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Biography Project-William Clark

Moriah Craun

Section 2 • Clark was born on August 1, 1770 in Carolina County (Moulton 642).

Section 3 • Clark was the youngest of six sons and the ninth in a family of ten (Moulton, 642).

Section 4 • Young William developed a special bond with his older brother “George Clark” (Santella, pg.11).

Section 5 • William Clark was an American solider, explorer, and governor of the Missouri Territory (“Clark, William”).

Section 6 • Jefferson demanded Lewis to lead the expedition and Lewis invited Clark to join (Moulton, 642).

Section 7 • In June of 1803 Lewis wrote William Clark a letter offering him co-command of the expedition (Santella, pg.14).

Section 8 • Lewis and Clark privately agreed to share the command of the expedition (Moulton, 642).

Section 9 • Lewis told Clark “There is no man on earth with whom I feel equal pleasure in sharing the honor of command as with yourself.” Clark accepted the offer (Santella, pg.1415).

Section 10 • Lewis and Clark had no road map for their trip. The best maps of the time showed only blank spaces in the west (Santella, pg.15).

Section 11 • The 33 year-old Clark led three canoes into the mouth of the Missouri river (“Clark, William”).

Section 12 • He was named the Corps of on an expedition North-Western Discovery (“Clark, William”).

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