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Question: Take a standpoint within

WEEK founded in 2009, based on relational

this space/location and define what

cross-cultural works in the performing arts

you see, hear and feel?

and in arts in general, researching embodiment and transformation across cultures and traditions

Bharat: I see sky and sea interact

through participation.

as one body, the rock planted and

During framewalk the artists migrate as one

not moved by the sea, I feel

group, from one culture to the other, back

firm and strong like the rock in

and forth as one somatic shape. Listening and

the sea.

communicating, collecting stories being offered along this journey.

Barbara: I see a field full of

Being inbetween, the participating artists need

butterflies, it looks very peaceful;

to call out for each other and recall at the same

like a big happy family that shares

time their individual cultures to rely on. Unveiling


mysteries, finding poetry or follies, being always close enough to connect and distant enough to

Max: Hate, piece and death, con-

still see, ready to give and share their findings,

cerns, ignorance, pretending being

their personal and professional skills, their

someone, kindness or weakness.

visions and their uncertainties, become this one, although temporary, but trusted and solid body.

Samira: Under the shade by the sea


I am guarded by the nature, the sea. I see, I hear the waves and birds and feel natural with the wind blowing against my body. Bella N: I hear the sea and feel nature’s beautiful orchestration of sounds.


Bella O: I see beautiful cumulus

Walking on words. // Singing through

clouds, palm trees swaying as if

movement. // Acting in focus and love. //

the sound of the sea is music.

You gotta stretch to reach…

I feel at peace and warm in this

Reconnoitre boundaries, inner and outer

gorgeous equation.

limitations. // Exploring, probing peripheries around and within. // Ready to trespass these,

Kelvin: I see humans competing with

our personal margins. // You gotta stretch to

nature to survive and the struggle


gives me healing.

Major focus on sound, rhythm and music. // You gotta stretch to reach…

Daniela: At this moment the only

Respecting where we were physically at this very

thing I see is the beautiful ocean

moment in time. // You gotta stretch to reach…

with its sweet melody and cool

Shooting a video clip of one of our songs. //

breeze around giving me the inter-

You gotta stretch to reach…

nal peace I always yearn for.

Apam. // The community, its historical gravity and its people living from the sea. // You gotta

Dariya: From this point I see stars.

stretch to reach ...

I hear the sea and I feel love.

Dedicating this short film to Haduwa Arts & Culture Institute. // To artists and their spirits.

Dadie: I see the endless tip of the

You gotta stretch to reach…

sea, hear the clap of leaves and

Growing, evolving, flowering out as artist and

feel the coolest sunray under my

person. // You gotta stretch to reach…


Cherishing each others forthcoming presence. Anita: I hear the wind and the

Serendipity. Framewalk Düsseldorf, Accra, Apam 2014

waves, but also the leaves as I see

to me.

them flying in the air. I feel the

Petra Kron

same air tickling my face.


Awere: I sit under the coconut

going down // magic voices // flying around

tree, watching the sea, hearing the

spaces here // places there // subtle tunes everywhere connecting, trans-muting, present’n‘past

smooth tides with nature‘s accompanying natural ambience. The sea breeze moving around me, making me feel peace in my soul.

filling the spots in-between feeling sorrows n pains // also happiness n gains

Angelina: I saw a lot of happy kids. I hear a lot of different

being really close n incredibly far // inside out

voices somewhere angry, shouting or

of a glass jar // shouldn’t we all be at par

laughing. I feel like being pulled

here at last, all at one // no matter who and where we are we’re not far // nor too close // from the truth given the times and space // magic and voices the pace and places // roots and rhythm

into their ordinary day. Ronaldo: I see the sea and coconut trees. I hear music all over, producing multi percussion sounds. I feel so excited and lively.

the here and there // the why and why not

Felix: I see a beautiful sight for

subtle tunes everywhere

relaxation, hearing nothing but

say no more// going up SILVER N GOLD

thunderous waves, feeling like new discovery. Justina: I smell the sea in front of me, I can hear the wind blow and feel it on my skin, it gives me a good feeling, a feeling of joy and

Collabo: hisblackness/hisrapetness


THE TEAM PETRA KRON works as cultural anthropologist and as performing artist for productions and projects. She does production management for various programs and plays in Germany and abroad, working majorly in crosscultural contexts. She developped a concept for relational cultural works. She designs and instantiates art programs like Framewalk and Lab dc in collaboration with artists from varying countries, like Japan, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Turkey, Israel, Ethiopia, South Africa and Germany. She’s got a Ph.D. (ABD) in Cultural Anthropology of Mainz University and a state board examination in Fine Arts and English from Düsseldorf University. She constantly teaches, researches and explores her concept of relational cultural works.

