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Education Background



City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong BSc (Hons) in Architecture Studies (GPA 3.58)


Mac OS 10.14/ Windows 10


Revit Architecture/ Rhino


City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong BSc (Hons) in Architecture Studies


AutoCAD/ Revit Architecture/ Rhino


Vray/ Revit Render/ Lumion (Video)


Adobe CC (Photoshop/ Illustrator/ InDesign)

Working Experience



Male, Hong Kong 04th September 1993 RM1602, Yuet Wah House, Tin Yuet Estate, Tin Shui Wai, New Territories, Hong Kong +852 98005250



Studio One Design Limited | Full-time job A full time job, assisting the architect to execute and develop the design into detailed drawings of a Data centre, music club, and renovation of schools.


City University of Hong Kong | Part time job



A design proposal, assisting professors to analyse and propose a master planning of a rural area in Shaoguan, China.



City University of Hong Kong | Part time job



A design proposal, assisting professors to rearrange and redesign the design studio at CityU, proposing a new BIM lab design for students from different disciplines


Le Couple & Associates | Full-time internship An internship program, assisting the architect to execute and develop the design into detailed drawings of a clinical building at Central

“Architecture is about spaces and people; it will deal with the real situation and do something good for the society”

Interest Photography Hiking

Achievement 2018

Awarded Dean’s List Semester B 2017/2018 GPA 3.90 1st winner IBPD Competition, CityU


Awarded Dean’s List Semester A 2016/17 GPA 3.73

Classical Music

Professional Project 01




Enso Music Space

Museum of Nature

Smart and Green Building

Cultural Centre in Fanling

Alterations and additions works in Kwai Chung, Hong Kong

An academic project of cultural building An competition project of cultural building An academic project of cultural building in and rural site master planning in Ma Wan, in Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong Fanling, Hong Kong Hong Kong Semester A, Year 4 Semester B, Year 3 Semester B, Year 4

Others 05



Museum of John Galliano

Rotary International Smart Elders Village Furniture and Installation Design

An academic project of museum building in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Semester A, Year 3

New residential and cultural development in Shaoguan, China

An installation designed to improve the use of space at CMC, CityU.

01 Enso Music Space Kwai Chung, Hong Kong

The Enso Music Space is a renovation work in lower ground floor of an industrial building at Kwai Chung. After several meeting with clients, the scheme was settled – a 6000 sq.ft space divided five zone – Marketplace, Jam Session, Practice Room, Band Room, Back of House, with the British industrial interior design style. Apart from designing the spaces, E&M works were part of the design elements. As it was a basement site without windows, the ventilation became a concern. Also, as it was a music space, a higher ceiling level was preferred. The conduits needed to be concealed; yet, all MVAC, general lighting, and stage light systems should be operated in coordination.





Selection of materials and finishes Enso Music Space is designed to be a co-working space for young musicians who may inspire each other and do the jam band whenever they want. After analysing images of old industries requested by the client, steels in black color, bricks in red color, and concrete are often seen in the space. The facing brick is selected to be the main wall finishes in common, while ceiling is painted in black color in order to create the industrial style. Instead of using only these materials, wooden floor is also suggested to create a sense of harmony mentally; it makes the sound more vivid physically as well.

Testing Booth


Rehearsal & Jam Session

Preparation Room

02 Museum of Nature Ma Wan, Hong Kong

The idea of the museum of nature is to improve the publicness of the building in nature and make the site as an exhibit to show the identity of Ma Wan, by using turning and orienting shapes as circulation pattern to enhance the sense of discovery and improving the social and spatial interaction of the space. The form of the building is respected to the nature of the site, aligning the contour of the mountain to reduce the sense of resistance between the museum and nature. The form of the museum tried to celebrate the pocket spaces which act as gathering, exhibition, and performance spaces. The permeable access is enhanced by the building form which improved the sense of discovery and giving back nature to public.

Site as exhibits

Form marking

Spatial Interaction

Bring people to nature

Where the model started

Following the massing form

Creating spatial interest

Be Aspirational

Connection for Two Zones

Lying on the Mountain

Shifted and Sliced for Pocket Spaces

The Museum Setting The are two roles of the museum – become a new There socializing space in Ma Wan, and engage nature into art galleries. The museum is no longer an exhibition-based building for collection display. The consideration of permeable access allows local people and visitors appreciate the nature in the event spaces. The public spaces of museum engage different activities for public, such as, cafÊ, forum, open-air theatre, theat rock climbing wall, mediation spaces, and galleries. While appreciating exhibition, spatial interaction may enhance the experience of the museum. The engagement of nature may also improve the atmosphere of the museum spaces.

