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-Biography1988.05.14 2008-2012 2012-2015 2014- 2015 2015-(5month)


Born in Sendai,Miyagi-prefecture,Japan Bachelor course at Hokkaido University Master course at Y-GSA (Yokohama Graduate School of Architecture) Internship at Lacaton & Vassal Architects (France) staff at SANAA (Tokyo)


Diploma in Hokkaido University

・Awarded "Hokkaido University part-time teacher prize"


-Competition47th Central Grass International Architectural Design Competition 39th Nisshin Kogyo Architectural Design Competition 6th HASEKO House Design Competition     27th Architecture and Environment Design Comeptition 2th Daito Kentaku competition “Thinking new age rental housing” Y-GSA Ryue Nishizawa Studio Fall Semester Yokohama National University

・Awarded "Second Prize"(Solo) ・Awarded "First Prize"(co-work with 1 people) ・Awarded "Fine work""(co-work with 1 people) ・Awarded "Fine work""(co-work with 2 people) ・Awarded "special prize""(co-work with 4 people) ・Awarded "First Prize"(Solo) ・Awarded "Exellent Student Prize"(Solo)

2013 2014

-Professional ExperienceInternship

2012 8/1~8/31

Kengo Kuma and Associates(Tokyo) Tomioka City Hall (Competition)

2014 5/5~12/31


2015 4/1~8/31


"First Prize"

Participated in “Modeling”

Lacaton & Vassal Architects (Paris) Pavillon de verre(Competition)

"First Prize"

(Participated in “movie/persepective”)

Immeuble de grande hauteur, Halte Ceva, Chêne-Bourg, Genève (Competition)

"First Prize"

(Participated in “Axsometric/persepective”)

Klekovaca tourist centre(Competition)

(Participated in “persepective”)

WHO Geneve Headquorters building Extension(Competition)

(Participated in “persepective”)

Sejima Kazuyo and Nishizawa Ryue and Associates:SANAA (Tokyo) Proposal for new Garden in Takarazuka (Competition)

Participated in “making idea”&”final presentation”

Extention of Siga Modern Museum(Basic Planning)

Participated in “Basic Planning”

Exhibition about Siga Museum at GA gallery Tokyo(Exhibition)

Participated in “presentation”

Musée de l’Elysée & Mudac in Lausanne(Competition)

Participated in “making idea”&”final presentation”

2D: Vector-works // Hand Drawing// 3D:Rhinoceros //Sketch-Up CG:Cinema4D// Adobe creative suit CS5:Photoshop // Illustrator // InDesign// Microsoft:Word//Excel//Power point// Language:English(fluent) // Français(A2.1 niveau) // Japanese(native)//



0. 1. 2.

Works at “SANAA”

Internship at “LACATON & VASSAL”

The Shape of the City Agriculture and Architecture to come 2013 Fall ,Ryue Nishizawa Studio in Y-GSA First prize in Y-GSA


”Kinetic/Selective/Sustainable-Intermediate Unit between Architecture & City” 2013 Spring ,Koh Kitayama Studio in Y-GSA First place in the studio Selected as excellent work in Y-GSA


Town Hall sharing along a Valley

5. 6. 7. 8.

2012 Competition 47th Central Grass International Architectural Design Competition Awarded "Second Prize"

"House" in Asian Monsoon Climate 2012 Competition 39th Nisshin Kogyo Architectural Design Competition Awarded "First Prize"

Memory of 2.6Km 2012 Competition 6th HASEKO House Design Competition Awarded "Fine work"

Robe of Facility 2013 Competition 27th Architecture and Environment Design Competition Awarded "Fine work"

Architectural approach of mine 3

Internship at LACATON & VASSAL 2014- 2015

Pavilioin de Verre





Lèxtension Du Siege De LÒMS A GENEVE


-Klekovaca Tourist Centre(STORY BOARD)AT THE HOTEL

7:00pm - restaurant

9:00pm - casino



-Chêne-Bourg, Genève High-rise building-


Pavilioin de Verre(short movie)



The Shape of the City Agriculture and Architecture to come 2014

Y-GSA Ryue Nishizawa Studio Fall Semester :Awarded "First Prize"(Solo)

This project aims to suggest “new age city-agriculture”.Based on a research aobut the farm land in Hazawa-region Yokohama,It is found that the large amount of farm land property had became to be subdivided into pieces,and as a result,the local farmer came not to be able to make a profit,and not to have a young successor.To respond this facts,I propose to invite a third-party such as enterprise,and short-stay people who can keep managing this land,and to make high-profit crops with a little amount ,at the same time, a large amount of species to sustain this farm land.That is to say,generating new environment structure where the new player who support farmland and local people can enjoy it.Hazawa farm land doomed to be out of use because of lack of young successor and also a new citymasterplan of new train station near here.In this project,I propose to strategically use of land which Yokohama city has to relate station and farmland,and to invite new player who manages farm.In the project,I could propose environtal structure that exists identically to this place,and could give program to it and architecture that harmony with human being and environment.

