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Apart from being a great dancer and one of the most stylish young Zimbabweans. Please tell us a bit more about who Jeremiah is?

Age 22, full name Jeremiah Mapeta Kumbirai. I am a young entrepreneur by nature who strives for innovation and doing things differently. I am the youngest of 4 and also the one who has been left with running the family business alongside my parents. When growing up I was hooked upon watching a lot of anime which explains the wild imagination lol. Apart from the dancing and the fashion side of things the real Jeremiah is more focused on the power of the mind, my religious faith and motivating, influencing and pushing people around me to chase their dreams and to become the best versions of themselves. That’s my core and that is who Jeremiah is.

What inspired you to be a videographer and director?

imagination to life. The closest way of doing so, was picking up a camera and expressing my vision to the world through it as a medium, the camera is the bridge between my imagination and reality and the more I use it, the better I am at projecting my visions to life, I always believe I see things differently to everyone else therefore what I create, direct and produce is a glimpse into my own vision of which people really like.

Challenges you have faced when it comes to achieving your dream?

First and foremost the biggest challenge had to be no one taking me seriously at the beginning. Countless times I would offer my services to people and be always turned down or rejected without even getting a chance to prove myself. Another challenge which I faced had to be the learning curve of actually creating the content I want to create, a camera is far more complex than I ever imagined, however, I was determined to learn and now a couple of months later I am here.

Are you a perfectionist and do you fear to share your finished work at times and why?

I believe in progress more than perfection, I wouldn’t necessarily say that I am a perfectionist but I do love to do everything to the best of my ability and leave no stone unturned. So I don’t really fear to share my work because I would’ve put my all into it.

What inspired me to be a videographer/director was the fact that I always wanted to be able to bring my thoughts, visions, and


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