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Take on the world single handedly... iPhone3G 5 facts What is all the hype about the iPhone3G? Apple is the mother of all products that represent the concept of 'simple is beautiful' and 'less is more' in the field of product design. I decided to investigate and find out what is so special about this device that looks like a block of slate rubbed in too much olive oil... slick, compact, and elegant. Here are five facts...


Over 850 million sold globally in 60 days, breaking all records previously set by any mobile handset device


A mobile phone, music pod, and internet all in one, with no compromise, unrivalled in technology and graphics


The iPhone only has 1% of the market share of the mobile market in the UK, competitors such as Nokia and Motorola dominate the market


The iPhone has revolutionised the market, lead the way for smartphones to move from voice communication devices to multimedia computer devices


The 3.5 inch iPhone screen is almost scratch proof, manufactured using special lens quality glass coated. Only a diamond etcher can beat it!

The hijab does not just cover, it empowers Olympics

Ever since the hijab was banned in public schools in France, it has always been a hot topic, but recently it has really shown its practicality in more ways than one, its definetly hit the mainstream and its here to last in the free world!

Beijing 2008

Know no boundaries

Hijab designed for doing PE in Schools

Product design is about taking advantage of new technologies and product innovation to make peoples life's easier, empower them and achieve things.

No excuses for not doing PE anymore! Cindy Van Den Bremen, a Dutch designer the idea came out with the idea when all her Muslim friends were excused from doing P.E because of the need to wear the head cover. Capster Head gear for Muslim Women

She came up with a dynamic head cover that was flexible, used in the outdoors and indoors, in sports such as gymnastics, tennis, aerobics and general usage.Made of 100% Polyester and a Velcro strap.

written by Kabir Ahmed

Roqaya Al Gasara from Bahrain is doing exactly that! Wether or not it is within the boundaries of Islam is open to discussion. Roqaya runs the 100m's at Beijing 2008

The women in Roqaya Al Gasara's home town in Bahrain are so proud of their pioneering Olympic sprinter that some of them got together to design and sew a set of tailor-made aerodynamic veils for her to run in

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every product has its history

design & technology  

every product has its history