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What is It’s something I own,private it’s part to you of my existence.*and Or why? is it not?

*Answer by: Gerret

The concept of a universal individual privacy is a modern construct mostly found in Western culture, where it often leads us to close and lock the doors to our homes, to build gated communities, to cordon off whole city zones. And yet at the same time there are still cultures whose languages do not have a specific word for privacy, and who live with houses without locked doors in communities without gates and watchmen. It seems as if our (the western) concept of private/privacy dissolves and dilutes itself and is re-imagined these days in multiple ways. Where does this leave us, and our future lives on a planet co-inhabited by humans with seemingly conflicting understandings of the public and the private? I totally believe in my personal, my private persona, but when and where is this a basic human right for everybody and when is it plain selfishness corrupting life for all fellow human beings? And how far are we willing to take our quest? Against a backdrop of this globalized privacy paradox, Framewalk/ Dßsseldorf – the poly-private - started to investigate these themes. The work of the artists involved, culminated in a collection of personal narratives on the poly-private that were articulated through dance, music and theatre. By sharing its findings with the public, Framewalk transformed the poly-private into a poly-public experience. This in itself was a powerful act resulting in a shared artistic counter-activism in a time of crisis and alienation. Framewalk fostered personal and collective artistic research, bouncing back and forth between the participants/individuals from Ghana and Germany and their various artistic grammars and languages – digging to uncover the essence of what the most private means to each and everyone. Framewalk is always in search of what brings us together, the common ground for what we mutually share. And, based on this, provides a space where we can all be free to animate our personal and private selves. Petra Kron

The Poly –  Private »private« definition

belonging to/or/ for the use of one particular person / group of people From only

late 14th century, »privatus«: pertaining or belonging to oneself, not shared, individual; not open to the public.

When something is private to a person, it usually means that something is inherently special or sensitive to them. But to what extent will one consider anything private in this virtual globalized world? The term privacy paradox* refers to the nowadays ambiguous boundary between private and public space on social media. *Susan B. Barnes Is privacy in opposition to community or is privacy a prerequisite of a happy community? Hence in some countries individual privacy may conflict with freedom of speech laws and some laws may require public disclosure of information which would be considered private in other countries and cultures. The private is a multi-facetted, complex concept, that in its layout or as a metaphor can transcend the self and society even beyond sovereignty. Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights guarantees the right to respect for one's private and family life one's home and correspondence.

What is private to you Question and of why? Day One

Thoughts in my head, its silence is the reason people still smile at me. Akambo Private is setting a frame to be completely myself. Vanessa Family, they make me happy and bring out Meditation, the only moment I am able to the energy in me. Bannerman communicate with my inner person. Seyram Spending time alone, to receive more energy My space, I hate that people have an opinion to heal myself. Roanito about how I should live my life and I don’t always appreciate it. Evelyn It’s something I own, it’s part of my existence. Gerret My tears, I hate to put them on others or have them see it. Samira My bank account, every cent belongs to me and I worked hard for it. Aaron Moments, I can’t think of anything to think about. Maxime My space, it allows me to create and feel peaceful even in the mist of a crowd. Wonder My upbringing, sensitive moments that make me vulnerable. Alfred My nightmares, I remember most of them, but I wouldn’t know how to explain them and Moments, those small fleeting seconds I don’t want to. Manuela viewed from an angle only I can see. This is un-shareable. Teya Personal delicate issues, I can’t have anyone know, it makes me feel naked and exposed. Joel My mind’s diary, it allows me to take in and take out whenever I chose to. Angelina My inner space, it allows me to know who I am and how to express myself with others. The dirt under my sofa and bed, it’s a bit Sena embarrassing but private to me. Marie Lena Faith and sexuality, staying open minded is My thinking, it possesses my thoughts and difficult however as an activist and artist, love actions. Samera is primary and moving out of my own struggles to appreciate another’s truth, my truth is what My tradition, I have a responsibility to promakes my cause. Ato tect it. Bokorvi Family and Friends, I work to keep their trust for their trust is very important to me. Benji

You can see a thousand pictures of me You can spill my cup of tee cross the street when the lights are red but you can't clean under my bed Near is fine but far is better In the end me myself and I choose whatever you see of me but don't know nothing, believe I love you Cindy So take my kidney You make me feel guilty and I don't like feeling guilty so I work at KFC So when killing chickens they can't fowl For you I throw my pride towel The first time I saw you I was high it was high at first sight You are the woman of my dreams And I should be the man of your screams If you leave me in my own tears I'll drown Till tomorrow Rihanna's favourite colour remains brown

