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Let’s Do It! Lithuania Seven-year activity report

About Darom

Our organisation is strong and unique because we have no age limits. Our volunteers have the ability to actualize themselves no matter their age, qualifications and skills. PI “Mes Darom” or just DAROM is kind of platform, which gives the opportunity to develop already gained skills and to get new ones. Every volunteer can actualize himself/herself in various fields, such as communication, law, environmental protection, management, project management and administration, international affairs, human resources, etc. From now on the core team consists from various fields professionals, who find their way during volunteering in DAROM. This year organization set ambitious goals for itself. This year we’re starting with new initiatives: “We Are For Clean Sea!”, “Save Neringa” (saving Curonian Spit after huge fire) and “National DAROM Forum” together with our partners. We are also creating team of experts in environmental field. We already established DAROM alumni club. One of the most important events this year is “National DAROM Forum”. During this event all actions’ DAROM organisers will be gathered (volunteers and institutions) in one place and all together will make decisions about this action and it’s future. For the first time all related groups will decide when cleanup is going to happen in 2015. Furthermore, various environmental problems will be discussed and solutions made. Later, it’s being planned the auction, during which all raised money will be used for improving and creating new environmental projects in Lithuania. Finally, without already ongoing initiatives in environmental field, we are also creating new public spirit and volunteering programs. Their start is planned for 2015.


Cleanup DAROM was organised for the first time. Completely new idea, inexperienced volunteers, poor knowledge of how to do everything but huge wish to make Lithuania more beautiful and clean country. In this cleanup attended 3000 people. About 500 tons of waste were collected. ATTENDANCE



This year cleanup surprised it’s organisers. No one expected that it will become so known. People finally acknowledged the importance of clean nature. In this cleanup attended 70000 people. About 10000 tons of waste were collected. ATTENDANCE



In 2010 there were more than 1000 cleaning points. First time after cleanup the grand concert was organised. More than 100 famous Lithuanian singers and dancers thanked people for their care for our nature and gave their performances. In this cleanup attended 100000 people. About 12000 tons of waste were collected. ATTENDANCE



This year people were encouraged to sort waste. Cleanup moto was “Less waste to landfills!” In this cleanup attended 150000 people. About 5000 tons of waste were collected. ATTENDANCE



In anniversary cleanup was reached attendance record. At the same time, organisers noticed that amount of waste is decreasing. This result is very joyful. To addition to this, cycle of lectures about saving environment started. We are glad to be part of international movement which this year was in 100 countries. In this cleanup attended 210000 people. About 1500 tons of waste were collected. ATTENDANCE



First time cleanup was on may, not April - because of prolonged winter. This year’s goal was to clean not only towns but to go further to forests. In this cleanup attended 150000 people. About 2000 tons of waste were collected. ATTENDANCE



This years cleanup goal was not only pick trash from our environment but to stop illegal wasting. For this reason team of DAROM patrols were created. It contained famous people and general volunteers from all Lithuania. Their aim was to report to organisers in case they see someone littering the nature. In this cleanup attended 200000 people. About 2000 tons of waste were collected. ATTENDANCE



Roberta Ažukaitė Director

Roberta Deveikytė Environmental Issues

Neringa Toleikytė Law & Finance

Justas Jaskonis PR

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Let's Do It! Lithuania  

7 year report on the LDI team activities in Lithuania