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Your partner for innovative technologies in the world of medicine Today the key direction of the health system modernization in Russia is the development of innovative ways in medicine. In the world of modern medicine a lot of unprecedented changes are in process: new drugs, new treatments, new technologies. The present- day development requires the formation of the current environment in which economic, legal, institutional and social arrangements in the complex alter medical activities. A particular significance in medicine acquires the effective implementation of future technologies. AlfaMed 単ompany is a unique provider of innovative equipment for medical institutions. Our constant work is a continuous search for new medical technologies and trends. Our company is proud of making a significant contribution to the process of modernization of Russian medicine.

AlfaMed presents innovations in simulation equipment and technology in 20 specialties. Computer simulators, phantoms, mannequins and robots are designed to teach high-tech methods of diagnosis and treatment. THE BENEFITS OF SIMULATION TRAINING: The development of practical skills, the creation of an integrated clinical thinking and actions of complex algorithms in different clinical situations. We provide simple anatomical models, medical simulators and mannequins and advanced virtual simulators and robotic patients as well.

Simulation training in medicine UltraSim

LapSim The development of practical skills for beginners and experienced endosurgeries. Virtual endosurgical operations

CAVEman The detailed 3D- model of human body can be used in planning complex operations or showing patients the treatment process in time. For the study of human anatomy

The first virtual simulation system of ultrasonic diagnostic in the world

BabySim Endo VR Artro VR Educational system for the development of skills of arthroscopy in virtual space, as well as variety of knee and shoulder joint phantoms for training and for development of practical skills in the arthroscopy

For development of practical skills in intraluminal endoscopyenables bronchoscopy, endosonography, esophagoscopy, duodenoscopy, colonoscopy and sigmoidoscopy, ERCP simulation

For practical skills in neonatology and pediatrics: virtual simulators, robotssimulators and simulators- mannequins. The development of clinical thinking in pediatric practice and development of team- work of the medical team.


STOMAT It is a virtual dental simulator for development of practical skills in dentistry. We also offer dummy and models for testing individual skills. 1

It is a unique virtual simulator of the ENTsurgery, having no analogues in the world. The simulated tissues interact with tools, that allows to work out surgical intervention on the ENT organs on the screen in virtual reality.

All-Russian public organization "Russian Society of simulation training in medicine." AlfaMed company is a member of ROSOMED. ROSOMED is a society of like-minded enthusiasts of simulation technology in medical education, bringing together experts in the given branch.


in Moscow on 26- 27 September


Equipment of robot-assisted endovideosurgery daVinci Si Dual Console for centers daVinci Si system is the newest product of Intuitive Surgical company. It is a fully working robot-assisted endovideosurgery center with a full maintenance for 1 year and a full staff training for 1 year. The offer includes all costs associated with the training of a qualified personnel, equipment and technical service and with the supply of consumables for daVinci complex.

The robot-assisted surgery

A virtual simulator for instruction and for coaching job with a surgical system da Vinci The Mimic System dV-TRAINERÒÌ The first simulator that allows to see in a new light and feel in another way the surgical system da Vinci® This setting is available in the institutes and hospitals of America, Europe and Asia. In 2011 was presented the simulator, developed in conjunction with Intuitive Surgical. It makes consulting projects for healthcare facilities and companies, engaged in simulation equipment

Advantages of simulation include: A better familiarization with da Vinci system. This simulator allows to practice the work with da Vinci system as necessary in order to learn new techniques.




The robotic surgery



The robotic system MagellanTM, robotic catheters NorthStarTM and accessories are designed for use with a view to facilitate the navigation to anatomical targets in peripheral vessels, and thus providing a channel for manual installation and therapeutic devices

Sensei® X

NEUROARM one is intended for the operator the second consists of two automatized arms which fulfill the function of a surgeon.


