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Open 7am to 5pm Kitchen closes at 4.30pm


All day


Good gut brekkie $23

Bacon and eggs (cooked your way) with sourdough, hash brown, miso mushrooms, tomato, house-made baked beans, spinach and a shot of probiotic-rich beetroot kvass V F

[vej-ee] veggie breakfast $21

Pumpkin, corn and zucchini fritter with poached eggs, tomato, spinach, hash brown, miso mushrooms, sourdough + shot of Kvass V

Eggs Benedict $20

Poached eggs on sourdough with hollandaise sauce and kale. See add-ons to personalise V


Smashed avocado and poached eggs $19 with feta and dukkah on sourdough bread

Dirty smashed avocado and poached eggs $20

Smashed avocado and poached eggs with vegemite, tomato and hemp seed on sourdough bread

Breakfast quesedilla $19

with chorizo and bacon, Mexican beans, cheese, Jalapeño and corn salsa with a fried egg

Build your own breakfast Starts at $5

Sourdough toast plus your own items from the add-ons list

Brekkie roll $18

bacon, egg, mixed mushrooms, tasty cheese, spinach, aioli and house-made tomato relish

Egg and bacon roll $9.9

with home-made smoky bbq sauce V LF

Açai or Pitaya (dragon fruit) bowl $15 see wall for toppings


House-toasted granola $12

with house-made yoghurt, seasonal fruit and honey V

Buckwheat pancakes $17

with house-made yoghurt, berry compote and a honey drizzle V

Julian’s sticky date waffles $19

with house-made vanilla bean ice cream and salted caramel sauce V

Toast with jam / vegemite / peanut butter / marmalade $5 V V

Fruit toast $6

and relax...

Banana bread $7

Welcome to


cafe V Vegetarian

VG Vegan

LF Lactose Free GF Gluten Free F Fermented

Add-ons Gluten Free bread +$2 Bacon +$5 Ham +$4 Chipolatas +$5 Smoked salmon +$6 Avocado +$3 Egg +$4 Wilted spinach +$3 Tomato +$3 Mushrooms +$3 House dukkah +$3 Hollandaise sauce +$4 House baked beans +$5 House pickles +$5 Kimchi +$5 Tasty cheese +$2 Ginger & red cabbage kraut +$5 Hash brown +$4 Feta cheese +$4 Halloumi +$4



[Ka-fey]cafe All day V


Bruschetta $13

tomato, onion, garlic and basil on toasted sourdough with feta V

Trio of dips $14

Pita bread seasoned with oregano and olive oil, see staff for daily selection

Salads V

Caesar salad with poached egg $17.9 with crispy prosciutto and house made dressing. Add chicken +$5 prawns +$7

with sourdough toast (ask staff for flavour)

Southern fried chicken burger $19

coleslaw, cheese and tomato with zesty lime aioli. Topped with a mac ‘n’ cheese ball and served with fries

Angus beef burger $19

with double smoked bacon, onion rings, lettuce, cheese, tomato with smoky BBQ sauce on a milk bun and served with chips V

with lemon aioli


Roasted pumpkin and kale salad $18.9

with pepitas, sunflower seeds, quinoa, sun-dried tomatoes and feta cheese with house dressing Add chicken +$5 prawns +$7

Keto bowl $20.9

Poached chicken, bacon, fresh tomato, avocado, mushroom, spinach, poached egg, dukkah, pepita seeds with oregano olive oil dressing

Veggie burger $18

home-made pumpkin, corn and zucchini fritter with red kraut, provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato and garlic aioli, served with chips

[Ka-fey]faves Steak sandwich $19

lettuce, tomato, cheese, caramelised onion, tomato relish on sourdough bread with chips F

Salt and pepper squid salad $18.9



Pumpkin, corn and zucchini fritters $18

on a bed of rocket, topped with poached egg, yoghurt and Indian spiced tomato relish

Soup of the day $15

swap chips for sweet potato fries

New York Reuben sandwich $20

silverside beef, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, Russian dressing on rye bread served with chips and house pickle

Fish and chips $21

Beer battered flathead with house-made tartare sauce, garden salad and chips

Japanese crumbed chicken parmigiana $20


pasta Chilli prawn linguine $23

with rocket, cherry tomatoes and Hunter Valley cold pressed olive oil, topped with parmesan V

