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Harriet tubman

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Section 2 • “Harriet Tubman was born into slavery in 1822”.(Shone and ganari 3)

Section 3 • “Her nickname was Minty when she was little” (“Tubman, Herriot” )

Section 4

• “When she was 13 she was hit on the head with an iron weight” ( “13 shone and ganari”)

Section 5 • Harriet decided to help slaves escape to the north where they could have freedom they took the secret underground railroad.

Section 6 • “When she ran sometimes she would have to wear different disguises to hide from different people”( “shone and ganari 31” )

Section 7 • When she ran she would run through water so that the dogs would loose her scent

Section 8 • Harriet helped in the civil was disguised as a man fighting for the freedom for slaves

Section 9 • “Her real name was Aramita but she changed it to Harriet when she got married” ( “”world book 480 snoggs )

Section 10 • Her nickname was Moses because she led so many slaves to freedom

Section 11 •“One of her famous quotes is” “ Its better to be dead than to be a slave” (Tubman, Harriet)

Section 13 • “She died on March 10th 1913”

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