Clean under my bed

Spoken Word/Poetry

Marie Lena


Private Look no farther, private is here with us If you know what I mean, say private If you know not, say nothing

Private is taking over the self, soul and society My private is invaded, Your private is included Our private is under surge

Listen, private has come to town, making dates keeping none Young and old, polarized Objects and subjects, fantasized The living and the dead, victimized Visible and invisible, commercialized Time and space, criticized Life and love, monopolized And everything upon this earth, privatized Look no farther, private is here to stay Yibor Kojo Yibor, 2018

A daily Journey across the Rhine River into the Poly-private

Poly – private My first experience with Framewalk was as a participant in Framewalk Palestine/ Israel— Germany in the desert of the dead sea and the theme was Myth. My last Framewalk was as an instructor of the drama classes and a leading role in stage managing the final performance. This whole process was made because I have tested the limits of my private circle with no else but the producer and the artist director of this whole project, Petra Kron. Due to an emotional crisis that I have been through I have almost gave up my theatre studies (had one year left) and Petra asked me to write my impression about my participation in framewalk Ghana that year and I decided to open my self and share with her my pain. My private feelings. My weaknesses and fragility. It was a great choice that lead to a greater personal and professional cooperation. That gave me the privilege to reach where I’ve reached today. I came to this Framewalk with one aim, to deliver this feeling to all participants: open up because it is better. I know. Look at me. And with the help of the well-planned production schedule and facilities, I think we succeeded. Morad Hassan,

The concept of a journey is always an adventurous confusion of emotions and uncertainties. My daily journey across the Rhine River created a transition from a known self into an unknown experience waiting at the Kabawil studios. The journey to Framewalk 2018 PolyPrivate came with a number of conceptual, moral and spiritual conversation with self and others. Certain deep questions were asked in our exploration of the topic at hand; questions around self, Identity, public and private space, moments of sharing and selfishness, negativity and positivity, malleability and the in-betweens. The journey through all three disciplines was intriguing as the various groups either consciously or unconsciously came into the space with an element of their experiences in the sessions before. I personally noticed amongst participants that one cannot completely leave an earlier experience behind in an attempt to engage with a new activity. If for anything, that experience is an add-on to a new experience which deals with how we negotiate the poly-private. This year’s showing at the [wa:wa] festival on a ‘cold evening’ was a perfect platform to share a piece of our polyprivate. It was a relaxing and accommodating environment graced with an electrifying performance. The genuine support and diversity of this group made this Framewalk experience one of the best so far. The inclusion of a master class in this year’s Framewalk gave it a totally new and holistic approach. The showing of the explorations in the master class was a perfect icing on top of a Poly-Private cake. Alfred Elikem Kunutsor

… some of us will go a long way to make us global citizens The 2018 Framewalk in Germany happened to have been one of the best sessions hosted by Kabawil. This was not my first Framewalk, but it was a golden opportunity for me to experience it again! This time performing as part of the Kabawil Festival, we were enthusiastic Ghanaian students who joined our German counterparts for 9 days of music making, creating dances and producing drama in the spirit of oneness and respect. Rapport started when we arrived very early in the morning at the airport in Düsseldorf. Much to our surprise, we were picked up by Petra and Melih who were seemingly excited to pick us up! This blissful experience helped me to immediately fathom what to expect in the days to come. My expectations were confirmed during the ‘Meet and Greet’ session, where I was paired with a German dancer and a Ghanaian musician to build connection and chemistry needed amongst participants. Emphatically, there was tremendous inspiration by means of the chosen theme for this year, it dubbed the Poly–Private a metaphorical representation in total performance that touched on the implication of individual and group privacy. This was chosen in view of the current wave of agitations and reforms associated with people’s confidentiality in life.

In totality, the program was very apt and well planned. This ambience created an enabling premise for cordial interaction between instructors and participants. The intensity of the program made us forget about ourselves as individuals, thus allowing us to work as a fortified unit of artists with embodiment of culture, knowledge and diversity. This awareness of inter-culturalism is the beauty of Framewalk, since the beauty of individual uniqueness in promoting a group interest is the key driving force. Interestingly, there were exciting times outside our daily busy schedule. These salient moments were characterized by sharing rather than imposing ideas on people. This gave room for healthy discussions amongst all participants and was evident in the ‘Question of the Day’ session given to us on daily basis. On the whole, ‘Framewalk in Germany’ was exciting and I wish more Ghanaian local and professional artiste will be encouraged in various ways to experience such a profound moment to expand their scope in terms of creativity, creation and style. More so, I hope the numerous talents Kabawil is unearthing in some of us will go a long way to make us global citizens who represent the change we seek for. Meanwhile I pray that through Framewalk, the relationship between Ghana and Germany will be deepened in all aspects. Sena Atsugah

If private Question were a of movement Day Two what movement would it be and why?

