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Parents Editoral Profile:  a  print  and  digital  publication,  magazine  helps  parents  understand  the  issues  and  challenges  that  are  important  to  them.   We  make  it  a  priority  to  answer  reader  questions,  address  reader  concerns,  advocate  reader  causes,  and  celebrate  the  joys  of  parenthood.  Parents  provides  women  with  the  information  and  advice  they  need  to  raise  happy,  healthy  children  while  helping  moms  maintain  a   sense  of  self  with  beauty,  fitness  and  nutrition  information. Rationale:  11,005,000  readers  have  kids

Circulation (ooo) CPM 2213758 Cost per  Insertion 198180

Women 18-­‐49 (ooo) 33 10,009

Total Insertions 10

CPM 20

Total Cost

RPC 4.5

Women 18-­‐34 (ooo) 6009

Total Circuluation


ISSUES: Requested  ads  run  opposite  favorable  editorial  in  all  issues June:  Protecting  your  kids  from  the  sun July:  Kid's  Health,  Summer  drgustore  shopping  guide August:  Help!  My  kid  has  a  rash September:  Seconde  baby  showers October:  Kids  Safety,  easy  carved  pumpkin Nov:  The  latest  on  preventing  cold Dec:  Gifts  for  everyone,  the  vaccine  conversation


CPM 33

Frequency RPC 2.7 Monthly

Total Coverage  W18-­‐49 (ooo) CPM 10009 20

Contract LevelUnit  Size Page  4/c  Bleed

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