Vegetarian lasagne $19

medley of seasonal roasted veg and bechamel sauce, served with garden salad

Northern Italian beef lasagne $22

slow cooked Angus minced beef with garden salad

pizza V

Gluten Free base +$3

Wild funghi $20.9

mushrooms with mozzarella and provolone cheese topped with wild rocket

with double smoked ham and cheese, served with garden salad and chips

Pumpkin, spinach, feta and pine nut $19.9

Mediterranean frittata $16

Smoky BBQ, chicken and pepperoni $22.9

with garden salad and tomato relish

with mozzarella, topped with garlic aioli with mozzarella and sweet chilli aioli



Toastedsandwiches Choice of toasted sourdough, toasted Turkish bread, croissant or wrap V

Fancy mushroom toastie $12

Add a serve of chips, or ga rden salad +$4.5 or sweet pota to fries

medley of mushrooms, spinach and provolone cheese V

Vegetarian $12

smashed chickpea, roast pumpkin, capsicum, spinach, Spanish onion, provolone cheese and hummus


Chicken Caesar wrap $12.5

chicken, bacon, egg, salad, parmesan cheese with Caesar dressing

Chicken, avocado, cheese and aioli $11.5 V

Cheese and tomato $7

sides Bowl of chips $7

Ham and cheese $8

Bowl of Sweet potato $9

Ham, cheese and tomato $10

Garden salad $8.5

Kids menu For kids under 12 ONLY

Buckwheat pancakes $10 with seasonal fruit and honey V

Bacon and egg $9 on toast (fried, poached or scrambled) Chicken tenders and chips $10 Cheese burger and chips $10 house-made beef patty with tomato, cheese and tomato sauce Grazing plate $12 ham or chicken, egg, cheese, tomato, carrot sticks, apple slices with toast

DRinks Babychino (plain or loaded) $1.5 Hot chocolate $3.9 White hot chocolate $3.9 Milkshake $4 Thickshake $5 Chocolate / Strawberry / Banana / Caramel / Vanilla Juice $3 Apple / Orange / Pineapple



Hot dRinks



Like ouR coffee?

Decaf +$1 Soy +$1 $1 Almond + +$1 e e Lactose fr $1 Coconut +

We’d love you to review us on Beanhunter or TripAdvisor

Buy Allpress Espresso beans here

Hot chocolate Hot chocolate L $4.9 White hot chocolate L $4.9

Pot of Organic Merchant tea $5 English breakfast Chamomile Earl Grey Sencha green Moroccan mint green Chakra Peaceful Lemon, lime and bitters Lemongrass and ginger Chai

Look out for our special hot chocs!

Liqueur coffee $13

(available from 10.30am eat in only) Friar’s coffee / Frangelico Russian coffee / Vodka Highland coffee / Scotch whisky Irish cream coffee / Baileys Kentucky coffee / Bourbon / Honey

FuRRy fRiends

Chai Chai latte R $3.9 / L $4.9 Beetroot chai latte R $3.9 / L $4.9 Tumeric latte R $3.9 / L $4.9 Dirty chai latte R $4.6 / L 5.6

[Dawg] Beer $5 Puppuccino $5


ola sse s








, fre s


ith love, f re ew sh ad m M with love






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love, fresh me th at wi





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[Dawg] ] [Dawg beer beer




M ad

Babychino $1.5 Loaded babychino $1.5 Hot chocolate $3.9 White hot chocolate $3.9







stoc k

k and mola sse toc ts s. a e c k a nd m


.. ..


Cappuccino R $3.9 / L $4.9 Flat white R $3.9 / L $4.9 Latte R $3.9 / L $4.9 Long black R $3.9 / L $4.9 Espresso S $3.2 / D $4.2 Piccolo $3.6 Mocha R $3.9 / L $4.9 Macchiato $3.3 Affogatto $5



Cold dRinks Smoothie $8.5 Mixed berry / Banana / Mango

Health smoothie $12 Protein power / Ageless aรงai

Milkshake $6.5 Thickshake $7.5 Frappe $7.5

Add malt or syrup +$0.5

Chocolate / Strawberry / Banana / Caramel / Vanilla / Coffee +$2

Iced drinks $6

add cream & icecream +$1.5

Iced coffee / Iced latte / Iced long black Iced mocha / Iced chocolate Iced chai latte

