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Biography project-historical james madison

adriana sorto rojas

James Madison “Born in his mother parents on March 16, 1751� (Brugger 32)

James Madison • Lived at Port Conway, Virginia. (Brugger 32)

James Madison • He is the Father Of The Constitution.

James Madison • He created the U.S federal court system “which divides power between central government and the states”. (Brugger 32)

James Madison • Married to Dolley Madison .

James Madison • Madison is the fourth president.

James Madison • “He fought to get the Constitution adopted.” (“James Madison”)

James Madison • “He is remember most for the hand he had in creating the basic rules for governing the U.S.â€? (Bausum 33)

James Madison • “madison played the role in Bringing aBout the conference Between maryland and Virginia concerning naVigation of the potomac”. (“james madison”)

James Madison • “Madison always made sure that the country (U.S) had a strong and democratic government” (Bausum 33)

James Madison • “Madison died at Montpelier on June 28, 1863” (Brugger 36)

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Biography Project-Historical Adriana Sorto Rojas