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Biography Project-Robert Fulton

Madison Nail

Section 2 • Robert Fulton was born on Nov 14, 1765 on a farm (Hartman 555).

Section 3 • He was the son of immigrants from Ireland (Kingston).

Section 4 • He made lead pencils, house-hold utensils and sky rockets when he was young. He also made a hand operated paddle wheel for use on a rowboat (Hartmon 555).

Section 5 • At the age of 17, He was apprenticed to a silversmith (Landau).

Section 6 • Fulton became famous for his portraits and miniatures (Hartman 555).

Section 7 • In 1786 Fulton went to England to study painting under Benjamin West and in 1791 exhibited two portraits at the royal academy (Kingston).

Section 8 • Fulton became deeply interested into scientific and engineering developments. After 1793 he gave his full attention to this field and painted only for amusement. (Hartman 555).

Section 9 In 1796 he published Treatise on the improvement of canal navigation (Kingston).

Section 10 • Fulton invented a submarine that went down underwater up to 25 feet and was able to stay under water for 4½ hours (Kingston).

Section 11 • He produced a steamboat that could travel at least 4 miles per hour (Kingston).

Section 12 • Fulton died in New York , on Feb. 24 th, 1815 (Kingston).

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Biography Project-Madison Nail