Soft drinks Coke $4 Coke no sugar $4 Lemonade $4 Ginger beer $5

Water Still $4 250ml Sparkling $4.5 750ml Sparkling $9


Juice $3 / Apple / Orange / Pineapple Fresh cold press juice $9 ABC Apple, beetroot and carrot Bunny juice Apple, carrot and orange

Add a probiotic shot $1

Ginger binger Apple, carrot, ginger and lemon The slacker Spinach, lemon, apple, cucumber and kale Flu fighter Chilli, garlic, ginger, carrot, spinach and orange Refresher Celery, apple and ginger

Good Gut Probiotic drinks Kombucha $5 Jun $5 Water kefir $5 Coconut kefir $5 Beetroot kvass Shot $3.5

See wall for pick and mix flavours

GOOD P r GUTt o o

ic s

Milkshake $4 / Thickshake $5 Chocolate / Strawberry / Banana / Caramel / Vanilla

Feeling naughty? Add a cheeky alcohol shot for an extra $6, not for take-away





Alcoholic dRinks Wines


[Ka-fey] salted popcorn $4

Tamburlaine Organic Wines - Wine Lovers

Jake Sparkling rosé Bottle ONLY $65

A base of 2017 Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, then blended with NV Pinot Noir Chardonnay. Fresh strawberries, red apple and citrus bouquet, with a delicate, elegant structure. Fine bubbles and nice long lingering finish.

Blanc de Blanc Sparkling G$9 B$37

Picked early to capture the light fruit, crisp acidity, elegance and freshness. A refreshing, lively sparkling, with fine bead and fruit-driven characteristics

Pinot Noir G$9 B$35

Aromas of cherries, ripe strawberries and red berries. Light, well-structured tannins and a soft richness on the finish

Grenache Shiraz Merlot (GSM) G$9 B$35

Perfect companions. Grenache offers bright red cherries, gentle spices and silky tannins; Shiraz brings a balance of violets and blackberries; and Merlot follows with dark plums

Tamburlaine dessert wines G$10 Reserve Noble Chardonnay Reserve Muscat Framboise (Raspberry Liqueur)

Sauvignon Blanc G$9 B$33

Fresh fragrances of tropical fruit and lemongrass. A long palate, combining fresh passionfruit and kiwifruit complemented with crisp green apple acidity

Chardonnay G$9 B$33

White peach and citrus aromas with flavours of vanilla and lightly toasted oak

Petite Fleur Rosé G$9 B$33

Bright pink hues with rose petal and fresh strawberries. Ripe red berries, crisp red apple and Turkish delight on the palate, with subtle oak complexity and a refreshing finish


$13 e i h s u l s Alco flavours

for See wall

Murray’s Craft Brewing Co.

Your favourite drink

4.5% ABV Murray’s XPA $9

All single shots with mixers (not top shelf) $9

4.8% ABV Angry Man Pale Ale $9

Pre mixed drinks $12 Jim Beam White & Cola Bundaberg Rum & Cola

A German base and speciality malts give complexity to this great beer. A full hop flavoured beer that’s easy to drink. A classic US pale ale. Angry Man has a full- bodied finish and complex character, well balanced with biscuity/toffee flavours

4.5% ABV Whale Ale $9

A refreshing wheat beer with a twist. A classic light body, creamy mouth feel and refreshing citrus flavour. A fresh, light tropical fruit aroma and cleansing dry finish

4.8% ABV East Coast Lager $9

2.9% ABV Coopers Premium Light $8

A crisp and refreshing Aussie lager, with a Murray’s edge. A thirst-quenching beer - with a fruity/spicy twist. Preservative free, so your head will love you in the morning

An all malt brew with no added sugar, fresh aroma with clean floral hop notes and an excellent head

4.7% ABV 262 Crisp Ale $9

5.8% ABV Tilse’s Apple Truck Cider $9

The Newcastle brew! It pour light golden with just a hint of spicy tropical hops. Clean, refreshing and perfect for a Newy day

Delicious crisp, clean taste with a refreshing tart finish


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Ka-fey cafe Summer Menu 2020  

In the heart of Newcastle, NSW. A friendly, down to earth vibe with a fresh, tasty, nutritional menu and a probiotic twist. We serve all da...

Ka-fey cafe Summer Menu 2020  

In the heart of Newcastle, NSW. A friendly, down to earth vibe with a fresh, tasty, nutritional menu and a probiotic twist. We serve all da...

Profile for kafeycafe