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High School, Nacka Gymnasium, Technical Design - 2009 University, Mid Sweden University, Industrial Design Human Care Design – 2012


Professional experience

Industrial Design Consultant, Tsirus (England, Malvern) - 2009 to present Graphic Artist for garment printing and embroidery, Tuss (Sweden, Stockholm) - 2009 to present Internship Industrial Designer, Dacat (Sweden, GĂśteborg) - 2011, 1 month Industrial Design Consultant, Db Equipment AS (Norway, Oslo) - 2012 to present Industrial Design Consultant, IDAG (Sweden, Sundsvall) - 2012, 2 months

Computer skills

Autodesk Inventor Rhinoceros Luxion Keyshot Luxology Modo Adobe Photoshop Adobe Indesign Adobe Illustrator (basic)

Languages Swedish English Polish

Contact Name

Kacper Skup Prochownik

+46707 88 11 84



Sandhamnsgatan 42 D 115 28 Stockholm

Hi! I am a curious, active and happy young man who cares the most about living an eventful and adventurous life and sharing it together with loving people. Traveling, learning and experiencing new things is my passion to where my talent, my best companion and profession, allows me to venture. I am a designer at heart. - A creative problem solver who loves to challenge myself as well as the people in my surrounding. This is me at this very moment, exploring the culture and countryside on the Ionian islands in Greece while i work as a design consultant for Greek food stuff companies. - Designing the packages of their export products.

The Douchebags Project What started out as a thesis project, became an award winning collection used by elite skiers and a close business relationship giving opportunity for many more products.


Bootbag The Douchebags Hugger, 35 litre, is the first product from the “Hugger- collection� and an ideal complement to the Douchebags Ski bag, making traveling with alpine gear much easier. With novel features such as being both backpack and duffel bag and being attachable to the ski bag (making 2 packages into 1), the Hugger is much more convenient to use than other types of alpine travel bags.

The biggest problem for the users is that they have more luggage on their journey than they can handle and in the stressful environment of an airport or a train station the luggage becomes too much of a burden increasing the risk of misplacement.

Features: • Foldable, storage efficient. • Minimal edges near the zip, for easier packing and unpacking. • Rib cage system makes the bag stiff and protective • Hook-up system fully integrates the Hugger with the Ski bag, turning the two products into a single unit • The shoulder carrying system with two hidden shoulder straps turns the Hugger into a backpack, with hooks that also allow the user to tow the ski bag behind him • IATA approved cabin baggage

Background With their first product out on the market, the Douchebag Ski Bag, the company (Db Equipment AS) faced a major crossroad where decisions had to be made on which way to go regarding market strategy and brand identity. This project was dedicated to work as an inspiration and a guideline and resulted in a concept for a line of products combinable and attachable to each other. Close contact with elite skiers was maintained throughout the design project, allowing identification of the real problems faced by users handling and traveling with alpine gear. After initial conception, a prototype of a product that meet the requirements for all stages of the journey was created to allow refinement of features – decisions being made through feedback that the design would be divided into several different products creating a collection of bags attachable to each other. The first product is a simplified smaller version, ‘The Hugger, 35 litre‘.

life cycle analysis

focus groups

function analysis






testing products

3D dummies


company analysis




mission analysis


pattern design

concept deviding

prestudy/project definition



project redefinition

definition of requirements consultations target market interviews focus groups physiotherapist body anatomy concerned parties personnel

train bus aeroplane

producers textile properties production

The key source of success in this project lays in the greatly extensive prestudy and high quality prototype allowing accurate evaluation.

launching first product

research A thorough prestudy w all of the skiers conditi analised through all of

Analyzing the Douchebags ski bag and the other existing travel-products.

Interviews and meetings with professional and competitive skiers.


plane train

drying cabinet storage room


temporary home

car bus

house cabin apartment

Observing the bus-, train station and the airport. The luggage system, the personnel and the travelers behavior.

Observing active skiers behavior towards the eq

was performed where ions and activities were the journey.


Consulting a physiotherapist and learning about the biomechanics and ergonomics of the human body’s system for carrying weight. storage at base

garment change

ski lift

ski center

active skiing

storage warming cabin


in the slope and their quipment and luggage.

Consulting garment and fabric producers and learning how to sew. Getting to know the properties of textile products and their production.

Trying to travel with the equipment myself.

Problem and need identification Alpine skiers have more luggage than they can handle making their journey much more stressful and uncomfortable than needed. They also travel through a range of diferent environments that demand diferent features of their luggage products. There is no existing product today that fulfill the requirements for a full journey with an alpine skier. Therefore was this project dedicated to create a product that is perfect to use all the way through each stage of the journey from home to the base at ski training. Ideation 2d sketches and mock ups where made to test new ideas. The novel idea of the “Hook-up system� (using the already existing daisy-chains on the ski bag from the length adjustment system) to attach bags to each other creating less luggage to keep track off was early conceived and explored. One final concept was presented as illustrations and a full-scale model to the headquarters and the focus group. -

In a real factory, with real machines and fabrics, was the pattern design and five high quality prototypes created (by me) to be tested in real conditions and evaluated by me, the Db-team and professional skier Jon Olsson.

