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Please mail this form to: KENWOOD ACADEMY CONCERT CHOIR Richard Nunley Jr., Director 5015 South Blackstone Avenue • Chicago, IL 60615 Phone: 773-535-1384 E-mail: For more information: KENWOOD ACADEMY CONCERT CHOIR Sharon Gray KCCP Vice President Fund-raising Phone: 773-573-6024 • Fax: 773-423-0253 E-mail: Website:

KCCP PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM I would like to support Kenwood Academy Concert Choir with a gift of: ❑ $100+ ❑ $500+ ❑ $1,000+ ❑ $3,000+ ❑ $10,000+

❑ $25,000+

❑ Other $______.00

Name(s): ________________________________________________________ Address: ________________________________________________________ City, State, Zip: ___________________________________________________ Phone Number: _(_______)________-____________

Alternate Phone Number: _(_______)________-____________

E-mail address: __________________@__________________________.__________ Is there a specific Kenwood Academy Concert Choir Member you would like to sponsor? ❑ Yes ❑ No If yes, please provide the name of the student: _______________________________________________ Are you a Kenwood Academy High School and/or Kenwood Concert Choir Alumni: ❑ Yes ❑ No If KAHS graduate, year of graduation: _______ and if KCC Alumni, please list former section: __________

PAYMENT INFORMATION ❑ I am enclosing a check/money order made payable to Kenwood Academy Concert Choir. ❑ Please charge my credit/debit card.

❑ Visa ❑ MasterCard ❑ American Express

❑ Discover

❑ PayPal™

Card Number: ____________________________

Expiration Date: _____/_____/______

Print Name: _______________________________

Signature: ________________________________

Registered PayPal E-mail Address: __________________@__________________________.__________

❑ I prefer to make a secure electronic payment via PayPal™ by visiting the Kenwood Academy Concert Choir website: Click the “donate to KCC tab” to complete your transaction.

❑ I hereby authorize Kenwood Academy Concert Choir and its representatives the ability to submit my donated pledge

information to a designated corporate entity that will potentially maximize my gift to this organization by equally matching the dollar amount.

❑ I give my permission to list the following name on the KCC website and Spring Music Festival roster of donors: please print name of business organization or individual here: Signature

Thank You in Advance! Your Support is Greatly Appreciated!


2010-2011 KCCP Pledge Form  

Pledge form for individuals and organization to provide donation information to students who participate in Kenwood Academy Concert. Choir.

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