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Throughout this semester during this class I have learned many new things. We have learned about career paths, colleges and how our life once we get our job will be. This will have an important impact on my future as a whole. All of these assignments have impacted the way I think. I have realized I have to stop putting off things and plan things out for the future. At the beginning of the semester we learned about procrastination and how it affects someone’s life. We read about a person named Michael. Michael had lots of homework to do and put it off until the last minute. Just because Michael put off his homework until the last minute it doesn’t mean he is stupid. It means that he procrastinates which is something that everyone does. If Michael would have planned his work out he wouldn’t of had to deal with the consequences like lack of sleep or failing a test. Another part of future life you have to consider is your job. We learned about possible career paths and used our Holland codes to find jobs in that path. Some jobs I am interested in are being a lawyer and a cost estimater. I chose both of these jobs because they have variety in day to day work. This has really helped me because without these surveys I would not really know what jobs I would be interested in. Another thing we did was keep a budget. This was really eye opening for me because i’ve never done it on a scale like this. In the assignment we had to pick a job and lifestyle and see if we had enough money to support ourselves. Doing this in the future seems like a good way to stay organized. I say this because a lot of people in America are in debt because they do not keep track of their money and lose it all.

Another important thing we did was research how to pick colleges. The things that I heard impacted me in important ways. Before when I would try to choose colleges to go to I would just pick the big ones that I had seen on ESPN. This has kind of made me realise that there are other things to look at like your needs and lifestyles. College searching is something I am going to have to do really soon so its a good thing I learned it now. So that when I have to do it I can plan it out properly. The last assignment was exploring the world of work. In this assignment we chose jobs to research so that we would have more knowledge about them. It showed me websites to use when considering a job. It had information like the growth of a job, salary, and prerequisites. This is a very important website to use when planning for work in future jobs. All of these assignments have impacted me in a very important way. It has shown me that I need to plan in order to be successful in life. I can’t go around having fun and putting things off until the last minute all the time. I need to sit down relax and breathe so that I can properly plan my future out. Without these I would not really know where to start with many things in my adult life. Making decisions is a big part of my future and I would not be able to do that if I didn’t plan my life out.

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