The doctor sits at a convenient remote control that allows to see the operable area with multiple zooming through the surgical microscope, and allows also consider a 3D image of the patient's brain MRI and uses special handles to operate the instruments


ROBODOC is a surgical robot, designed for all basic operations on the arthoplasty – primary total arthroplasty, total hip arthroplasty and revision arthroplasty, total knee arthroplasty

Renaissance™ is a new generation of spinal robot: an improved design, intuitive interface and updated software 6

MotionMaker™ MotionMaker™ is the first device for the rehabilitation of patients with paresis or plegia, combining robotic locomotor activity with functional electrical stimulation and with technology of closed loop electrostimulation( CLEMS™, Switzerland) It is a unique technology of treatment and rehabilitation of patients with severe CNS and spine traumas.

The robotic surgery DIERS formetric


An international and the most widespread system for light-optical 3D analysis of the spine and posture. The system analyzes the spine without radiation, for patients with scoliosis. DIERS formetric allows a no- radiated tomography of body’s surface and the 3D reconstruction of the spine. The system displays various clinical parameters of objective and quantitative analysis of the body’s statics and all forms of curvature of the spine.




Complex equipment and design of assisted reproductive technology (IVF) centers In-Vitro Fertilization technology : Drafting of project, budget and assembly documents Delivery of equipment for embryoblocks, cryostorages and genetic laboratories Original architecture and space design Juridical, methodological and business support of projects Delivery of medicinal and consumable products Collaboration with leading clinics



AlfaMed offers: Designing Technical support, Integrated supply of laboratory equipment from worldwide producers Delivery of consumable products

The rehabilitation equipment

The entire cycle of servicing

Drug test

Immunofluorescence assays (IFA)





Survey on: saliva urine hair

Drug test – the dry method (test strips) Sobriety test – for screening examination

For IVF clinics, gynecological departments, oncology and multidisciplinary clinics, perinatal centers

For : Government employees, Students Drivers Workers at hazardous machinery, etc.



AlfaMed offers a comprehensive "turnkey" CSSD equipment Treatment of instruments in clinics and hospitals Cleaning/disinfection, recording of treatment processes, warranties.Miele professional

Complex equipping of the CSSD and processing tools in medical institutions FOR MEDICINE Machines for cleaning and disinfection of medical instruments- 45 cm90 cm with/ without drying Machines for cleaning and disinfection for CSSD

FOR LABORATORY Machines for cleaning and disinfection of laboratory glass 60 cm90 cm with/ without drying Large volume machines for cleaning and disinfection

DENTAL EQUIPMENT Technique for cleaning and disinfection of dental instruments

The sterilization system STERRAD® - is an ideal system for your institution. The most advanced technology

STERIVAP The set of steam sterilizers Sterivap with a chamber of 1401490 liters volume (1-21 CTE) is used in the processing of medical material in the sterilization departments of different health institutions

Òhe technology of lowtemperature hydrogen peroxide plasma sterilization

Machines for cleaning and disinfection of dental instruments Thermal disinfectors

The system of surfaces decontamination GLOSAIR™ is a portable automated system for decontamination of empty hospital premises and other medical facilities in absence of people


STERIVAP HP is a large steam laboratory sterilizer Areas of use: laboratory pharmacy BSL 3, BSL 4 biomodels (breeding of laboratory animals).


AlfaMed company offers: modern laundry, equipment for disposal of medical waste

Professional washing machine with a capacity from 6.5 to 32 kg Professional dryers with a capacity from 6.5 to 40 kg Columns of washing and drying machines Columns, consisting of two dryers Professional ironing machines with the diameter of barrel arbor from 16 cm to 80 cm

Complex equipment of CSD and treatment of instruments in hospitals The Unisteri HP utilizer is based on the steam sterilizer and is fitted out with a decontamination B class program of medical wastes. If the disinfection of B- class wastes is required a decontamination program have to be installed. The device Vacudes is designed for decontamination of solid and porous materials such as mattresses, bedding, clothing, accessories. Due to automated steam disinfection the emergence of various highly resistant microorganisms is completely prevented Washer-disinfectors KEN 736- OS are designed to disinfect bedpans, the treatment of instruments and receptacles for absorption is possible too. It is possible to save data on an external drive.



