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Hair transplant methods(FUT/FUE) If you are thinking to opt for hair transplant treatment and researching about the same, then you must have come across terms like FUT and FUE. These two are the different types of technologies applied for transplantation of the grafts. Once you decide that you finally want to get a hair transplant done, you will have to make a choice in choosing between the two. Here, we will tell you why the FUE technique is much better than FUT treatment.

Difference In Procedure of FUE and FUT FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) includes removing a strip of tissue containing the grafts from the back of the scalp. The tissue is then sutured. Thereafter, the surgeon separates the grafts and harvests them on the bald patch. In the FUE hair transplant treatment (Follicular Unit Extraction), the surgeon extracts the grafts from the back of the neck using a microneedle. The microneedle creates minute punches which are barely visible to the human eye. The grafts are then harvested in the balding area. FUE is a more modern technology which has simplified the process of hair transplantation. Trichologists at Hair Transplant Clinic in Mumbai suggest FUE than FUT. Read more to know why.

No Linear Scarring Since FUE transplant uses a microneedle instead of a scalpel, no linear scarring takes place. Linear scarring in case of FUT looks pretty evident when sporting short hair. It becomes all the more difficult for people who want to conceal that they have undergone any cosmetic treatment. The scarring can look darker, stretched and thickened if the person has a tight scalp. All this can be avoided with FUE where scarring only takes place in the form of tiny punches.

No Sutures Required The punches made during FUE graft extraction are so small that they do not need any sutures. On the other hand, FUT cannot be completed without suturing the donor area to prevent excessive blood flow and delayed healing.

Decreased Recovery Time Suture-less surgery in FUE also means that recovery time will be much less than in FUT treatment. Also, the small punches heal much faster than the linear scar.

Reduced Post-Operative Care The care to be taken after the surgery is much less in case of FUE. The sutures require special care and attention so as to not irritate the scalp. Though it is recommended to avoid strenuous physical activity in both FUE and FUT, it is strictly prohibited in the latter. It is because exercising leads to stretching of the scar.

Repair Donor Area Scarring From FUT FUE is also helpful in concealing the scaring after FUT treatment. FUE can be performed specifically on the donor area scar so that it becomes easier for the patients to sport short hair even after the FUT surgery.

Harvest Non-Scalp Hair FUE has made it possible to restore hair loss on the body and face as well. Eyebrow, beard and moustache hair transplant treatments are becoming increasingly popular due to FUE technology.

Conclusion You should also visit a trichologist to make sure you have made the best decision for yourself in choosing the right treatment. Though FUE is considered more expensive, it is nothing but a myth. You can get affordable options as well if you look for the right clinic. Hair transplant clinic in Mumbai offers quality results within budget. Book your free consultation appointment today.

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FUE hair transplant in Mumbai  

Understand why FUE is considered as better technology for hair transplant than FUT hair transplant. Find different advantage of FUE over FUT...

FUE hair transplant in Mumbai  

Understand why FUE is considered as better technology for hair transplant than FUT hair transplant. Find different advantage of FUE over FUT...