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Biography Project-John Adams

Brooklyn McDaniels

Section 2 • “Born in Braintree Quincy Massachusetts,Oct.30,1735” (Huston 34.)

Section 3 • “He was the 2nd president of the United states he was president 1797-1801” (Huston 34.)

Section 4 • “During Adams term the united states took its first steps towards it industrialization” (Huston 34.)

Section 5 • “In 1764 Adam married Abigail Smith November22,1744-october28,1818” (Huston 35.)

Section 6 • “At the end of his apprenticeship he went back to Braintree to become a country lawyer” (Harris 9.)

Section 8 • “Man and a pillar of the Braintree community” (Harris 9.)

Section 9 • “When Adams begin working on the Massachusetts constitutor his wife Abigail cautioned him to remember that” (Harris 10.)

Section 10 • “When he was a lawyer in the city he would touch the case but Adams agreed to help gather the evidence that would guarantee him a fair trail.” (Harris 10.)

Section 11 • “End of a bright legalcreer but he become convinced that the officer was innocer and eventually convened the judges.” (Harris 10.)

Section 12 • “Died July.14,1826” (Harris 12.)

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Biography Project-Brooklyn McDaniels