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*This story displays ShimCheong's extreme filial piety that she has towards her father. Despite her young age, she does everything in her power to help her father and those around her to make their lives easier. In Asia filial piety is highly important and enforced, so you can see lots of children's stories having themes revolving around it. . For the translation aspect of this story, giving the right title to ShimCheong's father was difficult because the translation isn't completely smooth from Korean to English. Also, on another translation note InDangSu is actually a place in the ocean that is considered special, and used a long time ago for sacrifices to the gods. So, the fishermen took a boat to go to this part of the ocean in order to sacrifice ShimCheong

Once upon a time, there was a blind man named Shim Hakgyu but mostly called “Shim Bongsa”-meaning the blind in Korean and his daughter ShimCheong. ShimCheong’s mother passed away after giving birth to her, and so the blind father Shim bongsa had to raise her. Shim Bongsa went holding his crying daughter to the local neighborhood women. Shim HakGyu : “Excuse me miss, would you please give milk to my daughter?” Woman 1 : “Tsk Tsk, poor thing.” ShimCheong grew up by getting some of the local ladies’ milk and by eating rice soup.

ShimCheong grew up as a good girl. ShimCheong did the local ladies’ errands and took good care of her father. All of the ladies praised her. There was no one who didn’t know that ShimCheong was a good daughter

One day, Shim Chung's father fell into the stream on his way home. Shim HakGyu : “Someone save me!” A monk that was passing by saved the father.

Shim HakGyu : “Whoever it is that saved me, thank you so much.” Monk : “I am a monk from the MongEun temple, I see you are blind.” Shim HakGyu : : “If I could see with these two eyes I would have no other wishes. Monk : “If you donate 1 million pounds of rice to the temple you can see again. Shim HakGyu :“Is that right? And the father promised that he would donate 1 million pounds of rice to the temple.

Returning home, ShimBongSa could not withstand his worrying. ShimHakGyu : “I’m going to go crazy, where am I going to get 1 million pounds of rice?......”

Just then, ShimCheong came back. ShimCheong : “Father, I’m back!” The father’s sad expression turned into one of surprise when he heard ShimCheong. ShimCheong : “Father, are you okay?” ShimHakGyu : “well......” and ShimBongSa told the truth.

One day, ShimCheong heard the village ladies talking near the well. Lady1 : “The fishermen were looking for an innocent young girl.” SimCheong : “Why do they need a young girl?”

Lady1 :“That's obvious. They need one for the sacred offering at InDangSu. So give the girl whatever she wants.” Hearing those words, ShimCheong went quickly to find the sailors. SimCheong : “Well, I came because I heard you were searching for a young girl.” ShimCheong decided to sell herself so she could get the 1 million pounds of rice for her father. Sailor : “It’s very rare to see a good daughter like you. It hurts my heart to offer such a good lady to InDangSu.”

The sailor’s hearts were also hurting, but they couldn't do anything because a lot of people’s lives depended on her sacrifice. When the boat arrived at InDangSu the sailors preformed the ancestral ceremony and ShimCheong prayed. ShimCheong : “God! Please open the eyes of my father.” At the moment ShimCheong jumped into the ocean, the god of the sea decided to take care of her.

The god of the sea questioned ShimCheong. God : “Are you ShimCheong?” ShimCheong : “Yes, I am.”

God : “Why did you allow this to happen?” ShimCheong told him the story. God : “Oh oh! Such filial daughter who is so rare. I will send you back up to the world again.”

So the Sea God put her in a giant lotus and took her to the surface of the sea. Sailor : “What on earth, why is this lotus in the sea?”

Since it looked like a strange thing, the sailors took the big lotus with them back to the king. The king marveled at the strange flower, and took a good look at it. Then, the flower opened and ShimCheong appeared. King : “Who are you???... .” ShimCheong then told what happened to her to the King. The king believed that everything was the will of god and welcomed ShimCheong as a queen. Queen ShimCheong couldn't stand the curiosity she had for news about her father. King : “The Queen’s complexion is not well!”

ShimCheong : “Your Highness, I am so sorry but I cannot help but worrying about my blind father.” King : “Don’t worry. I have decided to throw a party for all the blind people so you might find your father ”

On the third day the queen was waiting outside the palace gates for ShimBongSa. Finally, she saw ShimBongSa’s figure. ShimCheong : “Father!”

Shim HakGyu : “Who are you? My daughter is not a person of this world... .” ShimCheong : “Father, it’s me Cheong.” Shim HakGyu : “Cheong? Are you really her?”

Shim Cheong: “Yes, father! Open your eyes!” Shim HakGyu : “Cheong~!” Shim Cheong: “Yes, father, father!” Shim HakGyu : “Cheong~!” ShimCheong’s extreme love for her father moved god, and he made her father open his eyes the moment when she asked him to. ShimCheong who had become Queen lived with her father happily ever after. THE END -