Poking one’s head between one’s thigh. It’s uncomfortable for the back while your face is hidden from everything and everyone including your own insecurity. Ato

Spinning, it makes me feel like I am marking my territory or my personal space. Evelyn Back and forth swing, this gentle back and forth swing with my eyes closed keeps me checked and balanced. Seyram Internal rotation of the pelvis, private means personal and internal, hidden and secured. Aaron Leaves, they are all on their own, have their own moves but also form a movement together to project peace. Maxime The Zulu spin, it goes into a circle and again and again into other circles, everything going in circles protects me. Gerret

Keep your name right out your mouth, better tell you twice… Because boy I’m like the pouring rain and lightning strikes threee times If you want to get busy just ding a ling my bell Because baby in my company we’re going to hell Privacy Don't touch my hair just you and me Don't hold my hand Let's get busy Don't think about me In privacy Aaron Don't write me lovesongs Don't call me ‚honey‘ Me nansoa, me nsatea ɛntesɛ wode Don't call my name Bra begyina, mahwehwɛm' Don't say you want me wobehu sɛ yɛnnsɛ Going my own way, Oh, menkukuru menhwease bɛnkoto my own way of doing things wobehu s' ɛyɛ den Not about to stand around and Bra chɔɔke ahwehwɛ wei deɛ ɛyɛ teach you everything, menkoa me de! everything to make you feel alright Ato You think you own me Don't, don't ,don't mind me but I ain't got the time Mind your business, mind your I got a life I'm living business, mind your business Chorus Boy you know I'm only mine Teya

Mind your business


I'm an individual Doing it my way, doing it my way So supernatural On a highway Bridge I love being myself It'ss so spiritual Personally I wanna stay original You can call me selfish I am me, I am power but I’m just particular I am everything you can cover It doesn’t matter if you see it as boredom Put me in a passel But it is my way, I would end up spitting fire you can call it freedom Rap Samera Rap Wonder


Don't mind me, mind your business

Question of If Day Four

A box containing all my inner thoughts. Samira A shrine, it’s the space where the chief priest communicates with the oracles on behalf of the community. Bokorvi Streams, just like birds, streams have their own range in space to flow freely without any hesitations. Evelyn Spaceship, I like to cruise. Akambo

private were a space, how would it look and why?

Stage, it’s a place where most emotions are released and exposed. Samera

An artist studio, people go there to express A box, people hide things in boxes to keep them their talents through artistic means. away from others. Maxime Bannerman Instagram account, it’s a social media space and A borderless field, there is free movement and to me it’s private. Aaron meditation needs this vacuum to operate. Seyram Inside my shoe, it grounds me and helps me to move around in my own space. Roanito Garden full of flowers, nature makes me calm down and leads me to my privacy. Marie Lena Four cold walls of mirrors, there is no escaping of one’s self everywhere I turn. Which is good, as The toilet, it’s a place where I have my tranI become a lot of things as an artist and person quility, think and read. Benji but character comes from remembering who I am. Ato A beach, it’s a place of relief and solitude with a breeze that calms me. Alfred Behind prison bars, it isolates inmates from the outside world. Private space requires no crowd or There is a place and a hole in my heart, where interference. Joel I am protected and there I also keep the people I love. Gerret.

Question of Where Day Five It begins when the umbilical cord was cut from my Mum and ends hmmm I don’t know, may be all this is private. Faraz My room begins and ends on stage, no one sees what happens in my room but when I step on stage I let myself go. Samira It starts with meditation when I wake up and ends with meditation when I have to go to bed, it helps me to be in a good mood. Roanito

does your privateness begin and end and why?

