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Earth Day

Your Way |by Megan McCoy

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Holidays are wonderful things. They provide us with a mental (and sometimes physical) respite from the norm and allow us to focus on the important things in life, be they religious, cultural, patriotic, familial, or simply celebratory for the sake of being celebratory. From Christmas to Easter, St. Patrick’s Day to Veteran’s Day, folks go all out enjoying the festivities at any chance they get. So, what about Earth Day? Here are some ways for making Earth Day a new holiday tradition with your friends and family, ranked by “shades” of green:

Dark Green Go camping - Get in touch with nature again

with a camping trip, inviting folks joining you to “get in touch with nature on Earth Day.” An overnight trip into the woods or to the top of a mountain provides perspective on the importance of protecting Mother Nature, and gets you away from the noises and nuisances of the hustle and bustle--as well as the electronic devices. Be sure that you treat the environment properly in the process (or, better yet, live off the land for the night; just be sure to do it safely). Not a fan of roughing it? Plan an ecovacation instead. There are countless ecotourism web sites that will help you put together the perfect, environmentally-friendly getaway.

Go “old school” for the day - Try spending


the entire day like your ancestors. Go without electricity, unplugging everything to stave off phantom power use and the urge to

turn anything on. Use candles if it gets dark, build a fire to cook (or consider grilling for the day, although the jury’s still out as to the most eco-friendly method), and spend your time playing cards or board games, going for a bike ride, or simply communicating with your family. Take it to the next level and eat nothing but locally-grown foods, if you’re not already. Whatever you do, focus on your family and your well-being, in turn showing some love for Mother Earth.

Medium Green Throw an eco-friendly party - What’s a

better way to celebrate than by having a party? You can make this a small, intimate get-together between close friends or a huge block party - just be sure that the invitations specify that it’s an eco-party (and send them online using a site like Punchbowl. With minimal

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