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Kachina Dimmock Version 1.0Â - 2020

Nice to meet you! Hi, I’m Kachina, your Content Marketing Specialist, Australian Army Reservist and Founder of the Content Collective Co. Currently, I’m based in the Northern suburbs of the Illawarra, in a home that’s perfectly nestled between the ocean and green cliffy escarpment. I’ve always been a storyteller for as long as I can remember. From insisting on using Dad’s camera to take allll of the photos on family holidays and writing short poems about Wombats as a child, to discovering other mediums to express myself with as I got older. I’ve been professionally working as a Content Marketer now for over 5 years. Creating stories that impact and surprise my audience is the most important part of my work. I strive to see results. Over the years, I’ve gained experience in a variety of industries, including travel, news, food, community, lifestyle, corporate and legal. It comes with little surprise that creating meaningful content is what gets my blood pulsing. But, my other great loves also include travel and health/fitness. I’m endlessly inspired by adventure, nature and community. I love waking up to new horizons, immersing myself in new experiences and making lifelong friends along the way. Think we could create something amazing together? Feel free to reach out via email!


Social Media Examples

04 The Project: Social Media Growth and Engagement Overview: I joined this travel family of brands in July 2018, as the APAC regions first Social Media and Content Marketing Specialist. I was assigned the task of building the Facebook presence of 4 different tour brands from the grassroots up. Tactics and Strategies: Research: audience deep-dive, competitor analysis Tactics: introduction of new content Strategy: growth strategy, UGC strategy, influencer strategy, competitions The Results: Within the first month of tactics being actioned and the strategy being built, web traffic produced from all four social accounts increased by 21%, FB followers increased by 23% and engagement increased by 430%. Over six months, FB followers increased by 64% and social media engagement increased by 699%.

Travel Family pf Brands


River Cruise Company

The Project: Influencer Marketing Campaign Overview: This Influencer Marketing Strategy focused on maximising brand awareness for a new product offering for Australian travellers. This was done by advertising a position within Influencer networks - where a chosen Influencer/s would travel on a particular theme river cruise and create content to share - and having them apply for the role like any other job. The influencer’s selected for the trip displayed proven experience in writing for SEO, high engagement across their social media platforms and blog and had a large Australian audience. Strategy and Tactics: Development of content strategy Community management, follower and engagement strategy Brand monitoring Results: YoY web traffic from social media up 340% Following month YoY social web traffic up 464% MoM web traffic up 149% River cruise theme page YoY web traffic up 401% Month following theme page YoY web traffic up 389% MoM theme page web traffic up 32% Particular cruise page YoY web traffic up 100% Month following YoY web traffic up 100% MoM cruise page web traffic up 12%

The Project: Social Media Crisis Management Overview: With the travel industry being heavily hit by the coronavirus pandemic, I was put to task to manage how the situation was covered, and eventually manage a crisis campaign on social media for 3 x tour brands. Tactics and Strategies: Initially, priority went to responding to customer queries online and managing changes to bookings as tours were cancelled ensuring that communication was constant and customers were made to feel safe and looked after. As isolation continued, change in content creation from a hold-off to creating content that encouraged dreaming. This was done by creating an organic customer engagement campaign, where past travellers were interviewed about their travels, what they love about travel and where they’re most eager to venture to when borders open again. These interviews were turned into story pieces and shared across the 3 x brands Facebook pages. Results (in 3 weeks): Total combined engagement: 6500 Total combined reach: 64, 262 Total combined impressions: 72, 173 Engagement Rate for all brands: more than double that of competitors


Travel Family pf Brands


The Project: Social Media Strategy + Growth

Psychologist/Life Coach/Mentor Public Figure

Overview: Jodie Cooper is a positive psychology coach who offers personal coaching, professional mentorship and speaking training programs. We met right as she was about to embark on a year-long trip around Australia; at a time where focus was being put into moving her business online. This included help with her social media accounts. Rather than managing these accounts for her, I provided my insight to build a social media strategy to maximise her efforts to achieve her overall goal for her online presence and personal brand. Strategy and Tactics: Through the audit, I evaluated all of Jodie’s social media accounts to be able to identify what she’s currently doing that is working and what can be improved upon. She already had a great start, so I was able to make my main priority to be able to help her connect all the facets of her personal brand, as well as polish up a few current strategies with detailed tips to maximise her accounts. Here’s some of the topics that were covered in her audit and overall strategy: Create content calendars and categories with suggested topics Posting frequency per platform Customising content for each social media channel Social networking strategy and techniques Hashtag suggestions Best practices and strategies for success Visuals guide Like campaign Social media analytics reporting and evaluation


The Project: Social Media Strategy & Growth Overview: A new contender in the prestigious Rolex Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race, I was tasked with the job of creating and building the social media accounts for this supermaxi. Tactics and Strategies: Utilise affiliated company tone of voice in building online brand Research into best platforms for ocean sailing engagement Liaise with PR, ocean sailing bodies and yacht crew in building online platforms Create relevant content per channel (Facebook, Instagram and YouTube) Create organic growth strategy

Sport Team


The Project: Social Media Strategy + Growth

B2B SaaS Company

Overview: This tech company with a leading Saas platform that provides intelligent search and automated workflow for professionals across the legal, conveyancing, banking, finance, insolvency, surveying, mercantile, accountancy and government sectors were after assistance with their social media platforms. Help was needed in the maintenance and growth of existing platforms used, as well as the formulation of strategies to move into new channels. Strategy and Tactics: Formulate and drive B2B and B2C social media strategies to help achieve wider company goals Develop existing social media channels and formulate strategies to move into new channels Track and report on the effectiveness of content and social media activities and provide insights for future campaigns.


Content Writing Examples

11 The Project: Build a travel blog Overview: Included as part of a content marketing strategy built for a family of travel brands, the blog was to encompass the company’s tone of voice, and increase brand awareness for the company, making the blog a go-to source for people planning a holiday. Strategy and Tactics: Define a purpose and theme for the blog to tie all aspects of the four tour brands together. Suggest adjustments to the blog for easier navigation and use, including Different categories for use for various blog posts Adjusting blog titles Formulate a blog strategy to work alongside and help achieve other business goals. Blog topics and posting frequency suggestions. Formulate an SEO strategy that all posts should follow. Curate content for the blog and reach out to other bloggers and staff to contribute. Monetisation recommendations for blog posts. Track and report on the effectiveness of the blog and provide insights for future campaigns.

Travel Blog Results:Â Within 1 month of implementing the blog strategy and publishing content, blog traffic increased by 251% In the space of 6 months, website traffic from the blog increased by 585% Average monthly visits = 4500 Average monthly organic search traffic = 15%



13 The Project: Curate and plan all written content Overview: As part of the Social Media and Content Marketing Specialist role, it is my responsibility to plan, research and curate all written content. I’ve written web copy, ad copy, external print and web articles, email content and formulated an SEO strategy for 4 x tour brand websites.

B2B SaaS Company

Travel Family of Brands

The Project: Content Coordinator Overview: Part of my role as the Content and Social Media Coordinator at this company included assisting the Content Manager in creating content for social media, blogs, external websites, email and marketing campaigns.

13 The Project: Regular Contributor Overview: Established in 2018, the Coal Coast Magazine is a quarterly lifestyle publication produced in the Illawarra region of NSW.

Lifestyle Magazine

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