The architecture is generated from the background of city-agriculture.What gives identity to here is that the element of “promenade to the station”and”greenhouse where a variety of species grows with little amount” .The inner composition is made of “stay place under the long overhang roof for people who want to start the farm “and “promenade to the train”,”a lab. where enterprise and local farmer can collaborate with,and produce”.”market along the geography”.This program makes soft boundary between then,at the same time,makes a sense of neighborhood as a one room.




In this project,japanese loggia and greenhouse is set between place for staying and also promenade.This makes possible to control the glance,and to make baffer zone.As a result,passanger and staying people may start to have conversation,and passanger can see the farm activity,and can stay from the outside,and havest crops,and produce original items.This is new way of life style here.

place to stay japanese loggia <private>


high profit crops <in between>

liquid-shape greenhouse for grape in Osaka Q1.Why always grape farm is on the slope?? A1.water easily go down,and if there is sunshine,you can crop it everywhere Q1.why there are a lot greenhouses in Osaka?? A1.there is no snow there. liquide-shape greenhouse is low cost,and also it can be made in everywhere. high profit crops can be made in greenhouses.






A-A” Section 1/400 0




project site pink colour below shows the land of Yokohama where they plans to build new car road.I strongly opposite to this idea,but I propose the architecture that relate farm to the new train station.






Câ&#x20AC;&#x2122; station Land beloging to Yokohama

project site plan


enterprise and local farmer cooperate <common>

promenade <public>

high proďŹ t crops <in between>

japanese loggia <common>

place to stay <private>


B-Bâ&#x20AC;? Section 1/400 0



This structure is based on cherry tree and light frame



 , /'"%)22.

C-Câ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Section



C-Câ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Elevation







Hazawa ,Yokohama

-farm land property by the farmer in HazawaThis is notation of land property around the hazawa station.Through a research,I found that farm land in front of the new station especially subdivided. Because of subdivision,the local farmer can not make a profit,and not to have a young successor.The farm land will disappear.On the other hand,I found good point :local farmer know each other due to the proximity.In order to keep this Hazawa character,I propose to keep this farm by gathering a variety of character,not as redevelopment.

Data of Hazawa -cultivated acreage:23ha

-how many farmer join in agriculture cooperative:47 as a business:24 among 47 as a self provision:10 among 47 -among “as a business” (24) as full time job:47% type1:with the side job:13% type2:with the side job:40%

16000人/時 14本の利用が見込まれている。

-2.2person / family -Rate of aging:23.7%(proportion of “more than 65 years old)

wind direction ★

Summer: -no wind in the morning -temparature gets high easily in the noon -south wind in the afternoon

Typology of Green house

long shape to the north-south: the temparature is stable because of constant sun shine in the day

semi under ground: constant temparature due to the ground(all the season)

three-quarter type

connected type: easy to keep temparature

long shape to west east: maximum temparature at the highest point of south

Program diagram

Hazawa station

Regenerating landscape of hazawa as a new scale ,and Expecting that every people can enjoy this place. 16

Doom type: high cost

f d



b a








Farm land in Hazawa Seemingly,it seems as a one property,but in fact,There are a lot of land owner.

Even if the land is subdivided ,some farmer succeeds in growing ďŹ&#x201A;ower in the greenhouse.Paying attention these people,it seems to be possible to sustain city agriculture by seeding high proďŹ t crops with little amount.(stopping to make low income crops like a cabbage)

plot of farmer without successor or not

urbanization control

not have a successor&land without maintenance

farm area(exclusively) land for equipment of agriculture

have a successor

urbanization control line 18


a.high profit crops with a little amount with a variety

b.inviting a variety of enterprise making use of farm land as being proximity to sation Due to the proximity to new station,there is chance of inviting enterprize.I propose to invite

Relationship between profit and working time per 1000㎡ a third-party such as enterprise ,short-stay people who can keep managing this land,and to working time(h)




×soy bean






make high-profit crops with a little amount ,at the same time, a large amount of species to sustain this farm land.