Several designs in one The prototypes were exceptionally well credited by the skiers and the design team which lead to the decision to make several diferent versions of the bag creating a series of products based on my design; ’Hugger 15 litre‘ (training companion and for everyday use), ’Hugger 35 litre‘ (hand luggage size), ’Hugger 35 litre with laptop and document compartment‘, ’Hugger 60 litre‘ (a professionals companion), ’The Big Bastard 90 litre‘ (the big check in luggage). - Many products, all waiting for their turn to get into production.

‘You knew, and made, exactly what we needed’. - Truls Brataas, founder and managing director of Douchebags. ‘I have never been so positively surprised by an external consultant’. - Jon Olsson, Douchebags co-founder and professional elite skier.

Violin case

The beginning of a project, in collaboration with the English company where i am the industrial designer, Tsirus, for development of safe transport systems for musical instruments. First up, a violin case! No details are shown in order to protect patents in progress. My responsibilities in this project are; design, visual presentation material, CAD- drawings for prototyping and production.

Flat Iron In the course of modeling technique in Mid Sweden University a design and production of a test and visual model for a compact flat iron was produced by sketching, clay-modeling and polyurethane foam modeling. With the market target being people who rarely use a flat iron, the product got an idiom that reflects speed and encourages ironing.

Analog Sketches (All shown analog sketches are in some level refined in Photoshop)

techniques: • black pencil • black ink pen • grayscale markers

techniques: • human sketch print • black pencil • color and grayscale markers

Digital Sketches

Digital sketches produced in Photoshop using a Wacom tablet in the course of Digital Sketching at Mid Sweden University.

techniques: • Wacom tablet • Photoshop CS5

techniques: • Wacom tablet • Photoshop CS5

Digital Sketches

techniques: • Wacom tablet • Photoshop CS5

techniques: • Wacom tablet • Photoshop CS5

Printing and Embroidery

techniques: • black ink pen

(traced in Illustrator)

Being in charge of the graphics in the clothing design and production company, Project No 1 do i make illustrations for fabric printing and embroidery for the children’s clothes for the brand, Tuss.

techniques: • Wacom tablet • Photoshop CS5

Hacksaw Mission As part of the studies, a concept for a two-handed hacksaw was developed with the agenda to replace an existing model in the manufacturer’s ‘G-MAN’, collection. This project is performed during my studies at Mid Sweden University. The detailed user tests were performed with the hole class in collaboration. The tests and test models in the pictures shown are performed and made by me together with two fellow students, Katrin Öjdahl and Louise Hedgårds. The grip-angle model and the concept model is entirely by my doing.

User tests A wide range of different test models were produced primarily to test the grip possibilities and study the human biomechanics for using a hacksaw. Result From series of models and testing within a design for all adapted test group (professionals like plumbers and mechanics and people who have physical limitations to use their hands like rheumatic patients), a two-handed hacksaw was developed, with a unique front handle, offering various grip options and great control for all purposes. With a design that favors professional users as well as users with special needs, the product is naturally suitable for everyone in between, making it a ‘design for all’ product.

User tests The new hacksaw concept model has received a new type of front handle which enables the user to maximum down force and control with no need of clenching the fist thanks to the V-shape. The rear handle has a slightly increase angle based on the result of the testing. It is also slightly lowered making the hand closer to the blade, again, giving more control to the task.


A totally unique concept and prototype for a universal screwdriver, is the result from the course of user testing in Mid Sweden University. The well thought out distinguished test models and hand picked test group of professionals, whom use screwdrivers every day gave a very good understanding of the requirements of the product. The result is a totally unique handle, which allows three different types of grip, allowing maximum control and force for all three grip levels: precision, semi-precision and force-grip.

The unique form is inspired by the ribs of a gearwheel and shaped through combining the classic screwdriver handle with the shorter force handle..


semi precision


Petrol Can Cabinet

Mission At my internship at the Swedish product development company, Dacat, i developed a concept for a petrol can cabinet for a fuel producer - Aspen. The result • No longer is it necessary to fill the cabinet with one canister at a time, as a side wall can be opened, allowing the whole supply to be added directly via the EUR-pallet on which it is delivered. • The ‘ice cream box height’ of the unit allows the cabinet to be displayed in the middle of stores, being more visible than (for example) next to a wall. This provides a competitive advantage against other products. • The new design reflects the product’s purity and its maker’s consideration of environmental issues.

Walking aid Mission Create a new design for a ‘walker’ which provides enhanced features in comparison to previous designs. Background This project was made in three weeks during my studies at Mid Sweden University, Sundsvall, in a group consisting of two fellow students; Richard PĂĽhls and Jim Andersson. It was based on results from tests with different patients who have difficulties walking, standing, and sitting. As the team leader did i manage the project, booked visits at care-giving institutes and made interviews and tests with professionals such as rehabilitation personnel and actual patients, creating the knowledge about the demands of the product that channeled the conception. The CAD-drawings and the welded steel-structure test-model shown was created by me.

When using the test model based on the concept (right side above), the patient has much better posture and finds it easier when changing between sitting and standing positions than on the previous product (left side above).

Result The concept for the new walker allows the user to be positioned inside the product, rather than having to push it in front of him, leading to better posture and much better balance. Lightweight construction makes it easier to maneuver, while providing enhanced assistance when carrying luggage, resting or rising from a seated position and it is very compact when folded.

Design for a ‘skeleton watch’ to fit within the DIESEL collection. - Made in the course of Digital Sketching at Mid Sweden University.

techniques: • Rhinoceros 3D • Keyshot 2 • Photoshop CS5

Thank you for your time! -Kacper Skup Prochownik

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