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Biography Project-John Adams

Student Name Brooklyn McDaniels

Section 2 • “Born in Braintree Quench Massachusetts.” Born on “Oct.30,1735” (page 34 Huston)

Section 3 • “He was the 2nd president of the united states he was president in “1797-1801” (Page 34 Huston)

Section 4 • “During Adams term the United states took its first steps towards its industrialization” (page 34 Huston)

Section 5 • “In 1764 Adam married Abigail Smith Nov.22,1744-Oct.28,1818” (page 35 Huston)

Section 6 • “At the end of his apprenticeship he went back to Braintree to become a country lawyer” (page 9 Harris)

Section 7 • “He led Harvard college witch young Adams entered at the age of fifteen” (page 9 Harris)

Section 8 • “Adams low practice was thriving by then and he seemed destined to become a family man and a pillar of the brintree community” (Page 9 Harris)

Section 9 • “When Adams began working on the Massachusetts constitutor his wife Abigail cautioned him to member” (Page 10 Harris)

Section 10 • “No lawyer in the city would touch the case ,but Adams agreed to help gather the

Section 11

Section 12

Works Cited Sources entered here alphabetically by author’s last name or if no author, by title

Biography Project-Brooklyn McDaniels