50 90

■Proposal of new system of land property

60 240







○a field pea






Platform Hazawa -pasta factory where visitor can meet producer -farmer who sell and produce dry-fruit made by fig -strawberry maker who sell jam made by it -free designer association that sells orinal item -people who edit magazine of Hazawa -share office Relationship between farmer/enterprize/land

starter+learning program 2year






○eggplant 2800


2 farmer(0.5ha) B company

2 farmer(1ha) E company a lot kind of staying style -seasonal farmer -beginner -nomad worker -short/long term stay



1 farmer(0.4ha) with D company

2 farmer:0.7ha with A company

5 farmer(3ha) F company

3 farmer(2ha) C company

First,some enterprise lend the land,then start magaging.They learn know-how from local farmer,and invite people who want to start.

■new relationship “farmer × enterprise × variety high profit crops


-cabbage =low income -lack of successor










-company provide equipment and worker -select high profit variety crops with little amount -relationships usually changes due to intention

■Diagram of new relationship Sharing high cost equipment such as wrapping material,greenhouse,machines, enables them to reduce cost.

■Reality that some enterprize lend small land

Produces original vegetable soup,ready cut vegetble.ready made,salade

Seeing the past example of “enterprise entry”,there are similar size example.


-resourceenvironmental bias material -machinerenal enterprise+Lab. in Univ.



average area:1~2ha/person Kanagawa:3.2ha Kanto:1.3ha

land property production

Kanto:3ha event harvest experience restaurant

event harvest experience restaurant



Local people





grape farm on the way to promenade

b throught the promenade,you can see the activity of Lab.




b landscape of the view from the city

f c c

d d


e e

b b a a

b overlapping between frame and market


c seeing lab. of enterprize









f cherry tree structure.people can eat fruit with hand

f from the northest point,there is high proďŹ t crops


”Kinetic/Selective/Sustainable-Intermediate Unit 2013 Spring ,Koh Kitayama Studio in Y-GSA between Architecture & City” Selected as excellent work in the studio Yokohama inner harbor area has been developed as industrial area,so ordinary people can not access to this area.Recently,new city strategy is required toward to this brown-field because of changing industrial scheme. Therefore,I propose intermediate unit between architecture and city in 2050 which is sustainable,and is correspond to changes (various kind of way of life,climate,environment).This can be achieved by system like "open building" which constitute of hard parts & soft parts.This corresponds to density change in time,climate.Resident can take part in building architecture.Thus Resident can have sense of belonging.

Facade type A:flexible panel makes various kind of facade.


-Variation of Flexible PanelExterior: Control environment west / vertical louver Shouji

South / horizontal louver

Interior:adjusting human relationship

Notth / glass


Assembly Diagram of Type A

(Exclusive possesion of water equipment among 1 ~ 7 people )

Slab & Water equipment

Sliding panel


Activity under the membrane roof

Seasonal change in daily life

Winter season:This space is changed into "Green house" by slideing panel Summer season:open window,and wind ďŹ&#x201A;ow inside.

Space between outside & inside.They can BBQ,sleeping,drying.


2F plan in Summer

2F plan in Winter

GL plan

3F plan in Summer

3F plan in Winter

This plan shows that each residents can participate in making their own living environmental by sliding a ďŹ&#x201A;exible panel corresponding to a climate.


Assembly Diagram of Type B(sharing water equipment among 7~20 people) 1.People select community they belogs to (i.e. short stay by artist in Triennale) 2.Corresponding to climate change 3.Sliding panel can accomodate

1.Conceive system that correspond to people density and climate. 2.Seperate space into soft part and hard part like a open building. Soft part corresponds to change.Residents participate in this process.through this process,people can feel identity.



-3 kind of comumn span:3600mm/8000mm/15000mm.This make it possible to correspond to change of program and largeness. - 2 kind of panel. Large panel is not easy to slide comparing to light panel.I assumed large panel doesnt move so often.Space made by short span column will be used as housing,oďŹ&#x192;ce.On the other hand,Large space made by short span column will be used as junior high school,market,clinic.Mixig diďŹ&#x20AC;erent scale of column make it possible to mix-used architecture.

Hard part consists of slab ,column,kitchen,bathroom.The width of slab is limited under the 8000mm,because natural sun light enter.And,shape of slab is like a fold giving terrace,because it can get maximum amount of air. Also,vertical connetion is achieved by making void in a same distance.Shower,bath room,toilet,wahing-machine is shared by 10 to 20 people and under 10 people.

