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Callum Oberholzer 38 Edgecliff Dr • Kloof, Durban • 3610 CELL 076 196 4113 • E-MAIL

Looking for 2 month end of year internship 2012, and thereafter. Currently completing final year in Multimedia and Design, Vega College, Durban. PROFILE

Web Manager and Graphic Designer, at Orobianco Distributors Started Digital Chefs, a digital front representing collaborative freelancers and artists. Freelancer, I have 3 websites online that I have designed and created individually, along with another that I manage and make adjustments to. Photography work for niche’ design agency, Durban (Durban July fashion). Various logo designs. Voice recording for Highveld 94.7 and Radio Jacaranda advert. Other than that, learnt the trades of Bartending, Watering and Pizza delivery! Wasn’t great at those, but character building.


BA in Creative Brand Communications Vega School of Branding, Durban Graduating in 2013 Howick Highschool 2009 Matric Subjects – Maths Core – EGD/Technical Drawing – Physics – Geography. Loved English, Afrikaans = Average.


Multimedia Adobe Dreamweaver (Html, JQuery, and basic PHP code) Adobe After Effects Adobe Premier Adobe Flash Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator MailChimp Basic 3D Animation (Blender) Photography, Videography, All Social media, Google services i.e Google Drive, Ad Words and Analytics


Web Manager and Designer at Orobianco Started working part time at the beginning of this year (2012) doing all the graphic design and managing their Mailchimp account, and then got promoted to managing their website and social media accounts as well as handling any technical or media related difficulties. Digital Chefs I started Branding my freelancing identity as The Digital Chef. This progressed into Digital Chefs as I wanted others to get on board to create a digital front which could represent an initial core group of free lancers and artists who collaborate together on projects. I started off with a blog to display individual work of the freelancers which ranged from video to web and everything in between. A proper description of the Brand is available at

Internship I am graduating at the end of 2012 from Vega School of Branding, and am looking for at least two months of internship from October to the end of November.

Character Information Good leadership skills, charismatic, love idea generation, enjoy being able to interact with people in the workplace, tend to zone out when I’m in my own world and working on a piece. I love Jesus, and everyone else in this world (I’ll still accept a beer if you offer me;). I enjoy a good laugh, am a little clumsy every now and then, but if your environment is creative, I’ll fit right in. I’m strategic and decisive in my thinking. My end goal is to run my own non-profit driven organisation one day.

My Portfolio Photography


Webdesign 38 Edgecliff Dr •Kloof, Durban • 3610 • CELL 076 196 4113 • E-MAIL