Angelica: I see people walking in and out of the cultural center, I hear them cheer and I feel joy. Jude: I see pure energy evaporating from the people around and I feel the hot sun. Benso: I see bamboo around, I feel protected and I hear whispers from the wind. Napoleon: I see the settlement, I feel the wind of freedom and hear the blowing of the sea to the land of Apam. Alex: I see one naked girl in the show, one on the toilet and one


brushing her teeth. I smell water.

is an African living in Ghana. He is a perfor-

I hear chatting. I feel family.

mance artist, painter, sculptor and Ehalakasa (spoken word poetry) instructor. He is the founder of TalkFACT3, Ehalakasa Talkparty the only regular poetry event and the Annual Ehalakasa Festival. Sir Black is very much involved in organizing spoken word poetry events, workshops and projects in schools

and communities in collaboration with local,

Question: Tell us how close and how

international and cultural institutions around

far you are from the sounds around

the country. He is a three-time prize winner in


spoken word poetry (Ehalakasa) including the 2006 Peace FM National Search Competition. THOMAS KLEIN works as a musician and is a member of the internationally known electronic band Kreidler. He has diverse Solo projects like Sølyst, fauna and Clyne.He composes for film and audio productions and he creates artistic sound works in collaboration with visual artists like Mischa Kubal and Dunja Evers. Regularly he does music for theatre plays in Cologne and Düsseldorf.

David: I am standing right in the middle so I am not so far and not so close. Alex: Close enough to get fear far enough to ignore the sound. Luna: I can’t be neither close nor far from the sounds around me cause I can’t escape them, sound is everywhere even your heart sounds.

ABIODUN ODUKOYA is a singer/songwriter and works as arranger and producer of music.

Angelina: Close enough to hear them

He is a pioneer of the HipHop and afro/

far away to see who is creating it

reggae/soul scene in Germany since the 90’s.

and for what reason.

In addition to his Solo career he promotes and produces young musical talents in Nigeria

Awere: Like the air I breathe I

and Germany. He is a founding member of

am closer to smooth movement of

Brothers Keepers, with its persisting statements

the wind and the imaginary smooth

against racism. He collaborated with Maceo

melodies. But I bury myself from

Parker, UB40, Gregory Isaacs and Xavier


Naidoo. Abiodun is an experienced teacher for voice, singing, rap and spoken word.

Daniela: When sound is far away I bring it close, closer to my soul.

KYEKYEKU has worked on several artistic

Napoleon: Listening to music every-

projects connected with sound and music for

day makes me close to popular tunes

short movies, theatre, poetry and performance

around me, but the sweet melodies

in general. He writes, arranges and produces

of nature such as birds chirping

music. A lively performer whose music

and the sounds of the sea waves are

and performances cut through a cross-section

sounds farthest from me.

of music and performance styles heavily influenced by the acoustic guitar with a tasty

Benso: The sound around me is

Ghanaian Highlife music yet exploring a mix


classical, Flamenco Jazz and Brazilian guitar styles and sounds in his music. FRANK FERGUSON LAING works as assistant lecturer in the Department of Music, School of Performing Arts, Legon. He holds a Diploma in General Music, a Bachelor of Music and a Master of Philosophy in Music. He teaches orchestration, harmony and counterpoint. He is the head of the departments‘ Choral Ensemble and the co-director of the University’s Jubilee Choir. As a Director of Music he is in charge of the St. Anthony‘s Choral Group. KOFIE ANTHONIO is currently an assistant

Max: Sound of music in the corner, talking people around, music of life everywhere on a second level, sound of home in my head but far away, I can not hear you. Felix: I found myself at the very center of the sounds around me because they are usual. Dadie: I am the lost echo close enough to get fear, far enough to ignore the sound.

lecturer at the Dept of Dance Studies at the School of Performing Arts of the University of

Bharat: I am an Ogre of sounds.

Ghana. He holds an MFA degree in the


Theater Arts (Dance) from the University of

the earth, as close as the ray of

Ghana. His special area is video technology

sun is to my skin.

As far as the sun is from

as a teaching tool in dance. He is a choreo-

Bella N: As close as a guitar

grapher and performer and he loves to share

string to a fretboard and as far

to teach and he is ready to learn.

as a xylophone to its beater.