Sliding panel


-Soft part consists of sliding panel and roof. There are various type of panel in the outside skin:vertical louver/horizontal louver/lattice/bamboo blind/.Membrane roof collect rain water.Furthermore,it makes half outside space as a Event.This instrument support activity under the roof.Sliding panel outside has a role to control environment.On the other hand, inner panel control relationships between humans.

vertical relationship in the school.this space can be stage of presentation


>Due to the selectiveness by sliding panel and house type,resident can choose how they connect each other. They live not as one family,nor alone,but they live as a group. >They can make own sliding panel.They can move it. >There are place where they can live outside.Each unit has terrace,and it can be changed into greenhouse. They live with move. >Ground ďŹ&#x201A;oor is public space.its height is over 4m to escape from level4 Tsunami. >Membrane roof collect water. -Collective form>There are working space near the living space.They make 5~10people group,working creatively. >There are calsses and studio along with working place.So they can teach each other. >There are also child care center near the working place.So they can stay with their child. >population density is under 120people/ha. -What kind people does live here??>Various kind people ,presuming that people live a back packer living 1 week,and family live for 5 years. >residents is comprised of people over 65 years(36%) ,15years to 64 years(59%),under 14 years(11%)

2F Plan

3F Plan

GL Plan

4F Plan 27



-PrologueYokohama has unique city structure surrounding 3km diameter water surface.Since yokohama inner harbor area has been reclaimed many times as a industrial area,citizens has not been entered the area.Recently,new urban strategy is required in the brown field,because almost of all industrial company and factory move to rural area and foreign country due to the change of industrial structure. Therefore,I propose the new way of life in 2050:each people can select own way of life corresponding to diversed life style.So to speak,selective life style:how each people connect,and corresponding to seasons.

in yokohama 2050,information industry and creative industry all be more important.So,skyscraper is no longer necessary.Many small office and housing,culture,art will be mixed in one place,and each program is connected as network. 3km water surface will be used in water transportation such as boat.This connect many places such as Kannai area,Yokohama station,minatomirai. As a result,This new way of life feeling the ocean change Yokohama as a bed town to home town.

-Social Background-


Industrial structure will be changed into creative

-History of reclamation-

70% area is restricted to access.

-Population inflow into Yokohama2050It is assumed that population of Yokohama in 2050 will be about 300,000 people.And,11,000 people from Tokyo will inflow into Yokohama in 2050. Tokyo Yokohama

-Rain>Sharing collected water by membrane in 120people >Sharing energy made by compost and raw material. >Japanese uses water as a average 1688mm/year=141mm/month=4.7mm/day In short,4.8l/ha=48000l/ha If the density is 127people/ha,4800/127=378>313 This shows that we can live with collecting water.

As a precondition,This industrial area is seen as "tabura rasa".So,there are 2 main important factor in this project.One is that climate(sunshine/wind/the amount of rain) because this is uncheangible factor.The other is that the necessity of architecture that can adopt variety of changes such as variety of people"s life due to the changing social situation.Thinking this factor enable me to transform the inductrial area into social mixed area.

Sharing collected water among each 120people


Membrane Roof Biotope Tank

-Solar Altitude in Yokohama30

-SolarI found out:As a precondition of growing vegetable (12m height volume):Each 20meter distance is required if the space between volume get sunshine 6h/day.

8:00 9:00 10:00 11:00 12:00 13:00 14:00 15:00 16:00

-Solar radiation & Wind directionWinter(september-april) / afternoon Uncomfortable wind Wind Sun


17:00 E


Summer(may-august) / morning Comfortable wind

N 15:00 Summer(may-august) / after noon Comfortable wind

-Pier Temparature Although sea wind come to the periphery of pier,it doesn't enter into the pier because of heat generated by sun shine. To solve this problem,I propose the pier ďŹ lled with a lot of trees.This cool down the temparature of the pier.


S 12:00

"Local -Social unit" sharing along a Valley 2012 Competition 47th Central Grass International Architectural Design Competition Awarded "Second Prize" (among 428 works)

What is the town hall for those who live in a

disaster hitted area? What can I do in order to make familiarity and Otsuti pride? It seems to me that the town hall should be used as the base of a life, and building it together with those who live. In this architecure,people build the town hall together using lumber that tells culture where 200 people live along the valley. This can be common place for peripheral people, and primary shelter to escape from disaster,and root for traditional festival ,and makes new landscape and recovery symbol of Otsuti.


