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The Original SpirographÂŽ Deluxe Set This classic set includes all the iconic wheels and rings of the original, re-engineered and updated for today. ITEM: 01001 UPC: 819441010017 CASE PK: 6 Shipped in PDQ display

SpirographÂŽ Design Set Tin This compact set has everything you need to create amazing designs inside a collectible storage tin.

ITEM: 01002 UPC: 819441010024 CASE PK: 12

The Original SUPER SpirographÂŽ This JUMBO 75+ piece set features all original pieces, Spiro-Tracks, storage case with built-in work surface, and commemorative die-cast metal wheel.

Shipped in PDQ display ITEM: 01016 UPC: 819441010161 CASE PK: 6


Spirograph® Jr.

Jumbo-sized pieces make creating Spirograph® art fun and easy for little hands. Also features washable markers.

ITEM: 01023 UPC: 819441010239 CASE PK: 6

SpirographÂŽ Shapes Set Featuring 12 ALL-NEW wheels and 3 shaped rings to create amazing neverbefore-seen designs. Compatible with all other sets!

ITEM: 01022 UPC: 819441010222 CASE PK: 6

SpirographÂŽ Cyclex This amazing tool has 5 different wheels to easily draw 80+ spiral designs.

ITEM: 01018 UPC: 819441010185 CASE PK: 12 Shipped in PDQ display

The Original Spirograph® Die-Cast Collector’s Set This ultimate collector’s set comes with all die-cast metal Spirograph® wheels in a unique collectible tin.

ITEM: 01021 CASE PK: 6 UPC: 819441010215

Travel SpirographÂŽ Create designs on-the-go with this portable drawing set!

ITEM: 01020 CASE PK: 12 UPC: 819441010208

The Original Spirograph® My Little Pony® Design Set

Travel-friendly keepsake tin stores all the pieces!

ITEM: 01050 UPC: 819441010505 CASE PK: 6

Fashion PlatesÂŽ Deluxe Design Set This classic set makes it easy and fun for aspiring designers to create their own fabulous fashions.

ITEM: 01300 UPC: 819441013001 CASE PK: 6

Fashion Plates® Superstar Deluxe Set A rockin’ twist on the classic design set makes it easy and fun for aspiring fashionistas to create their own stage-ready looks!

ITEM: 01303 UPC: 819441013032 CASE PK: 6

Fashion PlatesÂŽ Travel Set Create travel-themed fashion designs with this go-anywhere portable set.

ITEM: 01306 UPC: 819441013063 CASE PK: 12

Fashion Plates® Expansion Sets Expand your design capabilities with these handy expansion packs — compatible with all Fashion Plates design sets.

Glamour ITEM: 01301 UPC: 819441013018 Sports ITEM: 01302 UPC: 819441013025 EACH CASE PK: 12

Fashion Press Paper Fashion Maker The world of fashion design at your fingertips! Press and punch out countless outfits and accessories from almost any kind of paper, without tracing or cutting. Dress the included model sheets to create a fashion portfolio!

ITEM: 01355 UPC: 819441013551 CASE PK: 6

NEW FOR 2018

Fantastic Flowers Paper Flower Maker Creating beautiful blooms is as easy as press-roll-punch! Design countless floral combinations from almost any kind of paper, press in the roller tool, then layer into blooming bouquets with the included stem pieces.

ITEM: 01357 UPC: 819441013575 CASE PK: 6

Action Plates™ Rub & Color Design Set Create endless comic-style action heroes and super villains with this classic rubbing plate drawing set!

ITEM: 01320 UPC: 819441013209 CASE PK: 6

Romper Room 3-in-1 Classic Card Games Set

NEW FOR 2018

This illustrated set features the young gamer’s classic favorite first card games: Crazy Eights, Go Fish! and Slap Jack. Boosts early learning skills, such as counting, taking turns, traditional game play. Great for building quality family time!

ITEM: 01556 UPC: 819441015562 CASE PACK: 12

NEW FOR 2018

Romper Room Fuzzy Felt Picture Play Set

This classic preschool felt picture set provides hours of quiet, creative fun for anywhere play. Assorted soft colorful shapes in a handy storage tray.

