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Cat Harness A cat harness is intended to fit firmly on the kitty’s neck. It can be easily purchased from a local pet store near you. The best way is to shop online. You can get deluxe harnesses that are made of nylon. These deluxe harnesses will act like a padded vest giving protection to the cat’s neck. Make sure that the harness you buy is completely adjustable to suit cats of all shapes and sizes.

How To Train Your Cat to Walk With a Harness After you have purchased a harness, you will have to bring your pet to terms about this. To get started place the harness and leash somewhere near kitty's sleeping area and leave it there for several days to accustom him to it's appearance and smell. Slip in harness and immediately feed him his favorite meal and praise him when he is finished. Repeat these steps for at least a week until your cat gets accustomed of the harness.

Most of the people who own a cat would have the idea of putting a leash on the cat. Cats have got an independent nature are they like to go out and play. They are animals that are always active and they always feel like scratching on things they see. A cat owner cannot leave his cat alone for a long time outside. While walking with the cat you have to put a leash on the cat and you can have a hold on the cat. Cat leash are considered to the best option by many people when they think about training their cats.

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See whether the cat harness comes with adjustable loops as they can be adjusted around the neck of many different sized cats. Buying a quali...