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Xaflad lagu taageerayay ra’iisul wasaaraha cusub ee Soomaaliya, Cabdiweli Shiikh Axmed

Cilmigan Falagga oo ah cilmi aad u weyn ayaa waxaa la yiraahdaa waa cilmigii ugu horeeyay ee ay binu aadamku bartaan.

Within a year, I lost my eyesight. It was tough and difficult to accept at first; it was very hard for me to cope with the loss.

“With our kind of autism, you can’t miss it with a 10-foot pole. Anyone can diagnosis it” in Somali children.”

Minneapolis mosque damaged in Cedar-Riverside fire seeks a home By: MATT MCKINNEY , Star Tribune Displaced by the New Year’s Day explosion and fire in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood of Minneapolis that killed three people, members of the adjacent Dar AlHijrah mosque have spent the past week searching for a temporary home, so far without success. Their building at 504 Cedar Av. S. survived the fire that destroyed the adjacent building, a streetlevel grocery store with apartments upstairs, but severe water damage left it unusable, perhaps for months, Abdisalam Adam, director at the

Dar Al-Hijrah Cultural Center, said Coyle Center of Pillsbury United Thursday. Communities, a cultural hub of the neighborhood. About 300 people pray at the mosque, considered the state’s first Somali- At least 14 people were injured in the fire, including several who American mosque. jumped from second- and third-story Several churches stepped forward in windows to escape the blaze. the days after the explosion to offer temporary space to the mosque and The cause remains under investigation, its cultural programs; so far those said Chuck Brynteson, Minneapolis churches are too far away or don’t Fire Department assistant chief. have enough space. A spokeswoman for CenterPoint Mosque officials said they will hold Energy said last week that a prayers Friday at the nearby Brian preliminary analysis detected no

leaks in the utility’s gas network; she has since directed questions to the Fire Department.

grocery were found in the rubble. A third man died Jan. 3 of injuries sustained in the fire and explosion.

A witness reported smelling gas before the explosion, Fire Chief John Mosque officials looked at one church, Fruetel said at a news conference just Trinity Lutheran Congregation on after the fire. Riverside Avenue, and at space at nearby Augsburg College, Trinity Other survivors, including two who pastor Jane Buckley-Farlee said. spoke to the Star Tribune from their hospital beds, said they did not smell “They are hoping to find a place close natural gas before the blast. by where all of their programming could be in one location, but that The bodies of two men who lived might not be possible in... in the apartments above the Otanga read more at page 03

Dhaar taariikhi ah oo ka dhacday magaalada Minneapolis

Minnesota House Seat 60B is no Minneapolis City Council Ward 6

Qoray: Ilyas maow, Mogadishu Times

By: Jamal Abdulahi, MinnPost

Abdi Warsame ayaa shalay loo dhaariyay in uu ka mid noqdo xubin ka mid ah gudiga golaha magaalada Minneapolis. Wuxuu noqday ninkii ugu horeeyay ee Soomaali ah oo ku guuleysta loona dhaariyo xafiiskii

ugu sareeyay Mareykanka.

intooda badan waxay u yimaadeen oo ay ahaayeen taageerayaasha Abdi Abdi Warsame wuxuu dhaarta usoo Warsame. qaatay shaal iyo koofi baraawe, taasoo uu ku muujinayay dhaqanka uu Soomaali badan ayaa kasoo qeyb kasoo jeedo ee Soomaalida. Mar aan gashay dhaarta taariikhiga ah. wax ka weydiiyay arintaas ayuu yiri Waxaa lasoo buux dhaafiyay goobtii “ waxaan rabaa in ay dhalinyarada ay dhaarta ka dhacaysay waqti ay ogaadaan iyaga oo wata dhaqankooda hawada ahayd -44, televisionada iyo diintooda haddana ay wax ka iyo raadiyeyaashana ay digniin badan ka baxaysay. Waxaa kale noqon karaan halkan.” oo lala dhaariyay Abdi Warsame, Waxaa kasoo qeyb galay madax duqda magaalada Minneapolis Betsy badan oo Mareykan ah, culumo, Hodges iyo lix qof oo kale oo loo soo aqoonyahano, arday iyo qeybaha doortay in ay xubin ka noqdaan... kala duwan ee bulshada. Dadka booga 03

Mohamud Noor and Rep. Phyllis Kahn will be competing for Minnesota House Seat 60B in November. The similarities end there.

©Mary Hanson Photography, 2011

Minnesota. He is required by federal statue to resign from his state job after announcing his intentions for partisan office. He is the current interim executive director of the The two are different candidates Confederation of Somali Community. in all other aspects. Kahn, 76, is a Noor ran for the Senate in the same veteran of Minnesota politics with district and narrowly lost. He has more than 40 years of experience. been recently appointed to fill the She has beaten other challengers in school-board vacancy caused by the past. She won 77 percent of the an unexpected death of Hussein votes in the last election. Samatar. The challenges each must overcome to prevail in November Noor, 36, has held various government are immense — and differ as much jobs, including an information- as their backgrounds... management position with the state of page 11

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Wararka Gudaha / Local News

Vol. 1 Ed. 1

Dhaar taariikhi ah oo ka dhacday magaalada Minneapolis

Minnesota House Seat 60B is no Minneapolis City Council Ward 6 from page 1

from page 1

The district includes Cedar Riverside,

priorities. The core constituencies

train Somali- speaking teachers, not caucuses and there is no visible

parts of southeast and northeast, as

have different priorities among

Phyllis Kahn. Rep. Diane Loeffler organizational infrastructure to get started. Noor has yet to provide a

since speculation of his running

well as the University of Minnesota themselves.

from a neighboring district in the

delegates to the convention and

clear response to these critics.

main campus. The core constituencies

north had been more engaged in

perhaps effectively end the race.

