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Kacper Blajer – Portfolio 2019

Hello, nice to meet you About me My name is Kacper Blajer, I finished the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice. I graduated with a bachelor and a master's degree with a focus in product design. During my studies, I was working in the design studio Wzorro Design S.C as a product designer. Also, I was working as a UX/UI

designer in the Sport Live Tag–video analysis program and Swapp Technologies Inc.. The area of my interests are interfaces, services, and products design. In my free time, I like traveling and doing sport. I work in Adobe package, Sketchup and SolidWorks.


My projects at exhibitions

2017 – 2019

Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice


Master of Arts – MA, Industrial Design

2013 – 2017

Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice

Design jest dla Ciebie Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, Poland


Bachelor of Arts – BA, Visual Communication

Design jest dla Ciebie Łódź Design Festival, Poland


Dizajn u Źródeł Bucharest, Romania


Work Experience 2018 – 2019

UX/UI Designer Swapp Technologies Inc.

2016 – 2019

Graphic & Product Designer

english german polish

B2 A2 first language


2015 – 2016

Junior UX/UI Designer Sport Live Tag

2015 – 2019

Product Designer Wzorro Design S.C

About me


About me


Client Location Date Cooperation

project no. 1

Swapp Technologies Inc. Swapp Technologies INC Katowice, Poland & Chicaco, USA 2019 Marta Musiał (F7 company)

Swapp app allows users to control their data even after they have exchanged it. Users don't have to worry anymore about changing their number or other communication details. Now just change the number or other related details in Swapp profile, and Swapp will take care of the rest. It will instantly connect all your contacts with your new number and update social media accounts, or even your mailing address. Users can exchange contacts details via QR codes, email, text messaging.

UX & UI – Product Design


Control your personal and business identity in real life

Public directory

Swapp is also a multifunctional platform, which allows users to build their professional network. The tool enables to find employees, jobs, professional cooperations, etc.

The platform is responsive, so users can use the tool on a smartphone as quickly and comfortably as using a desktop version.

Location Date Cooperation

project no. 2

Railway connections search engine Katowice, Poland 2017 Magdalena Habarta

This project is a redesigned concept of new, smart and intuitive railway search engine. Mobile first The design process started with collecting and reorganizing information on the site. The most important functions and facilities were selected and redesigned so that they are clear and visible. Responsiveness The main aim was responsiveness. The user can use the search engine on a smartphone or a tablet as quickly and comfortably as using a desktop website.

UX & UI Design – Web Design


Design process


Location Date Cooperation

project no. 3

Hello, Health Katowice, Poland 2019 Magdalena Habarta, Kamil Kowalczyk

Main goal The project aims to help users in taking care of their health prophylaxis and raising awareness of the importance of doing medical check–ups. The app is a personal guardian which selects the appropriate medical check-ups for users, depending on the needs and period of time since their last check– up. Thanks to the application, we can also monitor the health of their family.

UX & UI – Product Design



Switch profile

In the main screen, the user can find information about up- Users can quickly change profile to see what is going on coming medical check–ups and interesting facts about health. with their family.

Make an appointment


The app allows users to make an appointment for selected medical check-ups and give information on how to prepare.

Users have access to their medical history.

Location Date Cooperation

project no. 4

"Senki" – Master Degree Diploma Katowice, Poland 2019 Magdalena Habarta

"Senki" – it is a comprehensive concept of a furniture brand, intended for polish and foreign markets. The designed line of furniture is a basic product for the concept of a furniture brand, which uses sustainable production and local resources. The main feature of the products is easy assembling and the possibility of customizing to users functional and aesthetic needs. The shopping process is supported by the virtual creator, which is also a lifestyle platform, where customers can find inspiration to design their interiors. A brand is an alternative for large–scale productions and proposes sustainable products for aware clients.

UX & UI – Product Design


Create your own furniture

The virtual creator gives users control of the furniture size. Users can create their own layout regarding the shelves and decide which of them will be closed or open. That kind of possibility allows users to design furniture according to their needs.

Set your design

In the next step, users can apply colours. The tool allows to select five different colours. The sixth option is natural wood. In production only natural pigments are used.

AR – Check before you buy

The tool allows to check how the designed product looks in the customer's interiors. The whole process is fast and easy. When the users completed an individual furniture design, they get a QR code which opens the application. The app shows the visualization of the product in the interior using AR technology.


Client Location Date Cooperation

project no. 5

Sport Live Tag – video analysis program ProTrainUp Sp. z o.o. Katowice, Poland 2016 Marta Karkocha, Studio SXL

Sport live tag is the first polish sports video analysis program. It is designed for desktop devices, with the support of a mobile application. The program was created for trainers to facilitate the analysis of matches and training. Sport Live Tag allows: analyzing matches, editing film frames, generating statistics, creating multimedia presentations for competitors and synchronizing data from a mobile application.

UX&UI Design


create meetings





add photos




tags tag a match "live"

sync the app with program

create tags


generate statistics

create a presentation for players

create tags


Location Date

Katowice, Poland 2018

project no. 6

Culinary book

The culinary book interface is a simple interactive publication designed for mobile devices. Inside the book, there are various recipes, including specific diets like vegetarian, vegan e.c.t. The main goal was to create a way of searching, which allows users to find their dishes in three clicks.

UX & UI Design – Publication


User flow 1 Searching for dishes by division: vegetarian and meat dishes.

User flow 2 Searching for dishes by category: cooking time, preparation, ingredients, allergen.

UX & UI Design – Publication


Contact +48 793 931 103

Profile for Kacper Blajer

Kacper Blajer Portfolio  

Hello, Check my new portfolio :)

Kacper Blajer Portfolio  

Hello, Check my new portfolio :)