ITEM: 01557 UPC: 819441015579 CASE PACK: 12

Romper Room Memory Matching Game

The classic first game of concentration and visual recall. Encourages early game-playing skills, pattern recognition, matching. No reading required!

ITEM: 01555 UPC: 819441015555 CASE PACK: 12

NEW FOR 2018

Waterfuls™ — The Classic Handheld Water Game

All the fun you remember with a new twist! Interchangeable play panels let children design their own games. Create and play 4 different games in 1 for unlimited fun... just add water!

NEW FOR 2018

ITEM: 01580 UPC: 819441015807 CASE PACK: 6

Popoidsâ„¢ 60-Pc. Deluxe Set Stretch your imagination! Enjoy creative construction play with this bendable, poppable preschool building toy.

ITEM: 01550 UPC: 819441015500 CASE PK: 4

Popoidsâ„¢ 30-Pc. Set Stretch your imagination! Enjoy creative construction play with this bendable, poppable preschool building toy.

ITEM: 01565 UPC: 819441015654 CASE PK: 6

Rotodraw™ EASY creativity! Just Trace-Turn-Draw to create adorable characters with interchangeable Doodle Discs™. This unique drawing tool assists children draw a surprise picture every time!

ITEM: 01401 UPC: 819441014015 CASE PK: 6

LatchKitsâ„¢ Mini Rug Craft Kits A fun and EASY-to-learn craft! Just loop, hook, and pull to create your own soft & fuzzy 12" rug. Everything is included!

Unicorn ITEM: 01601 UPC: 819441016019 Rainbow ITEM: 01600 UPC: 819441016002 AVAILABLE IN 2018:

Owl ITEM: 01602 UPC: 819441016026 Mermaid ITEM: 01603 UPC: 819441016033 EACH CASE PACK: 4

NEW FOR 2018

StitchKits Mini Embroidery Kits This ALL-NEW color-by-stitch craft kit is a fun and EASY introduction into the world of embroidery! Stitch in the easy-to-follow outline with colors for a perfect picture.

UNICORN ITEM: 01650 UPC: 819441016507 PLANET ITEM: 01651 UPC: 819441016514 FLOWER ITEM: 01652 UPC: 819441016521 EACH CASE PACK: 12


Give it a twist and it twirls with whirling, clicking fun that keeps you spinning and your mind engaged with its brain-bending, eye-entrancing kinetic flow. Once you pick it up, you can’t put it down! Unique “try-me” packaging.

ITEM: 01220 UPC: 819441012202 CASE PK: 6

HYPNOGIZMO™ Make-Your-Own Twirly Toy Kit

This DIY kit comes with everything you need to design and build your own HypnoGizmo™ toy. Build it! String it! Spin it! Do it again and again!

ITEM: 01221 UPC: 819441012219 CASE PK: 6

Plasticine® 24-Color Rainbow Play Pack Comes in 24 vibrant, non-drying colors for endless hand-on fun, plus an informative instruction guide for the ultimate in shaping creativity!

ITEM: 01252 UPC: 819441012523 CASE PK: 12 Shipped in PDQ display

Plasticine® Tool Set Handy tool box includes 7 Plasticine® colors, sculpting & roller tools, and 5 shape cutters. Detailed instruction guide also included with lots of creative tips and ideas.

ITEM: 01253 UPC: 819441012530 CASE PK: 6

NEW FOR 2018

PlasticineÂŽ Stop Motion Studio

Make your own animated clay-mation videos! This all-in-one movie maker studio comes with everything needed to bring PlasticineÂŽ characters to life in a stop-motion movie.

ITEM: 01254 UPC: 819441012547 CASE PK: 6

NEW FOR 2018

PlasticineÂŽ Easy Make Character Creations Kit So many creative possibilities! Invent your own crazy creatures with PlasticineÂŽ NO-DRY modeling material and over 40 character pieces. Ideal for young builders! Kit also includes a background scene, stickers, and prop & build pieces to create sets and animate your creations with the FREE app.