A new generation of surgical lights Martin Company is one of the world's leading producers of surgical shadowless lamps, for both operating blocks and examination rooms The lamps with ceiling mount can be placed on a support with video cameras and monitors for broadcast intervention, with laser pointer for a more accurate orientation of lamps and other accessories

Professional medical devices Expert ultrasound scanners Samsung Medison medical devices include modern ultrasound scanners, with an innovative line of ultrasound machines and sensors. UGEO-H60

The newest system with a widescreen LED monitor, 4 ports for sensors, multifunctional touch panel. The fields of application of the scanner- the obstetrics, gynecology, urology, general studies, vessels study, superficial organs, pediatrics, neonatology, 3D/ 4D

Modern operating tables Operating tables for all applications: Modular design Up-to-date functionality Cope easy with extreme conditions

SonoAce R3

It is a portable digital color ultrasound system with high- quality image, modern technology and diagnostic capabilities for use in any field of medicine

Comfort for patient and operating team Maximum safety

Competent service

Accuvix XG

An expert class ultrasound scanner with a color, bi-directional energetical, tissular , pulsing and constant pulse-wave doppler, with three-dimensional ultrasound in real time and with elastography. High quality imaging, advanced image processing technology and modern, user-friendly interface will expand the boundaries of research and give more confidence to any user.

Accuvix A30


An expert class ultrasound scanner with a color, bi-directional energetical, tissular , pulsing and constant pulse-wave doppler, with threedimensional ultrasound in real time 17


The product is an amplifier of skin regeneration in case of acute or chronic injuries THE MAIN ACTIVE INGREDIENTS OF THE DRUG

The modern herbal oil therapy




Due to its effective component the medicament has the following properties Anti-inflammatory Anti-bacterial Anti- puffiness Analgesic Is effective in a marine environment A dynamic control of exudation on the surface of wounds Promotes granulation and epithelization of damaged tissue



2 1

A dynamic control of exudation on the surface of wounds Promotes granulation and epithelization of damaged tissue Eliminates the scabbing and keloids potential of formation Requires no disinfectant Does not require the use of topical antibiotics

6 5

Appointments to the application:


Bed sores Ischemic ulcers arterial and venous Diabetic foot Cracks Ingrown nails Burns Fistulas

Abscesses Traumatic infected wounds Avulsive wound with open bone Cold sores Hemorrhoids Bruises Treatment after the removal of tattoos

Release forms of production Oil in a glass bottle with 50 ml pipette

Gel-cream in a 30 ml tube

Oil in a 100 ml glass bottle

Oil in a 250 ml glass bottle

Gel-spray in a 100 ml bottle A box with 10 drug-soaked gauze pads

A box with 40 drug-soaked an Vaseline- impregnated gauze pads


The comfort of professional footwear

Shoes for IVF laboratories’ staff

Shoes for the staff of intensive care

Shoes for the staff of surgical department

Shoes for the Staff of sterilization department

Shoes for children's doctors of various specializations The orthopedic shape provides the stability of the feet

shoes for nursing staff

Prevention of occupational diseases

Shoes for laboratories’ staff

Antistatic shoes

Replaceable insole

A perfect amortization of the heel A perfect airing An optimal foot climate due to the inside textile

Anti-slip outsole For the staff of the Technical Service

Tolerance for the kitchen.

Shoes for restaurants’ staff

Shoes for dentists


Disinfection machine for heat treatment

Net for washing and disinfecting the footwear Shoes for the staff of maternity hospitals

Shoes for radiologists 22

STAR System

Sponge for laparoscopic surgeries

Recommended in following cases: STAR Light 10 mm A disposable device for all laparoscopic procedures

Cleaning of the surgical field Adsorption of blood and liquid formulations

For the introduction of the sponge in the surgical field, the doctor presses the pen cap. Initially the sponge is compressed but less than a minute when it comes into contact with the liquid it softens and becomes larger. In case of bleeding the doctor takes the sponge using the tool with which he operates and simply imposes it on the site of bleeding. Then he pulls the sponge, drawing the buoy. The sponges colour during the absorption of liquid becomes the same, but the buoy is white. This makes it easy to find the sponge during the surgery

In exercise of neat cuts It is used to provide hemostasis of immediate compression (applying of). Due to the PVA (polyvinilalcohol) content of the sponge, the liquid portion is extracted from the blood solution. As a result, the concentration of coagulation factors which provides hemostasis is achieved. Moreover, the gentle contact of the surface of the sponge with the layer affinity to fibrin polymerization provides fibrinogen clotting. The swab filters the fluid suction, allowing to use suction equipment in sensitive areas (this protects the adjacent tissues)

