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City of Peace


Sharm el Sheikh Basking in radiant sunshine, with glorious palm lined golden beaches that stretch for miles is Sharm el Sheikh. Nestled on the southernmost tip of Egypt’s

environment is sure to provide plenty to

Sinai Peninsula lies the beautiful city of

interest even the most inquisitive of eyes.

Sharm el Sheikh. Occasionally known as the City of Peace, Sharm is certainly the

Though the region’s dry climate ensures

place to go for a peaceful and relaxed

temperatures between 21 and 38⁰C year

holiday. With the crystalline waters of

round, opportunities to cool off in an

the Red Sea nearby, the incredible Nabq

air-conditioned apartment, a luxurious

National Park just five minutes away,

shopping centre, or even Soho Square’s

and excellent shopping facilities on your

ice rink are there for the taking.

doorstep, the city unites natural beauty in a wonderful fusion of colour and life.

With the contrast of calm waters and beautiful beaches Sharm attracts couples

Underwater, some of the best and most

seeking quality time together as well as

diverse coral reefs in the Red Sea can be

family groups wanting to keep children of

found within the Nabq Protected Area,

all age groups entertained.

as well as endless beds of soft sea grass, which provide vital homes for the rare

Whether your favourite way to relax is

green sea turtle and dugong. With over

shopping, snorkelling, or simply exploring,

430 species of fish to spy through scuba

you’ll be sure to find that inner peace in

divers’ goggles, the exquisite marine

Sharm el-Sheikh.


A year-round sunshine destination


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The cosmopolitan capital of the peninsula of Sinai


ONE OF EGYPT’S MOST Protected AREAS The View resort is situated in the Nabq Bay area of Sharm el Sheikh on the edge of the Nabq National Park, one of Egypt’s most protected areas With increased interest in Sharm year on

But, Nabq Bay has managed to retain its

year, Nabq Bay has over the past few years,

rural charm and to the far north, as the

risen to the challenge of providing luxury

area broadens out, the wilder it becomes.

accommodation and recreational pursuits

At the far end of the bay, sand dunes

for the ever growing numbers of tourists

become the horizon, shadowed by a

from across the world, while retaining the

four-kilometre-long mangrove forest – the

region’s natural beauty and protected plant

largest in Sinai. It’s been a protected area

and animal species that is the draw for

since 1992, making it easy for hermit and

1000s of visitors.

mud crabs to roam freely on the beaches, while shallow waters provide shelter for

Influenced by European and Western

the likes of storks and herons.

demands, Nabq has very quickly adjusted to its popularity providing an endless array

There’s a coral reef you can wade out to

of daytime activities such as scuba diving

straight from the beach, while snorkelers

and snorkelling to being a short drive away

can nose around the ghost-like Maria

from the night-time pursuits of vibrant and

Schroeder shipwreck that’s still jammed in

glitzy bars and clubs.

the reef where she sank.


Enjoy amazing sea views from your apartment

Resort Facilities

Resort Facilities & Site ManagemenT Visitors to The View can expect to see some incredible scenery. To the east lie stunning vistas over the sea towards Tiran Island, while views of the Sinai mountains can be enjoyed from western-facing windows. The View resort is an exotic development

In addition to the high specification

of 60 luxury apartment blocks, stretching

accommodation, the resort has no less

across 50,000 square metres of

than 4 large pools, a children’s pool and

landscaped gardens. Each block is four

playground, an open air Jacuzzi, private

levels in height housing some 600 units

beach, and a gym, spa and health club

in total, ranging in size from 40 to 120

plus a multitude of facilities including WiFi

square metres.

satellite, cable and central TV, a business centre, parking, housekeeping, laundry

Just 5 minutes from sandy beaches,

service and a shuttle bus.

shopping, nightlife and a new 18-hole golf course, and only a 10 minute drive

Maintenance at The View is also given

from Sharm el Sheikh international airport,

high priority, from 24-hour security to pool

The View resort is a dream destination for

services, garden care, communal lighting,

every holidaymaker.

pest control and maintenance of utilities.


