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Biography Project-Historical Figure’s Name • GEORGE 3 [107 SACK.]

Student Nam jillian vance (First and Last)

Section 2 • GEORGE 3 was born on june 4,1738 in london[107 SACK.]

Section 3 • GEORGE succeeded his grandfather[107 SACK.]

Section 4 • GEORGE tried to desfroy the power of the wing[107 SACK.]

Section 5 • GEORGE chose his mini sters[107 SACK.]

Section 6 • GEORGE 3 took a far great part in governing the coynty than died[107 SACK.]

Section 7 • SHORTLY fter the revolation[173 SHEINKIN.]

Section 8 • GEORGE experienced the nsestomach pain[173 SHEINKIN.]

Section 9 • Here’s the bad news:war is really expensive .The British were left with a mountain of tebt[173 SHEINKIN.]

Section 10 • The nation hasrun into an immense debt to give them protction; and now they are called upomtoctributea small share toward the public expence[173 SHEIKIN.]

Section 11 • After 1801 George 3 was increasingly incapacitated by an ident if iedas porph yria[173 SHEINKIN.]

Section 12 • GEORGE 3 was bitterly criticized by whigh is torians of his own and later day’s[173 LANGFARD.]

Works Cited Langford, Paul. "George III, King of England, Scotland, and Ireland.“ Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia. Grolier Online, 2011. Web. 14 Apr. 2011.

Biography Project-Jillian Vance