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KA EduAssociate Excels as an Educational Management Services Company

Co-founded by two award-winning educators, Gitika Kishanchandani and Fatima Agarkar, KA EduAssociates is an education management services company. Owing to the extensive experience, expertise, knowledge and understanding of national as well as international curricula that both the founding members have, KA EduAssociates has been quite successful in delivering progressive professional development to teachers as well as customised workshops for schools. This is not all, as the education management company also offers recruitment and consulting services to schools interested in starting the right way and scaling up rapidly. With the intent to provide an insight into the products and education management services on offer, one of the experienced members of the KA Think-Tank, stated, “We are committed to helping teachers to get customised teacher training and professional development courses to allow students understand the concepts better and chisel their skills further. Besides a wide selection of teacher training programmes for professional development of teachers at different levels, we, at KA EduAssociates, also host parenting and student workshops. This enables us to make all the stakeholders aware of advanced techniques, technology and tools in the ever- evolving modern education sector.�

To promote the community development and welcome the exchange of ideas, KA EduAssociates offers an online newsletter called ‘We Connect’ that also works as a great platform for educators across the country to come together and share their experiences, expertise and knowledge. This helps teachers to remain connected and updated with the latest happenings and trends in the education industry. Since KA EduAssociates is in the business for a considerable time now, it has the specialisation and acumen across national curricula that includes ICSE and CBSE and international programmes like Alberta, CIE, Steiner and BIO to mention a few.

The senior education think-tank further stated, “We take immense pride in equipping innumerable teachers with all the necessary tech knowledge and skills to cater to the individual needs of children while helping schools to provide better infrastructure for the overall growth of the students. We also offer courses and modules that are particular, practical and can be applied immediately. We also offer certification, other than guiding, mentoring, facilitating learning in the most efficient and effective manner possible.”

The primary objective for the establishment of KA EduAssociates was to make a sincere efforts and strive hard with the best of resources to facilitate the acquisition of knowledge, attitude and skills among teachers to transform the teaching and learning process at the pre-primary and later stages. Therefore, those looking for the professional pre-primary teacher training course can count on KA EduAssociates.

About KA EduAssociates Based in Mumbai, India, KA EduAssociates is an educational management services company. Established by two award-winning educators, Gitika Kishanchandani and Fatima Agarkar, the company offers a Primary Years teacher training course in Mumbai that help teachers to provide students with necessary development and skills. No wonder, KA Edu Associates remains the first choice of schools and teachers to remain updated with the latest developments in the industry. Therefore, those looking to get customized training courses can count on KA EduAssociates.

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Ka eduassociate excels as an educational management services company  
Ka eduassociate excels as an educational management services company  

The brainchild of two award-winning educators, India-based EduAssociates excels as an educational management services company.