3F 2F


move #9




GL+14000 GL+12000

GL+10000 GL+8000


GL+4000 GL+2000

GL Âą 0

#6 GL+8000 #5

#1_shrine #10

#2_diagnosis #2


#3_guest house


#4_library #7


#5_lecture room #6_wood furniture shop #7_life supprt service #13

#8_pellet boiler


#9_JR line #16

#10_work shop

#14 town hall

#11_lumbering #12_town hall(city planing) living room

#13_town hall(economiy) #14_town hall(social secturity) #15

#15_town hall(education) #16_convinience store #17_emergency food stock #17 #18


#18_child play room

- 2F plan(living space) GL+13000

Existing house

GL ± 0

Japanese cedar

Roof line



#6 #1 #3








fig.1 GL+12000



#1_Study room #2_Hobby space #3_Leave existing tree #4_Child care space


#5_Toilet #6_Spur #7_life supprt service 34

-program layout diagram-


see each other


Thick column makes public space,constructing long beam.On the other hand,thin column is located densely making private space. In this space,child & older people & young people lives sharing this space.


light pass through

gradation of the lattice in alignment with geographical feature connects space gradualy. A sense of distance is changed continuously and various relations are made. Three-dimensional space spread by constructing roof and ďŹ&#x201A;oor of a loose partition on the lattice. Light falls in from a crevice, and people see each other.

ďŹ g.1


fig.1 Here is open space upon GL level where everyone

fig.2 Life image : people can escape on a hill

can use it as a clinic, a convenience store, a conference hall.

behind.In the case of a disaster, people such as older people&child who are easily late for the disaster from tsunami called out to each other.

- A-A' Section #1_bed room #2_kitchen

0 #3_Leave existing tree #4_Deck for festival&escape root


#5_Entrance #6_JR line & lumbering #7_life supprt service



EV #4 #7

Existing house fig.2





Japanese cedar



A GL+15000




A' A' GL ± 0



fig.1 people makes furniture,and sold on the Internet.

fig.2 People can get off JR train,and can drop by here.

#1_Living space #2_Town hall #3_Life supprot service #4_lumbering #5_pellet factory #6_JR line

#1 EV






- B-B' long Section SCALE:1/400 -








- daily life image -

1.Habitant may get up by sunbeam.

3.If one want to be alone,one can go to quiet place near the tree.

2.When one get out of bedroom,one meet someone,and feel relieved.

4.Child play on a side.

There is restaurant where one can see process of lumbering.

From train,you can see lumbering & workshop situation.











GL Âą 0



a typical shrine in Otsuchi-cho

Yasuwata-ward (After 3.11 disaster)


the geographical feature,the mountain lies back by typical rias, there are few ďŹ&#x201A;atlands, and most of the land serves as steep mountain. Therefore,I chose a place called Yasuwata-ward that has a typical shrine in Otsuchi-cho. As you can see above,houses remains in along a valley escaped 3.11 and also disaster in the past. It can be said that place from this line comparatively safe place. I build architecture that strengthens this area.

Otsuchi , Iwate-prefecture , Tohoku Otsuchi

Yasuwata-region (Before 3.11 disaster)



was prosperous in Otsuchi-cho.There is also regional tradition, such as a Kagura-court-danceand-music festival. I would like to build Architecture, reviving the regionality of Otsuchi-cho.

-Revival Master Plan by Otsuti city#1_Groud is raised up by ďŹ lling so that city is put together.


#2_Raised prefectural road is put together. #3_Making center of the city # 4 _ p l a n n i n g "fo re st fo r requiem"&"sport park"



# 5 _ re c ove r i n g fa c ili t y fo r Fishery



city area place proposed for new residential area green park&industrial area public facilty existing residential area move to new place

I plan architecture in accordance with

a recovery plan of "making the center of the area"

-Land use History-

I found the fact that village layout has not been changed at all.These village has been escaped from disaster many times. According to the fact,it seems to me that layout along the valley enable architecture to be common place for peripheral people and infrastructure to escape from disaster and new landscape of Otsuti potentially. This architecture becomes to be opened for the reason that it is easy to access,and also safety can be ensured because it is not high re-location nor ďŹ&#x201A;at ground.



Even now,village along valley exist in many places.




village layout has not been changed at all.

-Site location diagramArchitecture Existing houses

A sense of unity is made by surrouding valley

Existing houses remains along valley

-Method for making process-

The independent strength is given though it depend on geographical feature.

1.Contour line

2.Draw base line along

3.Draw right-angle line

4.A pillar is dropped to

contour line

against contour line

the place where a base line meets.

5.As a result,the lattice along geographical feature will be made.In a dense place, an individual program will be arranged. In sparse


area, public program will be


put in.


-Structure diagram-

Using local wood as a material which is made by thining of a forest.Then,People and designer build together in order to make familiarity. If architecture decayed,you can continue using the architecture by repairing one by one,and continue using for dozens of years.

pillar:100x100 200x200 300x300mm

From the train window ,situation of a lumbering process can be seen.

