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Biography project-historical Benjamin Franklin

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ď Šzaloď Š

section 2 • Born in Boston on jan. 17, 1706.

section 3 • he was one oF 15 child and the youngest kid.

section 4 • he live in a house milk street in Boston massachusetts.

section 5 • he went to school two years that he went to sea went he was 17.

section 6 • he learned how to set type and operate the heavy wooden press.

section 7 • he Freed 17 year old Ben From his apprenticeship and made him the editor .

section 8 • without telling anyone, he sold Books to raise money .

section 9 • he passage a Boat and went to new york .

section 10 • Ben was always optimistic.

section 11 • he Founded work with a london printer

section 12 • died april 17,1790 in Boston

works cited sources entered here alphaBetically By author’s last name or iF no author, By title Franklin, Benjamin." america the BeautiFul. grolier online, 2011. weB. 15 apr. 2011. the amazing liFe oF Benjamin Franklin' james cross goBlin ‘’

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Biography Project-Historical zalo  

 zalo  Biography Project-Historical Benjamin Franklin Section 2 •Born in Boston on Jan. 17, 1706. Section 3 •He was one of 15 child and th...

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