ALFRED ELIKEM KUNUTSOR is a tutor in performance studies in the Department of Theatre Arts at the University Of Ghana, Legon. He has an MA and BA in Dramatic Arts from the University of the Witwatersrand South Africa. He believes in collaborations between forms and mediums, genre and people; artists and non artists alike. He practiced from design to acting, from dance to music and he ran performance/ physical theatre workshops in Germany, South Africa and Mexico. He lectured movement in the Wits school of the Arts and performed. He was the artistic director for the Sankofa Afro-Indigenous fusion band in South Africa.

Bella O: I am the shore and the sounds are like waves, they come swiftly and disappear, leaving me with inspiration for my personal melodies. Samira: It’s as close as the blood in my veins which gives me life and as far as the earth I walk on. Eric: As close as the lash to the eye but as far as the eye to the mouth.

MORAD HASSAN is an actor and an acting

Angelica: I am close to the sounds

coach. He studied Art History and Theatre

around me like the teeth and the

Studies at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem

tongue but very far like the sky

and Acting at the University of Haifa, Israel.

and the earth.

He worked as stage director for Framewalk on Tour and as artist instructor and coach for

Dariya: I am a composer. Everything

Kabawil’s productions King Ed and food-

has a sound and I hear it but my

4brain18. He took part in different plays and

soul has one special sound and I

movies in Israel and Palestine, as in New

try always to hear this poliphony –

World Order and Harold Pinter.

my sound with the sound around me.

Song: Woya woya eii eeeeeii

around // Faces with smiles

sun rise // Far away from the

(let’s go)// Bani Bani woshw3

Leave your past behind // Never

hustles of this life // No hide n

(come and let’s play)

loose your mind // Drown your

seek // With a candle light dinner

sorrows // In the sea

// I will massage your feet // We

Follow me in on my rollercoaster Welcome into the land of open freedom // Freedom is mine //

Woya woya eii eeeeeii // Bani Bani WOSHW3

gonna be alone // Like Adam n Eve // A moment in life // For jus U n Me // You don’t need to be rich //

Got a pocket full of sunshine //

One place, one space, one date

You got to stretch to reach // A

It’s a new day // It’s a new dawn

One you, one me // Just for the

pocket full of sunshine is all you

weekend // Two days, one way,

need // You don’t need to be rich

I pay // What do you say, please

// You gotta stretch to reach //

Woya woya eii eeeeeii // Bani Bani woshw3

girl, // Make U know, pretend

A pocket full of sunshine is all

In the castle // Where things are

It’s gonna be fun // One hell of

you need

changing // Everything comes to

a kind // From dusk till dawn //

light // Dreams become reality

Our love gonna shine // On the

Y33ko Y33ko // Woya woya eii

I see faces, I see faces // All

beach at night // We gone see de

eeeeeii // Bani Bani woshw3


Ronaldo: I’m so close to softer

Angelica Kankam // Joseph Pieterson

sounds because it gives me inspi-

Justina Adwoa Adu // Jude A. Kurankyi

ration and the more polyphonic it

David Mendez // Bella Obiago

is, the more I get creative, but

Angelina Anthony // Ernest Owusu Poku

I always move away from piercing

Dariya Maminova // Seth Klutse

and aggressive sounds because it

Mr Maximilian Mersch // Nii Amu Solomon

destroys and disturbs my focus.

Clara Luna Deina // Anita Dufie Barbara Gyasi // Kelvin Goodnews Apeti

Barbara: As close as my ear can

Samira Omar Farouk // Alexandra Lukas

hear and as far as my sight cannot

Mr Bharat Bhaskar // Ms Daniella Attipoe


Napoleon Mensah // Isabella Narh Felix Tetteh // Eric Pankow // Eric Awere ARTISTIC DIRECTOR Petra Kron

Kelvin: The vibration of rythm makes me feel closer while total silence makes me feel far from sounds.

COORDINATION IN SITU Kojo Benedict Quaye aka Mr Black

INSTRUCTORS Music: Thomas Klein // Abiodun Odukoya Eugene Oppong Ampadu // Frank Laing Dance/Theatre: Kofi Antonio // Alfred Elikem Kunutsor // Morad Hassan Video Clip: Till Arne Vormstein Documentary/Making of: Arne Flekstad KABAWIL e.V. // School of Performing Arts, Legon, University of Ghana // Haduwa Arts & Culture Institute, Apam

Justina: Sounds are everywhere, we have the sound that comes from the outside and we have the inner sound. But mostly I do notice the sound that is able to touch my inner sound.


