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conversation class on

AND MEDIA “Extra! Extra!”

Experience a true

“Newsroom” environment as you have in depth

discussions about headlines, news coverage, tabloids and the




What are your first impressions of headlines? How have the editors conveyed emotion? Which words do they think cause the most impact? Where is the focus for sympathy – the baby or the parents?

Tabloid X Broad sheet

Think about the difference between; the pictures, the headlines, the target audience, the language and the tone.

Cover story

In groups, create a newspaper! 1. Select a name for the newspaper. 2. Read the facts and select a title for the story. 3. Create a short summary of the story. 4. Choose from the selection of pictures, the best one for your newspaper. (glue it on the layout). Remember: Pay attention to the size and color of the letter you use. Use the information on your student’s sheet to mould your newspaper.


C aption - lines under a photograph which explain what the picture is about Stringer - a writer who works for a newspaper but does not report to the office every day Typo - short for typographical error Hard news - up-to-the-minute news and events that are reported immediately Soft news - background information or human interest stories Deadline - the assigned time for stories to be submitted in order to make the issue going to press

Now try it!

Further reading

To read newspapers from English speaking countries, access these websites:

On your own

Watch the movie All the President’s Men (Robert Redford) and State of play (with Russell Crowe), two movies that talk about newspapers and their rocky relationship with politics.

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Lâmina CLUB - Communication and Media  

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