-Process of lumbering-

Process of lumbering are visualized. This arechitecture contains the biomass building which consists of a pellet warehouse and a boiler house, or scrap wood.And,the pellet made from the wood waste is stored in a warehouse and used as energy. Glazing is used in window to show practical use of local resources.

thining forest



dry area







14 people works

39th Nisshin Kogyo Architectural Design Competition Theme:“House” in Asian Monsoon Climate

The advantage of living in asian

monsoon area seems to me that sharing comfortable environment with other animals and plants and people what can not be gained in living alone . I imagined the landscape;japanese traditional wooden structure "掛造" overlaps with swingin.The small wooden structure is inserted in the existing building making new structure.And the curtain wall of building is removed. The private space that has been closed in the past come to be public open

space,and making wider and smaller size of sharing space where wind flows. Sharing space made by rebuilding overlaps,and makes three-dimensional terrace which is made by constructing loose partition roof and floor on the structure. A various kind of relationships is made,and a sense of distance changes continuously,and people and animals and plants change their sense of distance and makes relationship mutually.


Various kind of realtionship is made.The small wooden structure is inserted in the existing building making new structure,and the curtain wall is removed.

The private space which has been closed in the past come to be public open space,and making wider and smaller size of sharing space where wind ďŹ&#x201A;ows.

Sharing space made by rebuilding overlaps,and makes threedimensional terrace which is made by constructing loose partition roof and ďŹ&#x201A;oor on the structure. 45

Memory of 2.6Km

2012 Competition 6th HASEKO House Design Competition Theme:"Renovation of your familiar place" Awarded "Fine work"

When I was childhood,the station existed nearby was

The local wood structure is inserted in the existing station. A new structure will be mixed in a line, and people share a line as a garden,and they begin to grow vegetables. Activity came to be along with a track, and a line serves as a park and spreads in the town. Landscape spreads sharing a line to an overall community. The line and station which has been supported a town for a long time come to play the role which supports a town again in a new way.

our environment. Everyone loves the station. It is so sad to lose it.

So,for this reasons,I imagined collective housing which is to be inherited as a memory for futuregeneration,and will be carried out maintenance by resident in the local railroad of Kurikomacity,Miyagi,Tohoku Japan decreasing in population. The titile is "Renovation of a line and a station."

I hope this collective house becoming a bridge to the future.




The site is 2.6 km from Kurikoma Station and Toriyazaki Station which is next to Kuriharata Station. The Kurihara country railroad discontinued line in 2007, and the line and station which were familiar with people left behind to the town as it was.

-diagramThe line is changed into the yard which spreads in a town. The 2.6km long and slender yard connects the town.

Many structures, such as a steel pole, are left behind to the station.It is connected by reinforcing them.

The dwelling unit is planned by connecting between new frame and plat home. Each dwelling unit is planned so that the yard may be faced, and the yard comes to be used freely by the resident.

There is a stand sliding on a railroad. It may be used as a table, chair, or display of garden.

By using new structure,the line and the station are mixed connecting new volume and line which were divided in the past. Eaves is a yard of a dwelling,and also a public space which spreads to the town.



Robe of Facility

Theme:”Visualized Facility Architecture” 2012 Competition 27th Architectural Environmental Design Competition Awarded “Fine Work”

I propose the Architecture that wear facility robe.This robe catch the japanese four season,cilimate,and converge it into a comfortable environment. Standard facility such as pipe & duct which has been placed on the roof or core will disappeared and minimized in this project.As a result,new visualized facility turn out to be out like wearing light clothe,and create active landscape. This architecture correspond to four season with a variety of special membrane,and adjust the environment like we wear clothe.In summer,one membrane absorb water ,and evaporate ,and give comfortable air.In winter,one membrane block cold wind,and receive sun light,and accumulate heat,and this heats room.When it is comfortable day,we can open all the membrane window,and feel the outside air. Everytime wind flows,this architecture expand as we breathe air.This architecture get dressed and undressed along with season.This make us & city to feel season landscape.

-Wearing facility architecture-

Ever since standard facility makes environment from the inside with a huge energy.Instead of such thw way,thinking the another way,:skin between architecture and ouside catch the Jpanese four season,and converge it into comfortable environment.I set the goal of hybrid architecture between facade and facility.


-Climate & Facility-

-Catching climate membrane-

>reuse polyester /water proof/ /transparency 24%/ /light transparency/ wind transparency/ /sunlight block/

>reuse polyester /water proof/ /transparency 10%/ /light transparency/ wind transparency/

>maicro fiber /water absorb/ /wind transparency/ /heat storage/

>reuse polyester /transparency 8%/ wind transparency/ /water absorb/

>reuse polyester /transparency 14%/ wind transparency/ /water absorb/ /strech/

>ETFE single /transparency/ /wind transparency/ /light/

>fluorine resin membrane /sound abrorbing/ /diffusing light/ /heat reflection/

There are various kind of seasons in Japan.However,ever since modern building and tall building never changed its behaviour toward to climate.It seems to me this kind of building has been deprive us of season.I popose,the way of facility be,:catch the seasons and converge it into comfortable environment.