Question: If you were a space, how,

09:00 – 16:30 3 Workshops

when and where do you want to be



Showing of the Day/Team

DAY THREE 09:30 – 14:00 Workshops Music/Musicians;

Dance/Dancers; Drama/Actors

15:00 – 16:30 Round Up 16:30 – 17:30 Final Presentation Songs Alliance Francaise Live in Accra Jazz Festival

Napoleon: I would like to be used for growing trees and be in temples and be used every night. Till: I am a void of dark matter. On the day of cosmic changes I will


provide the necessary madness

09:00 Departure to Apam to Abok’s Place

to rearrange the atmosphere in an

Video shoot at Apam Castle, Fort Patience

attempt of new balance.

Courtesy Call to Nana Effrim X, Chief of Apam DAY FIVE 08:00 Warm Up // Courtesy Call to the Chief of Fishermen // Video shoot of flashmob at fishermen’s beach // Video shoot at Haduwa Arts & Culture Institute DAY SIX 16:00 Public performance at the SPA at Jean Nelson’s Hall forecourt

Angelica: I will be a dance floor in my native land, when there is a full moon. Seth: I want to be within my limit and ability, using my will to bring out what is in me and add up to my possibilities only when needed. Luna: I would like to be used as a


place where I let my thought go and

13:00 Finalising and rounding up

fly with my mind to my own paradise,

Lunch at Guest Centre Bungalow 20:00 Bye Bye Ghana

anytime in a little glass.


Jude: I would want to be used like

The frame within which this year’s Framewalk

time in the mind very early in the

was put in, was a frame to open several oppor-


tunities and rooted selfs, geographical, genre, cultural and societal dynamics. This journey as

Angelina: I like to be used kindly

it is characteristic of every Framewalk begun

at midnight, where the sun shines.

with very little knowledge of what is to be. The ability to not know the details of what is ahead

Dadie: Like a stream not too far

for me gives room for wonderful things to

from where life is, so I can be felt

happen through the accidentals and the living

every hour during the day.

within, through, around and with the moments that presents themselves. These moments are

Samira: I like to be used by people

the driving force for me.

who appreciate me where I am appre-

Not knowing how the indigenes of Apam will

ciated and when am appreciated.

respond to us at the beach gave me something to look forward to and an experience to cherish

Felix: I would want to be used at

for a long time. I engaged with sound, rhythm

all times by creative people to

and movement in ways that dramatized the core

put smiles on the faces of thousand

of our existence. The ocean gave a wonderful

as they fly and move within me.

backdrop upon which this epic drama unfolded. It sang songs that I had never heard before. It

Bella N: I will be a football filled

made us move in ways that seem common but

with the laughter and screams of

yet uncommon. The sun smiled on us with beauty

fans only but for a moment.

and elegance. The interconnectivity of space and place rooted

Justina: To be used as a place

the end product of what this intercultural ex-

where I can be myself, be free and

perience was aimed at attaining for all partici-

where to experience happiness and

pants. We used different spaces for generating


and creating materials for the video shoot.

David: A big stage, lights go off

Translating what was created in these different

and come on and the dancers start

spaces to a place (Apam) arose a new ex-

to jump.

perience all together. Within this place, were historically rich spaces that had its own story to

Eric: I will be a formless shape

tell. We went there with ideas of our story and

for the orchestration of a grass-

together with the opportunities made available

hopper ballet.

by these spaces, we told a joint story of what we are; who we are and where we are. These

Benso: In the bed room at night and

stories I believe linger on in our minds and


forges ahead with the prospects that exists in the future. These prospects I believe are bright

Bella O: I would be many spaces,

as it is evident in my experience on the Haduwa

from the beach to a meadow to a lit

site during the performance for the shoot.

street at sunrise and at sunset be

Seeing the product we managed to come up with

it passionately and yet softly.

in the space gives me a voice to say “ba ni ba ni wohw3�.

Mr K.

Dariya: I want to be one super beautiful universal instrument for music and people can play me and compose music with me. Ronaldo: I would be a quiet room, to be walked into when restless and weak so you can have rest.

KABAWIL E.V. Flurstraße 11, 40235 Düsseldorf T. 0211.9 36 55 00, www.kabawil.de info@kabawil.de, www.framewalk.de follow or join on facebook. FRAMEWALK – THE CROSSCULTURAL WEEK IS SUPPORTED BY: Landschaftsverband Rheinland Project Partner: University of Ghana, the School of Performing Arts, Accra; Haduwa Arts & Culture Institure

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