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Jack Mok Architecture Portfolio Auburn University 2010 - 2014






Boston Children Hospital

Urban Farming and Idea Center

National Jazz Center






Bessemer Courthouse

Highline Facade





Boston Children Hospital Boston, MA Fall 2012 Professor Dagg

Boston is a city that has a unique combination of history and innovation. From the Boston City Hall to the Big Dig, they both created desirable public space for the general public. This proposal of the hospital is to connect the surrounding areas to help create a landmark while accommodating an efficient medical program. The two main public spaces of the program, the entrance and the outdoor terrace, divide the public and the private programs. The double height entrance is located at Cross Street, creating an iconic effect for the entrance. The outdoor terrace not only serves dynamic experience for patients and public, but also acts as a median for the patient rooms and other public programs in the hospital.



Left: Site map that emphasize the site location, the green way, Fanueil Hall, and the coast line. Opposite: Floor plans of first floor and typical patient floor Bottom: Floor plan diagram that indicates all the programs in the building.


Diagnostic Cardiology Mechanical/ Storage Cardiovascular Surgical Suite

Level 1

Office Entrance Emergency Room

Level 4

Level 3

Community Service Prep/Hold Dietary


ICU Nursing Unit

Level 2

Radiology, Pharmacy Laboratory,Central Sterile Supply Office Mechanical

Level 5-8

Nursing Unit




Top: Main Entry Atrium


Top: Exterior view of the terrace



Left: Section perspective of patient floor Bottom: Section Perspective of Atrium Right: Physical model





Urban Farming and Idea Center Detroit, MI Fall 2012 NOMA Student Competition 1st Place Winner Group Competition In 1950, Detroit is known as “Motor City�, the birthplace of American auto industry. Today, Detroit has fallen because of the population loss. The idea of the competition is to give a new identity to Detroit. The design must incorporate new urban spaces and programming into the existing landscape of the city. The proposal of the competition is to renovate, cultivate and innovate. Renovate is to connect the existing vehicular to the additional rail system. The connection will benefit Detroit by providing means of exporting and importing goods. Cultivate is to create green landscape with existing streets. Simply by refining street types such as adding trees and enlarging pedestrian walk way will make the city more desirable. Innovate is to build an institutions that will support the sustainable community.



Left: Master plan that shows all the entire site that shows all the existing and proposed developments. Bottom: Diagram that indicates the three proposal. From right to left, urban farming, green ways, and idea center. Right: Overall model of the site that shows the idea center, grocery store, and the train station. Right Bottom: Rendering of the Idea Center from the west of Michigan Avenue. Overleaf: Street section of proposed Michigan Avenue and industrial districts in Corktown.



Left: Floor plan of the Idea Center. It is separated into three programs. From top to bottom, sustainable learning community space and auditorium. Right: Section of each program. Top shows the Hydroponic and fishery system. Middle indicates the farmer’s market, exhibition corridor, green terrace, and classroom. Bottom shows the auditorium












Right and Bottom: The new proposed for Michigan Avenue and 12th street. The proposal is to turn the ten lanes traffic into six lanes traffic. By doing so we can we increase room on the side walk for bicycles and pedestrians. Also, we proposed a light rail system on Michigan Avenuen that provides free public transportation to the neighborhood.


Michigan Avenue

12th Street



National Jazz Center New Orleans, LA Fall 2013 AIAS/ Kawneer Frozen Music Design Competition Group Competition (Personal Interest Only)

Jazz music is the soul for the city of New Orleans and it continues to permeate all aspects of like. It is for these reasons that we propose a National Jazz Center. The Jazz Center is located on canal street adjacent to old Storyville neighborhood. Many early jazz greats such as Louis Armstrong and Jelly Roll Morton started their career performing in the neighborhood. Storyville is in the process of being demolished for redevelopment and we hope the Jazz Center will not play a vital role in the rebirth of its old neighborhood but also infuse the community with a sense of civic pride.



