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Biography project-james madison

Madison Bowers

Section 2 • “James Madison was born in 1751and was born at Port Conway, Virginia” (Brugger 33).

Section 3 • “James Madison studied with private tutors and attended the Donald Robertson School in King and Queen County.” (Brugger 33)

Section 4 • “He graduated from the college of New Jersey, which later became Princeton University” (“James Madison”).

Section 5 • “James Madison arrived in Philadelphia in May of 1774, just about the time word was received of the Port of Boston”(Watts12).

Section 6 • “Madison was just 25 years old when he helped write the state of Virginia’s first Constitution in government.” (“James Madison”)

Section 7 • “He served at the constitutional Convention” (Brugger 33)

Section 8 • “He recommended war with Britian. Reelected president served at the Virginia constitution.” ( Brugger 33)

Section 9 • “He played a leading role in the Constitutional Convention of 1787, where he helped design the checks and balances that operate among congress the president and the supreme court.” (Brugger 32)

Section 10 • “James Madison, although more than than ten years younger than any of the other canidates, decided to run for a seat on the Local Orange County Committee.” (Watts 13)

Section 11 • “Madison had decided that the traditional custom of candidates treating voters to free drinks and other favors was not in the keeping with the high ideals that should govern the New Colonial Society.” (Watts 14)

Section 12 •

“James Madison pasted away in 1836.” (Brugger 33)

Work Cited Bandfield, Susan. James Madison. New York: Franklin Watts, 1986. Brugger, Robert. James Madison. World Book:2006. “Madison,James� America the Beautiful. Grolier Online,2011. Web. 13 Apr.2011

Biography Project-Madison Bowers  

Biography Project-James Madison Madison Bowers Section 2 •“James Madison was born in 1751and was born at Port Conway, Virginia” (Brugger 33)...

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