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Abraham Lincoln

Colton Hutchinson

Section 2 

Lincoln “was made on feb.12,1809,somewhere near Hodgenvillie, Kentucky” (Borrit 311).

Section 3 ď Ž

Lincoln was a young boy always on the farm (Boritt 312).

Section 4 ď Ž

Lincoln went to school to become a lawyer (Abraham Lincoln)

Section 5 ď Ž

He was the first president in his party. (Boritt 310)

Republican flag in 1900 hundreths

Section 6 ď Ž

Abe was the 16th president

Section 7 ď Ž

During the cival war Abe helped free the slaves ( Boritt 310)

Section 8 ď Ž

Lincoln wrote the Gettysburg Adressed when he got on the train to go to Gettysburg the speech still wasent finished the day of the speeched he finally finshed it ( Stefott 7)

Section 9 Lincoln tried to make a deal with the south but they refused so he went to war to make the south part of the u.s.a which Lincoln won ( Stefott 85)

Section 10 ď Ž

On April 11 Lincoln finally won the war and made the south part of the U.S.A which made the U.S one state again ( Stefott 111)

Section 11 ď Ž

Even though the south made him go to war after he won he still never wanted to punish the south so Lincoln and everyone celebrated at the fictory (Abraham Lincoln)

Section 12 

But on April 14th,1865 Lincoln went to the Ford’s theater where John Wilkes Booth shot Lincoln right in the back of his head and ran away ( Abraham Lincoln)

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Abraham LincolnAbrahamLincoln Colton Hutchinson Section 2Section2  Lincoln “was made on feb.12,1809,somewhereLincoln“wasmadeonfeb.12,1809,s...

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