A Nabq Managed Resource Project Area


an abundance of activities The View offers an abundance of activities from within its boundaries but step outside the resort and you’ll be amazed at all the other pursuits you can enjoy and experience. Water sports, deep sea diving, snorkelling, desert safari, hiking and trekking, camel riding, horseback riding and a vibrant nightlife are all within easy grasp of The View. In just five minutes you can be at the Nabq

beach, a five minute stroll will have you

National Park enjoying the peace and

soaking up the sun on the beautiful white

tranquillity this protected area affords or visit

sandy beach.

Nabq Bay centre for a spot of shopping. The beauty of Sharm’s location is that you A 10 minute drive and you will find

can visit time and time again as there is

yourself at Soho Square, where cultures

always plenty to do and plenty more to

collide. Naama Bay is where the nightlife

experience. Whether you want to relax and

is buzzing, just 15 minutes away from

unwind or refuel your adrenaline tanks The

The View - but for those in search of the

View, Nabq Bay and Sharm will always deliver.


Superb sea views of the Red Sea can be seen from every balcony or panoramas of the majestic Sinai Mountains from the communal roof terrace of each building

Apartment Layout

CHARMING & UNIQUE Each building boasts charming ground floor apartments, with unique layouts overlooking the landscaped interior gardens, waterfalls and blue lakes. While up on the communal roof terrace of each building, panoramic vistas of the Sinai Mountains offer a glimpse of what lies beyond. There are four unique design layouts and sizes ranging from a studio room to a 3 bedroom apartment, each exclusively finished with a high standard of fixtures and fittings. All of The View’s apartment layouts have been designed according to one main floor plan template, except the 1 bedroom apartment, which comes in three design types but all of the apartments boast large open rooms that are well appointed to provide good natural lighting, a private balcony with envious views of the resort’s landscaped gardens and lakes plus access to the communal roof terrace.


Luxurious and spacious – each apartment has wide open rooms and natural lighting


COSMOPOLITAN DESIGN WITH LUXURIOUS FEATURES The View’s interior layouts have several luxurious features. The architecture and design are very cosmopolitan complete with wide open rooms, large windows to maximise the use of natural light and glass sliding doors. All of the apartments are standard in structure and design with ceramic floors, fitments for drains, sinks, washing machines and water heaters but without installed kitchens and appliances, so you can choose the style and interior to suit your own preference, enabling you to really make your apartment really feel like your own.


An unchanged vision to create a piece of middle-eastern magic and luxury

Kafafy Group Over 15 years ago, the Kafafy Group was founded on the basis of a single vision: to create luxury developments and help to provide quality services in the Middle East. Today, its vision has not changed, and

and leisure services which these projects

the Kafafy Group now represents a large

provide to consumers on a daily basis.

selection of affiliates and subsidiaries, which together provide a range of

Every development is built to the highest

services, business solutions, and

possible specifications, featuring state

development opportunities to the region.

of the art design and excellent aftercare. The View and Oasis Villas projects

From its extensive network of offices

were designed to provide a relaxing

throughout Egypt, the group follows every

and comfortable atmosphere for the

project from start to finish – managing

international visitors who had come to

the acquisition of land, the selection

enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Red Sea,

of the best architects and designers,

Tiran Island, and the Sinai mountains.

the sourcing of materials using New Sharm, which is the Kafafy Group’s own

After enjoying so much success in Egypt,

construction and cement manufacturing

the Kafafy Group hopes to continue

company, the construction and interior

building residential, commercial, and leisure

design of buildings, the sales of brand new

facilities to its trademark high standards

apartments and villas, and the supervision

across the world, creating a fully integrated

of the additional security, surveillance,

community and unique style of living.


Catherine Proctor, U.K Sales Manager Email: Office: +44 161 448 0074 • Mobile: +44 7701 087 160

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