a very soft and supple hand feel compared to the other membranes in the market.

The membrane with advanced moisture management and waterproof technology. Durable and stable since decades. The long term product for outdoor enthusiasts all around the world. Established high end technology. .

Designed to provide maximum comfort combined with durable and waterproof protection. Dermizax EV is ideal for a wide range of outdoor and winter activities. Always granting the perfect combination of comfort and functionality.

Dermizax NX is the choice for professionals and enthusiasts. Its uncompromised functionality and the extreme light-weight make the NX membrane the leading membrane in the market. Its uncompromised functionality combined with 200% stretch makes it the perfect membrane for intense activities and helps athletes perform better!

The Dermizax Family – at a glance:

-Non porous -Up to 200% stretch -High function, light, soft, comfortable -Dynamic moisture management -Water and wind resistant

-Non porous -200% stretch -High function, light, soft, very comfortable -Dynamic moisture management -Advanced water and wind resistant

-Non porous -200% stretch -High function, light, soft, super comfortable -Dynamic moisture management -Hightech water and wind resistant

SPECIFICATIONS SPECIFICATIONS SPECIFICATIONS Waterproofness: 20000mmH₂O Waterproofness: 20000mmH₂O Waterproofness: 20000mmH₂O Breathability: 10000- 35000g/m²/ 24 hrs. Breathability: 20000 - 45000g/m²/ 24 hrs Breathability: 30000- 55000g/m²/ 24 hr (depends on shell and membrane) (depends on shell and membrane) (depends on the shell and membrane)

The “DryTechnology” provides a smooth and soft hand feel on the skin, which leads to enhanced wearing comfort. No lining is needed for this lamination technology.

SPECIFICATIONS Waterproofness: 20,000mmH₂O or higher Breathability: 16,000g/m²/ 24 hrs. – around 30000g/m2/24hrs

The inside layer of the Dermizax 3D membrane consists of a special developed 3D structure which enhances the waterproof-breathability performance and increases airflow.

SPECIFICATIONS Waterproofness: 20,000mmH₂O or higher Breathability: 20,000g/m²/ 24 hrs. to around 30000gr/m2/24hrs

All of functions of the 3D structure serve the goal to increase wearing comfort. The membrane reduces inner condensation by allowing more moisture to escape into the next layer and away from the skin. Also it increases the airflow within the 3D structure which leads to less stickiness and clamminess but a rather dry and fresh-feeling touch. On the outer layer, the abrasion resistance has been strengthened for a better protection against frequent rubbing as with a backpack or similar. The “DT” in Dermizax DT stands for the specially developed “DryTechnology”. Due to this special finish there is no inner lining needed. The “Dry Technology” finish already feels smooth and soft on the skin. The left-out inner lining makes the membrane extremely lightweight and packable. Dermizax DT is also very abrasion-resistant. Therefore it is ideal to use for outdoor activities as well as sports or other work where there is a light and packable jacket needed.


Based on its group-wide “Ecodream� initiative, Toray has a long-term commitment to promoting recycling of fibers, textiles & susbsitution of fossil oil as well as other environmental preservation activities. Toward the goal of realizing a sustainable low-carbon society, Toray takes a comprehensive approach to ecology.




In 2007 Toray launched an initiative to develop and commercialize a biomass based polymer toward a non-petroleumdependent, low-carbon society. The resource used to produce the yarn is castor oil which can be extracted from the castor plant (Ricinus communis ).

Toray’s first nylon recycling project was in Nagaon 1998 resulting in several partnerships around the world to promote recycling to the society. Even it is a long way to go, Toray believes that a part of future texile industry will use recycling as an alternative of fossil oil.

“Striving to provide solutions to issues increasingly confronting modern society such as climate change, steady depletion of resources, waste reduction and recycling, the Group pledged to place priority on the global environment in all business activities. To this end, efforts were initiated to collaborate with industries and communities across the globe to secure reductions in CO2 emissions consistent with the Group’s policy to expand Life Cycle Management-based environmental businesses.” Akihiro Nikkaku President Toray Industries, Inc.

GLOSSARY MICROPOROUS MEMBRANE Membrane structure with small holes in the membrane which smaller than a water drop but big enough to let water-vapor pass. (not used for Dermizax)

NONPOROUS MEMBRANE Structure which has no microscopic holes but is still breathable because of diffusion-process(see breathability) Used for Dermizax

WATERPROOFNESS Resistance to water penetration. It is indicated by the amount of water pressure that a fabric can withstand without any water penetrating the fabric.

BREATHABILITY The property that allows perspiration on the skin to pass through a fabric as a vapor to the outside air. It is indicated through the amount of vapor that can pass through a 1 square meter fabric section in 24 hours.

BREATHABILITY EVALUATION TEST B-1 (Inverted Cup method) (JIS L1099 B-1) A substance such as potassium acetate is placed in a cup and sealed. A piece of test fabric is placed over the cup with the fabric side to the cup. The cup is inverted in a pan of water. After a specified period of time, the cup is weighed to see how much water is pulled into the cup through the fabric.

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booklet for sales clerks in retail stores