Left: Site map that indicates all the theaters that is close to the chosen site. Also, the relationship between the site and Iberville. Right Top: Stacking diagram that indicates all the require programs. Right Bottom: Initial sketches of volume, section and facade. Below: Massing diagram

To I-10/ Mid Iberville

Joy Theater

Saenger Theater

Orpheum Theater To French Quarter


Cubic Mass

Circulation Core

Void for Stage

Major Staircase

Insert Stage

Create Voids For Stairs

Restaurant/Balcony Second Concert Hall/ Event Space Main Concert Hall Back Stage/ Storage Parking

Bar Retail Concert Hall Entrance



Main Concert Hall



Bessemer Courthouse Bessemer, AL Fall 2011 Professor Burleson Studio Group Project

Bessemer is one of the cities that suffer from the economy crisis in Jefferson County. The idea of the courthouse is to bring a new identity to Bessemer. The proposal is to design a cultural courthouse for the city of Bessemer that exemplifies ideas of place, culture, and justice. The idea of compression and release is very prevalent throughout the entire courthouse from the columns on the facade to the entry sequence of the courtrooms. The importance of the atrium is felt throughout the whole building in a sequence of spaces and varying heights. Also, courthouse should give a town a sense of stability and grounding which is achieved in the strong base of the courthouse.



Top: The courthouse is located in on the east of highway 59. In order to enter downtown Bessemer, driver must pass through the site. It offers the opportunity to create a landmark in Bessemer. Right: Different schemes of initiate facade designs.



Below: Final facade



Historic Museum

Court Room

Court Room

Jury Room

Security Area


Jury Room

Open t


Atriu Gallery


to below

Court Room

Jury Room

Court Room

Jury Room

Security Area

Conference Room

um Gallery



OppostieTop: Perspective of the atrium. Opposite Bottom: Perspective of the atrium. Bottom: Section model of the atrium that shows the idea of compress and release through different spaces



Highline Facade Renovation New York City, NY Fall 2010 Professor Norman

Drawing inspiration from the rich urban context, the Highline Facade Renovation is designed as reflection of the surrounding context. It is a double skin facade system that consist the original brick facade and the additional steel tubes on the outside. The spacing on the steel tube is larger, but as it goes higher, the spacing getting closing. The reason is that the bottom floors are for retail usage, so light will be needed. On the top floors, they are mostly residential, so light will be limited. The weaving of the steel tubes creates a connection just like the road system in New York City.



Top: Location of the site Left: Initial diagram of facade Right: Facade Elevation




Left: Physical Model of facade Top: Section Model Right: Facade Axon


Ka Chun Mok (Jack) 1179 Northlake Dr Auburn, AL 36832 404.405.2695

EDUCATION Auburn University — Auburn, AL

2008 – Present

Bachelor of Architecture; expected May 2014

Dean’s List 2012 Istanbul Techical University : Spring 2012 Study Abroad Program

EXPERIENCE Bargainer, Davis, Sims Architect Associates — Montgomery, AL

06.2013 – 08.2013

Intern Architect Involved in the construction document process such as being responsible for detail drawings, life safety planning, and building codes for the Alpha Phi Sorority house. Involved in the schematic design for the Huntingdon College President House addition. Involved in the schematic design and design development for the interior renovation for Huntingdon College Cloverdale Administrative Building. University of Alabama Alpha Phi Sorority house — Tuscaloosa, AL Huntingdon College President House addition — Montgomery, AL Huntingdon College Cloverdale Administrative Building Interior Renovation — Montgomery, AL

The Oval Partnership — Hong Kong, China

06.2012 – 07.2012

Intern Architect Responsible for facade development of a commercial building in Wuhan, China. The work included physical study models, material selections, and shop drawings for that particular facade. Also, participated in finalizing shop drawings for fire safety and mechanical details. In-Time — Wuhan, China


Fall 2013

Team Competition (Personal Interest Only) Responsible for the overall design. Responsible for all the AutoCAD drawings and digital model building. Responsible for final diagrams, final renderings and the final digital model.

1st Place - National Organization of Minority Architecture Student Competition


Team Competition 2012 Participated in schematic design through final design. Responsible for student housing plan, ideal center plan and master plan AutoCAD drawings. Involved in the final drawings of the master plan, idea center plan, and student housing plan. In charge of the final physical model and model pictures for submission. Team Competition 2013 Involved in the schematic design. Responsible for the site research. Responsible the final physical model.

ORGANIZATIONS American Institute of Architecture Student National Organization of Minority Architecture Student Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity

SKILLS Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite, AutoCAD, Autodesk Revit, Microsoft Office Suite, SketchUp Working knowledge of Rhinoceros Fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin, and English

Reference Ray E. Williams, Principal Architect, AIA/ 624 South McDonough Street/ Montgomery, AL 36104/, 334.834.2038 Christian Dagg, Associate Professor and Program Chair, Interior Architecture/ 311 Dudley Hall/ Auburn, AL 36849 /, 334.844.4519


2009 – Present 2010 – Present 2009 – 2012

Ka chun mok Architecture Portfolio 2014  
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