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Biography Project-Historical William Clark

By: Collin Hanson

Section 2 • Clark was born August 1, 1770 in Caroline County, Virginia (Moulton 642).

Section 3 • Cark became Revolutionary War hero In American (Moulton 642)

Section 4 • William Clark was a American explorer, solider, and a governor (“Clark, William”).

Section 5 • Thomas Jefferson requested Lewis and Clark to explore the new lands out west.

Section 6 • William Clark was the co. leader of the Lewis and Clark expedition.

Section 7 • William Clark’s responsibility was mapping terrain and maintaining military discipline. (“Clark, William”)

Section 8 • Lewis and Clark lead a team of 33 men to explore the new lands in the west. (Moulton 642)

Section 9 • They explored the Louisiana Purchase and Oregon territory. (Moulton 642)

Section 10 • On their journey they met the Sioux Indians and other Indian tribes. (Edwards 10)

Section 11 • After two years they arrived back in St. Louis and were greeted as heroes. (“Clark, William”)

Section 12 • William Clark died Sept 1, 1838 in St. Louis. (“Clark, William”)

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Biography Project-Historical Collin Hanson  

Biography Project-HistoricalBiographyProject-Historical William ClarkWilliamClark By: Collin Hanson Section 2 •Clark was born August 1, 1770...