Open-Air Theatre






Blurring the Boundary The design of the interior space follows the shape of the floor plan – an irregular zig-zag pattern, which creates different scales of pocket spaces. It may create a double/ triple volume of spaces, allowing different scales of the exhibition and creating better spatial and social interests.

03 Smart & Green Centre Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong

The centre is to provide a place for collaboration among students, faculty, outside stakeholders and promote smart and green living. Smart & green technologies are integrated with the architectural design, to improve user's experience and productivity. The permeability of the centre design becomes an extended landscape from the podium. The sense of space design features raise visitors' curiosity for visitors and students to experience the centre. The centre is orientated according to the sun path, providing optimised natural light to energizes the spaces - the central atrium, project pods, research lab, exchange area, the forum, and showcase spaces, mentally improving the productivity of visitors.

Initial Idea

Site Condition

Massing Form

Green Wall

Active PV Panel

Roof Garden


Solar Panel

Outdoor Activities

Connection to Masses

Improving Permeability

Spatial Flexibility and Use of Technology The forum space is designed for students, researchers, and visitors to exchange knowledge and ideas through different activities held in that space. An operable curtain wall is adopted in forum space. While it is operated, the public space is extended from interior to exterior space; a larger scale of activities can be held. The operable wall also allows natural ventilation while the condition is suitable. Considering the heat gain while using a large la scale of glass in the atrium, "dynamic glass" is adapted to not only reduce heat gain but also control natural light intake; It eventually allows the visual interaction between different floors.

04 Cultural Centre in Fanling Fanling, Hong Kong

It is a cultural centre project in Fanling, surrounded by residential building blocks. In Hong Kong, many community centres are designed in a strict way. They are simply like a black box or boxes, without interaction between people and the spaces. Most of the designs have underestimated the importance of spatial quality of a community centre. The journey of visitors happens at the theatre and ends in the same place. Therefore, this centre is designed in order to enhance the publicness of the building by improving spatial continuity, enhancing spatial and social interaction, and providing easy accessibility.

Social Interaction

Building Mass

Spatial Interaction

Spatial Continuity

Using Open Performance Space As A Focal Place

Adding Function Mass Connected to the Open Performance Space

Grand Theatre

Adding Connection

Exhibition Loop


“Public Engagement”



Black Box Theatre

Rectal Hall

05 The Museum of John Galliano Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

In the design gesture, three themes of works of John Galliano were selected to design several study models. During the process, whimsy, drama, and dynamic were the themes analyzed from the details of the dress. Whimsy was advanced for further development. The idea of Whimsy in John Galliano's work explored to use a folding strategy to create explo units as patterns. The continuous and repetitive patterns were observed. Since there was a material analysis at the beginning of the studio, "Staples" was decided for creating a concept model. The modular forms of staples created a spatial experience, lighting features and a massing form with the featu application of site context strategies.

Location with Site Context

Corresponding with the Site

The Atrium & The Sky garden When the visitors are a experiencing the museum, they may have different feelings between social gathering places and exhibition spaces. The dark expression is adopted in galleries, helping to focus on sculptures, posters, and fashion exhibitions. It also creates a peaceful and quiet atmosphere for visitors to experience the spaces and the exhibitions. The gallery on each floor have an alignment design that they are a connected with only partitions, providing the flexibility of the galleries so that a large-scale exhibition is welcomed. The sky garden was designed as a place for not only recreation but also fashion and art exhibition.


Rotary International Smart Elders Village Shaoguan, China

The project aims to create a village community to serve elderly couples, do documentary research, and improve the quality of life of elderly people in China. The community includes Villa, Elderly Care Centre, Functional Centre, Research Centre, and Hotel. There are great industries to produce good quality of glass and bamboo products in Shaoguan. The advantages are taken to select the local materials for the village design. The combination of the materials created a sense of harmony for all buildings in the village.

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Sustainable Art and Design The C-Square is a pavilion, referencing a continuous C-Shaped form, energizing the boring, meaningless exhibition space. Considering a pavilion located at an interior corner space, lighting, and shadow design features may provide a sense of space to visitors in the dark corner, by C-shape structure enclosed by totem-like panels with lighting features spilling out from the voids The panel is designed as not only a decoration but also a structure connected to the C-shaped columns. In that case, the pavilion is a prototype that allows adjustable design by connecting more panels and extending the length of the C-shaped columns.

Joint - Mortise and Tenon Joint

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Architectural portfolio v one  

Architectural Portfolio V. One Email: TEL: 98005250

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