It begins where I own and it ends in public, When I take time for myself and it ends everyone is entitled to act though unknown when I’ve saved enough energy to share violation should be considered. Akambo with others; it is my ritual of rejuvenation. Vanessa

Beginning with my eyes closed and it ends with my eyes open, with my eyes closed I can It’s like a circle, it has no beginning or end. It escape from my physical environment and is why I keep asking myself where does this opening my eyes brings me back to the physilead. Ato cal. Seyram It starts home and ends at home, my family It begins in a moment and ends in the breeds life into my existence. Bannerman moment, those moments when you are alone where no one sees you. Marie Lena It begins when I am lost and ends when I am found, because there are to many doubts In my surrounding it begins and in my mind in the world to remain balanced. Gerret it ends. You think your surrounding defines who you are but at the end of the day you defiWith freedom and it ends when you don’t ne who you are. Maxime have freedom anymore, when you have freedom you can choose to be private. Samera In my pain and it ends in my pain, cause no one truly understands someone else In my subconsciousness and it doesn’t end, sufferings. Manuela cause I believe in growth and dynamics. Sena


Abiodun Odukoya, a singer/songwriter, an arranger and producer of music in Germany and Nigeria. He is a founding member of Brothers Keepers with its persisting statements against racism. With his Band Sidekick he recently released his new album Break Free. Jude Kurankye works as a dancer, choreographer and dance educator for traditional and contemporary West African Dance. He studied dance at the School of Performing Arts of the University of Ghana. He is a member of the Joseph Cie Aka Dance Company.

Alfred Elikem Kunutsor a physical theatre artist, has an MA and BA in Dramatic Arts from the University of the Witwaterstrand South Africa. He taught at the theatre department of the University of Ghana, lectured movement in the Wits school of the Arts and Horácio Macuácua is a dancer and choreograperformed in a wide range of works. pher. He is a founding member of CulturArte, one of the first Contemporary Dance ComVivian Boateng works as a drama teacher panies in Mozambique. Macuacua works as and stage director. She has a BFA in Theatre a dance teacher in the best dance schools of Arts and Dance and a MFA in Theatre Arts Africa, Europe and the Americas. Since 2006 he from the University of Ghana. creates his own works with his Company e.g. Comum, Oca and Canais. Morad Hassan works as an actor and acting coach in Palestine, Israel, Germany and all Kojo Benedict Quaye aka Sir Black is a poet over the World. He studied Art History and and a spoken word performance artist. He is Theatre Studies at the Hebrew University in the founder of TalkFACT3, Ehalakasa Talkparty Jerusalem and acting at Haifa University. the only regular poetry event in Ghana and the Annual Ehalakasa Festival. He is the Kyekyeku, Eugene Oppong Ampadu, a representative Director of Framewalk in Africa musician artist of guitar and vocal sounds, and a board member of Haduwa arts&culture He writes, arranges and produces music. Institute. With his Band 5 days no light off he performs his style of tasty Ghanaian Highlife, Petra Kron is a cultural anthropologist, artistbetween sumptous Folk and West African educator, exploring and creating productions urban Beats. and projects based on her concept of art and belonging, working majorly in trans-cultural Thomas Klein works as a musician and is contexts. She has a Ph.D. (ABD) in Cultural a member of the internationally known Anthropology of Mainz University and a state electronic band Kreidler. He has solo projects board examination from Fine Arts and English like Solyst, fauna and Clyne. He composes for from Düsseldorf University. film and audio productions and he creates artistic sound works in collaboration with visual artists. He does music for theatre plays in Cologne and Düsseldorf.

Performers Aaron Samuel Davis Alfred Bismark Quainoo Angelina Anthony Ato Kwamina Hasford Benjamin Bannerman Benji Mohamed Salah Biggles Sena Atsugah Dariya Maminova Emmanuel Akambo Evelyn Galle Ansah Faraz Baghaei Gabriel Bokorvi Gerret Gabriel Asenso Joel Nyarko Agyei Manuela Hierl Marie Lena Kaiser Maxime Koblinski Roanito Newes Samera Buari Samira Omar Farouk Seyram Dei Teya Leonard Quarmyne Vanessa Lonau Wonder Anibra

Dance: Horacio Macuacua, Jude Kurankye Music: Kyekyeku, Thomas Klein, Abiodun Odukoya Theatre: Vivien Boateng, Morad Hassan, Alfred Kunutsor Organisation: Mr Black, Melih Celik Food: Heribert MĂźnch, Alphonsine Kalala Photography: Foto Schiko, Susanne Diesner Tai Chi: Mark Sackeyfio Concept and Project Management: Petra Kron

KABAWIL e.V., Flurstraße 11, 40235 Düsseldorf T. 0211.9 36 55 00,,; Framewalk – the Crosscultural Week is supported by: Landschaftsverband Rheinland In collaboration with: Haduwa arts & culture Institute Thanks to Alliance Francaise Accra

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