-Slide wall as a facilitypolyester membrane A)vaporing membrane

>kenafine /light transparency /strech/

fig.Suppression of heat rising by evaporation of membrane

alminium sash

Using water absorbing membrane,andthis absorb water in sash,and converge it into cool air.

B)wind through membrane

fig.wind speed acceleration relevant to height

slit in membraneadjust the amount of sun light and wind as a louver. fig.Comparison of thermal storage performance

C)light membrane

Using transparent membrane make it possible to spread light.This also block cold wind in winter,and conduct heat.


-Detail sectionCreating environment along with season by dressing membrane.In summer,Strong wind flows to the surface of water absorbing membrane,and evaporate and makes cool air into the room.Furthermore,sunlight reflects from water storage sash.The membrane can be set each

600mm distance,and user can adjust it.Not only membrane but also heat strage slab make it possible to get sun light into the room,this creates greenhouse like space.In this space,user move along with seasons making environment by myself.



multi layer accumulate heat

Work place wind flow

water absorbing membrane decreases temparature

wind blocking membrane & lsun light transparency

water sash reflects sun shine RC store heat

Water absorbing membrane decrease temparature



â&#x20AC;&#x153; A Study on intermediate-unit between City and Nature Reorganizing Relationship between Environment and Human Beingâ&#x20AC;?


object composed of "solidarity"made by

The cities all over the world today tend to

sharing,and subject as conciousness of

be filled up with the homogeneous object


made by capitalism called for"Generic

3.Research methods

City"(as Rem Koolhaas defined),and tend

As a case study,I handle my master's

to lose its identity.Someone proves that

works.In order to make "Intermediate-unit"

city made by capitalism causes a harmful

generating"identity of place"and"harmony

effects in a lot of ways.Modern society

with environment"as mentioned above,I

has been promoted citizens to possess

suggest six notional frameworks below as

everything,as a result,the solidality

a consideration item:[ management

made by sharing has been neglected.In

w h o p o ss e ss t h e s pac e ],[ h i sto ry / c u lt u r a l

addition,because of the dominant economic

context ],[ additional element ],[ harmony with

principal comparing to "human based

nature ],[ material / construction ],[ redundancy /

principal"and environment,people got lost


its own "solidality","identity","pride","famili

to generate space model by integrating


these items dialectically.

Based on this background,this study aims


master /

I suppose that it is possible

master/who possess the

to generate some kind of "identity of the


place" made by harmonious relationship

system governing city based on capitalism

between environment and human

and state

beings,and also a prototype which should

diversity which is made by a various kind

be organized in a proper scale for the

of player,that's because I emphasize the

next era which everyone can sympathize.

importance of this item.

Concretely,it is kinetic"Inter-mediate unit"

[ h i s t o r y / c u lt u r a l

which organizes relationship between

viewpoint that identical local environment

environment and human beings.

is always formed by the relationship

2.Definition of "Intermediate-unit"

between activity and culture,I emphasize

the viewpoint that a political has been eliminated city's



According to a hypothesis of

the importance of this item."Cultural

anthrop olo gist Robin Dunb er,numb er

context"means human relationships and

of optimum population is up to to 150.

activity such as festival.

So,I suppose that there is appropriate

[additional element]From the viewpoint that,

scale of human relationship.Then,I define

in order to sustain city,it is need to add

"intermediate-unit"as new social unit made

new element and to understand the place

by "sharing".It is free from a control of

relatively,and re-organize the portion in

the state such as "management","nature"as

the whole without thinking only in local

mention below,and also


free from a

custom of "1 house=1 family" managed

[ harmony

by individual.Rather,it is the integrated

theme of sustainability has been more 54

with nature ]in

recent years the

case study

「The Shape of the City Agriculture and Architecture to come」

resources are limited.In this beckground,it is need to live


and more important,and the

urban reglation project area

toghether with environment. Such thinking doesn't reduce

land planed for new road where yokohama city has


physical context as a problem

t h e p o s s i b l i t y, r a t h e r, i t produces new archtype that

[management master]

[managem ent master /who posse ss the spa ce] [who posse ss the space]

go beyond the modernism. I emphasize the importance of harmony with environment and


density population in an assumption


,t e r ra i n , r e s o u r c e s i n t h e region rather than control. [ material / construction ]this is

