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RED In the wavelength range of roughly 630-740nm Red illumination was (and sometimes is) still used as a safelight while working in darkrooms as it does nor expose most photographic paper and some films The colour of extremeness, passionate love, seduction, violence, anger, fire and blood One of the top two favourite colours of all people 77% of world flags include red International colour for ‘STOP’ In the history of languages red is the first colour after black and white The colour of Good Luck in Asia and the most popular colour in China representing ‘Prosperity’ Red captures attention and is used to trigger alertness In Russia, the word “Red” means ‘Beautiful’

ORANGE Symbolizes enegry, vitality, cheer, excitement, adventure, warmth and good health In the contemporary world, Orange is the colour of Marmalade, Halloween, traffic cones, life rafts and cheesy snacks Is associated with Vitamin C and healthy lifestyle Children all over the world are drawn to the colour Orange Both the colour and emblematic colour of the Royal Family Symbolic of Autumn The colour of prison uniforms in the U.S Orange (Saffron) is a sacred and Auspicious colour in Hinduism In the process of going blind, Orange is the last colour a blind person will see Nothing rhymes with Orange

YELLOW Most luminous colour in the spectrum Colour of happiness, optimism, enlightenment, creativity, sunshine and spring Yellow has a dark side which can mean: cowardice, betrayal, egoism and madness. It’s also the colour of caution and some physical illnesses (Jaundice and Malaria) In Japan, Yellow represents Courage Bright ‘Marigold’ Yellow may be associated with death in some areas of Mexico In China, Adult movies are referred to as ‘Yellow Movies’ Those condemned to die during the inquisition wore Yellow as a sign of Treason

GREEN Signifies: Growth, rebirth and fertility In Muslim, Green is a holy colour and in Ireland, a lucky colour Now the international symbol of Ecology Universally associated with nature In China, Green may symbolize infidelity. A Green hat symbolizes that a man’s wife is cheating on him You won’t find many Green cars at race tracks because they are considered unlucky Green is used in signs for safety as red is portrayed as a fire Feng Sui claims that Green eases absent-mindedness, nervousnes and rudeness

BLUE Has more complex and contradictory meanings than any other colour Dark Blue: Trust, dignity, intelligence, authority and regality Bright Blue: Cleanliness, strength, dependability and coolness Light ‘Sky’ Blue: Peace, serenity, spirituality and infinity Is the number one colour of all people 53% of world flags contain blue Most common colour used in corporate identity Greeks believe blue wards off “The Evil Eye” Dark Blue is the colour of mourning in Korea The God Krishna has blue skin Has very few connections with taste or smell. Therefore is may act as an appetite supressant

PURPLE Most powerful wavelength of the rainbow The earliest purple dyes date back to about 1900 BC It took 12,000 shellfish to extract 1.5 grams of the pure dye Symbolizes nobility and luxury in the modern world Symbolic for: magic, mystery, romance, spritiuality, the sub-concious, creativity, dignity and royalty Purple is the colour of mourning in most cultures Tends to be a colour that people either love or hate The Japanese christened the colour “imperial purple” as it was reserved for emperors and popes Not a common flag colour. Only two flags bear the colour The “Purple Heart” is the American award for bravery Symbolic colour for the gay community in many Western cultures

PINK The colour most associated with girls In English, the word “Pink” derived from the Dutch Flower ‘Pinken’ dating back to 1681 Referred to as the ‘Colour of Love’ Men imprisoned on accusations of Homosexuality were forced to wear a pink Triangle. Nowadays it is often worn in pride The Pink hue ‘Fushia’ is known as #FF00FF on the web The most stereotypical “femanine” colour Provides feelings of caring, tenderness, self worth, love and acceptance The colour is used to: calm feelings, neutralise disorder, for relaxation and contentment

BROWN People who prefer brown are often conventional and orderly Negative meaning is a repressed personality or a lazy person Creates a warm, comfortable feeling of wholesomeness, naturalness and dependability Gives the feeling of solidarity The term is from old English Brun in origin for a dark, dusky colour Another colour associated with Autumn In India, Brown is seen as the colour of mourning as it resembles dying leaves

BLACK The most misunderstood colour A Black Tie dinner is very formal and elegant Contains the energy of the threatening unknown Seen as, in a positive state, as a restful emptiness Is used to: become inconspicuous, open the door to mystery and to prepare for the unknown In Aztec Culture, Black represented war because Black Obsidian glass was used as the cutting edge of battle swords In England, taxi cabs are traditionally Black A Black cat crossing one’s path is considered bad luck in many cultures, except in England, where spotting a Black cat is considered Good Luck

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