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Our oppor tunity, as designer s, is to lear n how to handle the complexity, r ather than shy away from it, and to realize that the big ar t of design is to make complicated things simple. -Tim Parsey

To Whom it May Concer n, My name is Jenessa Miles Stur gell, and I am a gr aphic designer. I take gr eat pride in saying that because my wor k means so muc h to me. It is my passion and I love w hat I do. I have wor ked in the design industr y at Durham Br ands for over two and a half year s now. During sc hool I completed an inter nship in Boston, and wor ked for the Univer sity adver tising agency as a gr a phic designer. I have been doing fr eelance design and photogr aphy jobs outside of that for c lients inc luding (but not limited to): T he Utah Symphony and Oper a, My Cr aft Channel, Southeast Idaho Resear c h Institute (SIRI), and TNT Running. I wor k har d and donate my time to some of these gr eat or ganizations because I w ant continually gr ow as a designer, and to help people have good design and photogr aphy that they otherwise might not be a ble to. Lear ning is a passion of mine as well. I gr aduated Cum Laude fr om Brigham Young Univer sity-Idaho with a bac helor’s degr ee in Communcations with an Adver tising emphasis, and a minor in gr a phic design. I continue daily to incr ease my knowledge base outside of sc hool at the jobs I have held. I have gained many skills by doing this inc luding: • • • • • • • • •

Pac kaging Design (c lear pr oduct communication, die lines, legal infor mation, pr e paring files for China, etc). We bsite Design Social Media Management E-mail Blast Design Br anding and Identity (lo gotype, br and books - gener al look and feel, web design, business car d design, etc). Pr oduct Design (illustr ating pr oduct and putting together dimensions for f actor y samples). Tr adeshow Booth Design Studio Photo gr aphy (models, pr oduct photogr aphy, how-to photogr aphy). Outdoor Photo gr aphy (f amily, weddings, f ashion, inf ants).

As you can see, I have an extensive bac kgr ound in design with the added bonus of a photogr a phy skills. I would love the oppor tunity to contribute to your team with beautiful design and to help your company gr ow. T hank you for your time and consider ation. I hope to hear fr om you soon. Sincer ely, Jenessa Miles Stur gell

Cell: 360.742.0877 • E-mail: • Photography Blog:

EXPERIENCE D ur ha m B r a nds » Ja nu a ry 2011 - P resent Gr ap hic Designer Designed pr oduct pac kaging, adver tisements, ne wsletter s, html emails and catalogs; photo gr aphed and edited pr oducts & models; br anded and r e br anded pr oduct lines. J. Ma r i e D e s i g n a nd Phot ography » 2007 - P resent Fre e lance Graphic Designer & P hot ographer Designed br oc hur es, mailer s, websites, logos, and invitations; De veloped br anding and identity; and did wedding, f amily, and inf ant photogr a phy for c lients (inc luding but not limited to): T he Utah Symphony and Oper a, MyCr, TNT Running, T he Southeast Idaho Resear c h Institute, Guitar s Unplug ged, and Rexbur g Tr ash King. BYU-Idaho I -Comm S tu dent Media » April 2007 - December 2010 D e s i g n Manager, Graphic Designer, and News Wr i t e r Managed gr aphic designer s and pr ojects for the design gr oup, and completed design pr ojects and ne wspaper s ar tic les for the Scr oll ne wspa per and Adver tising a gency. Realty E xe cu tive s Pre s tige P ropert ies » January 2008 - April 2008 Gr ap hic Design and Market ing Int ern Designed br oc hur es, magazines, invitations, and website.

EDUCATION B ri g ha m You ng Unive r sity -Idaho » June 2005 - December 2010 B ache lor ’s of sc ience in Com m unicat ions Adver t is i ng w i t h a m i no r i n Gr ap hic Design and Business • 3.8 GPA - Gr aduated with honor s • Recipient of the Ne wel K. Whitney Aw ar d for excellence in c har acter and c lasswor k. • Received sc holar ships for academic excellence for the sc hool year s 2005-2010.

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT • Ser ved a mission for the Chur c h of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Rome, Italy for a year and a half fr om Febr uar y 2009 - August 2010. • Wor ked as a volunteer at the or ganization SPLORE to help c hildr en with autism and other disa bilities lear n how to r oc k c limb. • Wor ked as a volunteer for the Utah Symphony and Oper a in the AIDA section to help senior citizens with disa bilities to their seats and thr oughout the perfor mance. • Wor ked as a volunteer for the Cottonwood Mar athon handing out drinks and encour a ging r unner s.

PACKAGING DESIGN Earbud pac kaging for the br and KABOO. My per sonal involvement w as fr om conce pt to finish. What I loved a bout this pr oject w as the c hance I had to play ar ound with die lines to cr eate innov ative pac ka ging that dr aws the eye of the vie wer to the special design of the earbuds themselves.

EMAIL BLASTS Email blasts ar e one of my f avorite things to design. I love layouts, beautiful ima ger y, and coming up with a fun message to shar e with an audience. I can also code a bit (emphasis on the little bit), and I am constantly lear ning w hat makes a gr eat email to catc h the r eader’s attention.

PHOTOGRAPHY Fr om f ashion photo gr aphy and pr oduct photogr aphy in the studio, to f amilies, weddings, and inf ants outdoor s, my experience in photogr aphy is wide-r anging. I love these photogr a phs especially because of the per sonality that the little gir ls bring out, and the beautiful setting that displays these elastics.



BRANDING I w as given the oppor tunity to br and the ne w handbag pr oduct line K aboo. I designed the logo, business car ds, website, pr oduct, pac kaging, and the gener al look and feel of the br and. T his w as an incr edibly v aluable experience that helped me gr ow in ne w w ays all over the boar d.


TRADESHOW BOOTH DESIGN I w as so excited to lear n that I would be a par t of r ebr anding the c hildr en’s hair accessor y br and Gimme Clips, and to along with that design and put together the ne w tr adeshow booth. It is cur r ently a wor k-inpr o gr ess, but her e is a sneak peak of the befor e (fr om last year) vs. the design I implemented.

SCRAPBOOKING LINE DESIGN T his is one of the most enjoyable pr ojects I have ever done. I call this “design candy”. I loved r esear c hing cur r ent tr ends, fun patter ns, and developing my own styles, color palettes, and illustr ating fun patter ns. It’s alw ays exciting to cr eate pr oduct that c lients and scr apbooker s alike love.

CRAFTING & DIY After wor king in the cr afting industr y, I have lear ned w hat a benefit it is to be a ble to cr eate cr aft pr ojects. DIY pr ojects cr eate a huge following for social media, and add a lot of inter est to tr adeshow booths and blo gs.

ANNOUNCEMENT DESIGN I believe that one of the best w ays to r eally show w hat a gr aphic designer’s style is like is to see something that they designed for their self. T his is the announcement that I designed for my wedding. I ke pt with the vintage theme that we had for the day, and I love e ver y par t about it.

PACKAGING DESIGN T his pac kaging is one of my f avorites that I have designed. I got to br eak out of the “br anding box� for this one to give this br and ne w pr oduct a style of its own. I w as told that it needed to stand out fr om the competition, to show how r ustic and 100% natur al the pr oduct is.

Cell: 360.742.0877 • E-mail: • Photography Blog:

Jenessa Sturgell Graphic Design | Photography Portfolio  
Jenessa Sturgell Graphic Design | Photography Portfolio