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Two Camels and a Well By: Kaci McIntyre

One day there were two camels and a talking well. The camels were so thirsty but the well said he only had enough water for one camel. The camels started arguing about who should get the water. The well, out of nowhere, yelled out saying "you two need to hush. Yall are giving me a headache!"

The camels looked at each other and thought about what they were saying to each other and came up with a desicion that they should just share the water with each other.

What they didn't know was that the well was going to make them mad again by taunting them. The well was playing tricks on them saying they couldn't have any of the water. The well was being so mean.

The camels came up with a plan to just dig for water since the well would not give them any. There plan did not succeed.

They tried to roam the desert for a lake or sometype of water source but they never found any and just ended up back in front of the well.

Finally they just asked the well, in a nice tone, to have some of his water. The well looked at the well and said "since you have asked nicely i will give you the double the water you have asked for."

The camels were so excited and now the weren't so thirsty anymore. The well gave them double what they asked for and the camels were still bestfriends.

Two Camels and a Talking Well


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Two Camels and a Well  

An African Folktale

Two Camels and a Well  

An African Folktale