STAR slim 5ĂŹĂŹ It is used in pediatrics, gynecology and surgery on the trachea



The Meal Delivery System The Meal Delivery System is a modern, individually-portioned food system of patients that provides for each individual patient a completed individual tray with lid, with a set of serving dishes at the transfer line of the nutrition department

The modern system of nutrition in medical institutions The tray with ready-ration is formed in the kitchen is in the form in which it then passes to the consumer- it eliminates the extra handling of the product during the distribution The same truck can be loaded with trays with different personal diets, including requiring different temperature conditions of storage and filing The food is delivered in departments in special thermal containers carts. The used utensils are placed in separate compartments of the same truck and are delivered to the nutrition department

Formation of an individual diet for patients on the basis prescribed by a doctor dietary menu

The uniqueness of the system lies in the fact that during delivery of meals, for each of them individually, automatically is maintained the desired temperature range

This is achieved by the presence of special shelves with thermal plates within the retail delivery trolley for trays that contact with the temperature of the dishes and still holds the same hot-or cold-temperature conditions of the food during the transportation



What impact does the irradiation? During the processing the object is irradiated with an electron beam. As sources of ionizing radiation the radiatechnological plants use linear electron accelerators of different models. The radiation beam directed to the aliment has an effect similar to pasteurization, boiling or other heat treatment and at that the external and gustative qualities of product are not altered.

Radiation processing of food

The irradiation is used in food industry for the destruction of a number of pathogenic bacteria (such as Salmonella, Camplyobacter and E. coli) to delay fruit ripening and germination of some vegetables.

The food irradiation- is it safe? Long-term researches by the WHO, the UN Food and Agriculture Committee, the Scientific Committee for Food of the EU, Committee of the United States and the United Kingdom for the Food and Drug found no adverse effects of the irradiation of products on the human body in order to kill bacteria and extend the shelf life.

The use of radiation treatment in order to extend the shelf life ensures the elimination of inevitably large quantity and quality losses during the storage of crop and animal products. These losses are conditioned by the enzymatic processes of microorganisms and harmful insects.



Ionizing radiation is also used for the sterilization of medical devices: single-use medical devices that come into contact with the blood and lymph medical devices of permanent or prolonged contact with the body's internal environment

Inspection complexes

devices of long-term contact with the mucous membranes and skin

Electron beam sterilization methods have a range of advantages in comparison with others. The most common methods of sterilization are:

Radiation decontamination of waste of treatment facilities: Pathogenic aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms Representatives of the intestinal flora Agents of viral diseases


The ability to process products vacuum packed Short processing time Does not require any further processing of the object The minimum temperature rise of the irradiated object A significant advantage in performance compared with thermal sterilization methods Has a greater radiation safety compared with radiation sources In accordance with standards adopted in Europe and in the world, has been developed system of scanning and beam extraction of electrons, allowing a continuous control of the main beam parameters during the sterilization process of production: electron energy, average beam current, the size of the irradiation field. In all the accelerators is used a computer control system based on the microcontroller Octagon Systems and on the panel computer of Advantech company. The control system is refined on in proportion to the modernization of accelerators and modified in accordance with the customers’ wishes.


Radiation methods of non-destructive testing using electron accelerators:

NIIEFA Efremov Institute, ITD

Radiographic techniques (a shadow image acquisition of the object on a special film with its subsequent processing in the chemical laboratory) Introscopic methods (a shadow image acquisition of the object with a linear moving it along fanshaped beam of ionizing radiation and subsequent registration detector line of scintillation detectors)

Inspection complexes

Tomographic methods ( in comparison with introscopy has an added rotation, which allows to get further information on the location of defect in the cross section)

Introscopy of automatic coupler of carriages Allows the control of components of automatic coupler on the way of the train, revealing the worn parts and any other defaults. Sources of ionizing radiation used for non-destructive monitoring of radiation: Electron accelerators with energies from 4 to 15 MeV- from 50 to 650 mm