[additional element]

from the viewpoint that It became to be difficult to have a "pride" based on the giving which is caused by separation between "user"and"builder" after the modernization and standalization. [redundancy/randomness]This is

consideration items

the meaning to the location

[harmony with nature]

w h i c h a c c o m o d ate a w i d e

[material construction]

land for new adress

25000 ㎡

70000 ㎡

20000 ㎡

vast brown-field

risk of Tsunami/ lack of plain field of steep geography/

farm land subdivision

sustain land by cooperating with NPO,association of citizen,enterprise

employee in enterprise/farmer/ short staying man/local people

This land has been used for farm from the Edo period.The situation is lack of profit due to the subdivision.This land is doomed to disappear due to the new station./local farmer know each other due to the proximity


architecture using principal of slope greenhouse


invitation of enterprise variety of species with little amount

attitude toward climate

disposition based on consideration of wind direction and sunlight/vivyl coverd in winter/without wall in summer

attitude toward geograph

located corresponding to the each activities,which is made by light steel frame,that is laid west to east opposite to long site north-south.Then,a beam is laid along the landscape.


material:frame used in greenhouse

range of activity and human


way of building cause a lack

[redundancy randomness]

of flexibility and attachment.I program

define this concept as "having a room for the possibility that

the situation and intention of users by chance.


space"and"reorganization from


user's life represent to its

steel/standarized item self-build /japanese loggia and greenhouse is put between place to stay and promenade.glance can be controled,and making baffer zone,and sometimes passanger and staying people start conversation./passanger can see the farm activity,and can stay from the outside,and havest crops,and produce original items.

beings ,because unification of

based on the Yokohama city stratedy aims for enlargement of value of blown field in 2050,the money for management will be provided. -a variety of people:backpacker/ short stay/family staying 5 years -family composition: 36%=single/26%=child,parents, 24%=husband,wife,7.5%mother, child 127person/ha

nothing of cultural context =tabla rasa


common sharing

fig.1 case study


Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries/NPO

people experienced 3.11/ worker in forestry/ 100person/ha

forestry was prosperous/regional tradition, such as a Kagura-court-dance

living unit:as principal of “open building” water equipment,slab,column are fixed but flexible panel and membrane roof can be moved by hand.

local basement:route for escape,city living

access permission to pier

invitation young people who makes wood furniture

in the exteriour,there are vertical louver,horizontal louvre,lattice window,blind which is located according to direction ,climate.In the winter,terrace can be changed into greenhouse.Membrane roof get rain water,and it can be used as drink,and makes public space. -People dont live in GL+4000 area due to Tsunami.In order to prevent housing,flexible panel in GL is pilotis or strengthen steel panel. -Putting up a stake in hard geographic layer,not using shoreline reinforcement due to the liquefation phenoemenon. waffle slab/wood frame steel structure/RC to prepare for liquefaction,column is put in deeply/waffle slab/S structure/RC


located along the valley that has been escaped a lot of earthquake.A pillar is dropped to the place along the valley. As a result,the lattice along geographical feature will be made.In a dense place, an individual program will be arranged. In sparse area, public program will be put in. wood of Iwate/local wasted wood japanese traditional wood structure

vertical louver/horizontal louver/lattice/bamboo blind/Sliding panel outside has a role to control environment./inner panel control relationships between humans.

open-end structure:local people can repaire and add building more itsself./minimum space of private enable then to have maximum free space.

“stay place under the long overhang roof for people who want to start the farm “and “promenade to the train” ,” a lab. where enterprise and local farmer can collaborate with,and produce” .” market along the geography” .

short span space :office,living/long span:class room,market,clinic/mixing variety of scale in one space enable us to live program-mix

-pasta factory where visitor can meet producer -farmer who sell and produce dry-fruit made by fig -strawberry maker who sell jam made by it -free designer association that sells orinal item -people who edit magazine of Hazawa

living base ment/festival root/place for escape/lubering factory:using wasted material into energy/invitation of young people who makes wood furniture/

people select their own life using flexible panel/office,art,culture are mixing in one plece and makes network each other.

public sharing land provided from yokohama city land provided from yokohama city private sharing

along the valley in Iwate prefecture

commercial area

from the viewpoint that we should design the architecture

Yamashita Pier

urbanization control area


[history/cultural context]

「Kinetic/Selective/Sustainabl e-Intermediate Unit between 「local social-unit sharing along a valley」 Architecture & City”」

Lab. sharig with farmer and enterprise/farm stay place shared by stayer, farmer,enterprise,city

life image : people can escape on a hill behind.In the case of a disaster, people such as older people&child who are easily late for the disaster from tsunami called out to each other. part of town hall

stay place local people has

stay place local people has

lab. yokohama city and local people has

infrastructure which is shared


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