ITEM: 01255 UPC: 819441012554 CASE PK: 6

Play-Doh® Create 'n Store Playmat Easy-to-clean format makes play time fun and neat! 36” round mat has a wipable surface and cinches closed for easy carry and storage. Fold up the mat in its own pocket to pack up and take anywhere.

ITEM: 01502 UPC: 819441015029 CASE PK: 6

Play-Doh® Create 'n Store Toolbox ITEM: 01503 UPC: 819441015036 CASE PK: 6


Play-Doh® Create 'n Store Work Desk ITEM: 01504 UPC: 819441015043 CASE PK: 4


Colorforms® Picture Panels Play Sets So many ways to play and learn! Each double-sided Picture Panel features colorful scenes on one side and fun puzzles on the other. Magnetic edges connect the panels to stand, expand, and join all the different Colorforms® scenes… they even stick to the fridge to display your creations! The sturdy storage box doubles as a 3D play tray. Each set has over 150 colorful pieces, plus helpful ideas to get you started. ANIMALS ITEM: 01105 UPC 819441011052 VEHICLES ITEM: 01106 UPC 819441011069 HOUSE ITEM: 01107 UPC 819441011076 FOOD ITEM 01110 UPC 819441011106

SCHOOL ITEM 01109 UPC 819441011090 TOWN ITEM: 01108 UPC 819441011083 EACH CASE PK: 6

The Original Classic ColorformsÂŽ This high-quality reproduction of the classic, sleek 1960s boxed set includes 350 brightly colored pieces in a spiral-bound activity book, with a beautifully illustrated design guide and play board. Makes a great gift or collectible item.

ITEM 02734 UPC 813456027343 CASE PK: 6

Retro Colorforms®

Classic Colorforms titles featuring everyone’s favorite characters! The classic sets you loved as a child are back — from Snoopy to Barbie, there’s a title for everyone. Encourage classic, creative play the Colorforms way!

Lucy's Winter Carnival ITEM 02111 CASE PK: 6 UPC 813456021112 Come Home, Snoopy! ITEM 02112 CASE PK: 12 UPC 813456021129 Holly Hobbie ITEM 02104 CASE PK: 12 UPC 813456021044 Barbie ITEM 02103 CASE PK: 12 UPC 813456021037 Miss Weather ITEM 02423 CASE PK: 12 UPC 813456024236

Colorforms® Create-A-Story Re-Stickable Set

Great value! Re-stickable play set includes a large pop-up display easel with 4 background scenes, 48+ reusable Colorforms® pieces, and self-contained box storage to keep everything neat. Features all the hottest licenses!

Paw Patrol: ITEM 02422 UPC 813456024229 CASE PK: 12 Peppa Pig: ITEM 02433 UPC 813456024335 CASE PK: 12 Daniel Tiger: ITEM 02419 UPC 813456024199 CASE PK: 12 Ninja Turtles: ITEM 02404 UPC 813456024045 CASE PK: 12 Barbie: ITEM 02428 UPC 813456024281 CASE PK: 12

Colorforms® Take Along Re-Stickable Set

Go-anywhere fun in the car, on the plane, or wherever adventure takes you! This portable self-closing set includes 2 fold-out colorful backgrounds and 36+ reusable Colorforms® pieces that store inside for mess-free fun!

Ninja Turtles: ITEM 02704 UPC 813456027046 CASE PK: 12 Paw Patrol: ITEM 02722 UPC 813456027220 CASE PK: 12 Peppa Pig: ITEM 02733 UPC 813456027336 CASE PK: 12 Daniel Tiger: ITEM 02719 UPC 813456027190 CASE PK: 12 PJ Masks: ITEM 02729 UPC 813456027299 CASE PK: 12


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Kahootz 2018 Product Catalog  

2018 sales catalog for retailers, sales reps, bulk purchasing. Explore all our classic brands that engage and inspire! US orders only.

Kahootz 2018 Product Catalog  

2018 sales catalog for retailers, sales reps, bulk purchasing. Explore all our classic brands that engage and inspire! US orders only.