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Pair Food with Beer for Exquisite Meals Article Written By: Booze Bandits There is an increasing number of alcohol delivery companies in the UK, some of which boast a great selection of drinks on their menus.

Whisky and gin are the largest traded spirits in the UK; in fact, three out of four imported bottles of gin in the world come from here. But when you order online, you can also purchase wine, champagne and beer. Modern cuisine has basically reinvented beer, a type of beverage that is gaining more and more popularity due to its amazing gastronomic versatility. Take advantage of the many companies providing beer delivery in London and try your own food and brew pairings. Or, if you can’t come up with any good ideas, you will surely find inspiration at one of the beer dinners that restaurants and pubs host regularly. Below you will find some general pointers to get you started. Local and seasonal Beer is the perfect beverage for accompanying menus made up of local and/ or in-season ingredients. The focus is on shared small plates with local, contrasting flavour ingredients washed down with local brews. Similarly, seasonal beers are the perfect companion for seasonal dishes. These are prepared with unique ingredients that can only be found at particular times of the year, hence the growing appeal of this type of menu. Thus, farmhouse beers pair well with asparagus, arugula and peas in the spring. The fresh autumn flavours of sage, roasted squash, and ricotta are best brought to life with a seasonal beverage.

Finally, in winter, dark and barrel-aged beers perfectly complement roasted root vegetables. Pumpkin brew is another intense beer to enjoy during the cooler months. Ethnic dishes are also big, and some of them go exquisitely well with beer. Korean, Japanese, Thai and Indian cuisine are a great match for slightly sweet farmhouse brews, IPAs, and lighter lagers. IPAs, stouts, farmhouse ales India pale ale, or IPA, is a very popular craft brew, with an alcohol by volume of 5.5 to 7.5%. Strong and bitter, with an abundance of hops, an IPA accompanies well spicy foods, such as Indian and Mexican dishes. This style of beer is also compatible with grilled meats and salty dishes, and perhaps more surprisingly also with carrot cake. IPAs with their varied bitterness and flavour are a good match for such a wide variety of dishes due to the many different hops used at different brewing stages. As a result, IPAs often have the aroma of citrus, pine or flowers. With its dark roasted flavours, stout is yet another beer style that goes well with some salty dishes. Oysters and dry stout in particular make a classic combination that is worth a try. Finally, the increasingly popular farmhouse ale is very compatible with pizza, while sweet flavoured barrel-aged beers can accompany chocolate dishes surprisingly well. So, the next time you order, rather than just asking for an ice cold beer, you may want to look over the selection of bottled brews and draft beers, lagers, IPAs, stouts, farmhouse ales, sweet and sour beers.

Pair food with beer for exquisite meals  

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