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KA EduAssociates Offers Pre Primary Years Teacher Training Courses

Thanks to the vision and efforts of Gitika Kishanchandani and Fatima Agarkar, KA EduAssociates burst on to the scene more than a year ago as an educational management services company. The journey so far has been eventful for KA EduAssociates, as it continues to flourish and set benchmarks in educational management service delivery. This educational management services company has grown in outreach, offering skill-based and customised training in 30 cities across India. Currently, it has 1152 students, 168 teachers, over 35 school partners, 500 teacher partners and parents, and 15 new project partners. The developments portray a bright future for KA EduAssociates and country’s education system, which is prone to inertia. Replying to a query related to KA EduAssociates’ core competencies, one of its executives recently stated, “KA EduAssociates takes its aim to bring a learning revolution seriously. As such, we offer something to everyone in the education landscape - be it teachers, schools, school management or parents. Our professional teacher development certification programs are designed to help aspiring and working teachers to gain progressive skills and broaden their horizons. We also provide customized workshops for schools, parents and teachers to equip them with the latest tools and strategies that can enrich the teaching-learning process.”

KA EduAssociates holds true to its status as a full-scale educational management services company with recruitment and consulting services for school management. Herein, it handles recruitment and consulting chores deftly to enable any school management to focus on enhancing the quality of education. Moreover, the educational management services company has associated with the top bodies, such as, but not limited to, IATEFL, AECED, ECA and AASA. The objective is to stay on the top of technologies and trends that drive the global education scene. KA EduAssociates is also respected for bringing in affordability and quality assurance across the board through a consistent, transparent and competitive pricing policy. Offering information on the available teachers training programs, the executive further stated, “KA EduAssociates is fast developing a reputation for top -of –the- line teachers training certification programs. 72 in number, our programs are worthwhile to everyone whether it is a working teacher or an aspiring one. We categorize our certification programs into three groups namely Early Learning Years, Primary Years and Secondary Years. Each program is complete with Course A and Course B carrying 24 need-based modules. The teacher can pursue our courses either in face- to- face or online mode, as per his/her needs and objectives.”

The certification programs are specific, practical and can be immediately applied in the classroom. The programs can be pursued at a suitable pace, and modules can be selected as per the requirement. The educational management services company is well served by experienced, skilful and friendly facilitators who are happy to assist and guide participants through the learning curve. Those wanting to join pre- primary teacher training course can expect certification from KA EduAssociates, affiliated to the MSTB ( Maharashtra Self –employment Training Board and accredited by an international body the EA-JAS ( Euro- American Joint Accreditation Services) after successfully completing the program.

About KA EduAssociates Based in Mumbai, KA EduAssociates is an educational management services company with an India-wide footing. It offers a broad range of shortterm professional development courses for teachers, along with workshops for schools, parents and teachers. Recruitment and consulting services to school managements are also easily available. Lately, KA EduAssociates has caught the attention of those wanting to join a primary teacher training course in Mumbai. Check this website for further information.

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Ka eduassociates offers pre primary years teacher training courses  
Ka eduassociates offers pre primary years teacher training courses  

KA EduAssociates, a growing educational management services company, offers top quality Pre- Primary Years Teacher Training Courses at comp...