Battle could go beyond convention

are seniors, Somalis and students, in

A chief complaint among students at efforts to promote adult mental health

no particular order.

the University of Minnesota has been

and children’s autism as part of larger Some of Noor’s ardent supporters and probably won’t pledge support

Others in DFL circles are hesitant

rising tuition cost. It was a problem

effort to build a healthier community. from the last campaign have not come until the endorsement convention

Phyllis Kahn established a reputation

when I was student, and it continues

out in support, suggesting a lack of because of concerns over his decision

as an avid supporter of the arts and

to be one. The campus community

Kahn points to unparalleled seniority

enthusiasm in the current campaign. to pursue the vacant school-board

has a reformist mindset toward the is on edge over increasing security

and early support of Abdi Warsame

It remains to be seen how some of

gambling industry as a legislator. incidents. Kahn has presented no

for Minneapolis City Council but the unions — such as MAPE that milestone-driven strategy.

specific plan in her role as legislator

recent legislative deliverables of

represents state employees, the

to address student priorities.

the role speak louder and clearer

Minneapolis Teachers Federation

Waxaa kale oo lala dhaariyay

seat. The concern here is lack of

The battle between Mohamud Noor

to constituencies than political and other core DFL groups like Take and Phyllis Kahn could go beyond the

Abdi Warsame, duqda magaalada

Seniors in the district struggle with mechanics.

Minneapolis Betsy Hodges iyo lix

housing. For example, Somali senior

qof oo kale oo loo soo doortay in

citizens in Cedar Riverside receive

ay xubin ka noqdaan gudiga golaha

rental support from the Minneapolis Noor has challenges of his own

Minneapolis. Xaflada dhaarta waxay

Public Housing Authority. They despite great turnout from the

Ultimately one of them will prevail.

ku dhacday jawi fiican. Waxaa goobta

have been complaining about a Somali community at the announcing

Mohamud Noor prevailing would

dhambaal tacsi ah looga diray dadkii

pesky policy that prevents them from

event. Harvesting sufficient votes,

add momentum to the rising political

ay eheladoodu uga dhinteen ama

having an extended leave to visit their

organizational challenges and

stock of the Somali community, while

uga dhaawacmeen dabkii ka dhacay

relatives in Africa. Rep. Karen Clark

resources top the list.

Phyllis Kahn prevailing would dash

xaafada Cedar oo ah meeshii laga

from neighboring district in the south

the feeling in the Somali community

soo doortay Abdi Warsame. Gabayo Rep. Phyllis Kahn

was making inquiries on their behalf, First and foremost, Minnesota

of being in the zone.

Ingiriis ah oo lagu dhiira gelinayay She played a leading role in the

not Phyllis Kahn, in the 2013 session. House Seat 60B is no Minneapolis

mas’uuliyiinta cusub ayaa goobta Legacy Amendment, which included

City Council Ward 6, where a

Jamal Abdulahi is a state director with

laga tiriyay.

concentrated Somali vote made an

Minnesota’s Democratic Farmer-Labor

fund arts, heritage and preservation two critical issues of K-12 education enormous difference in Warsame’s

Party (DFL) and chairs the Somali

allocating part of the state sales tax to Kahn had been absent in the other

Markii ay dhaarta dhamaatay waxaa projects. She was been a leading voice

Action — deploy their resources.

endorsement convention. It could be a drawn-out fight with or without an

Noor’s challenges


and health care for the Somali

victory over an incumbent who held

markiiba u bilawday shaqada. Waxaa in the debate to put a casino at the community. When a group of Somali

the seat 12 years. Noor must appeal

la doortay madaxweynaha golaha iyo Minneapolis-St. Paul International

community leaders came to the

to the majority community en masse Mohamud Noor has been unfairly

School of Public Affairs, University

ku xigeenkiisa.

Capitol with secondary-education

or stitch together a coalition to make

of Minnesota. He focuses on political


concerns during the 2013 session, up for the difference. Abdi Warsame wuxuu gudoomiye u The core constituencies

yahay gudiyo badan oo muhiim ah.

addresses core constituencies’

the charge to expand Collaborative

Caucus of the DFL. He is currently a policy fellow at the Humphrey

attacked by critics for advocating

against the amendment to ban same- development of New Americans. He

Rep. Jim Davnie from another

gender marriage in Minnesota. can be reached at Abdu0037@umn.

yahay gudiga canshuuraha ee golaha. Although these are important issues neighboring district in the south led N o o r Wuxuu kaloo uu xubin firfircoon ka for the state, neither of them directly

Jamal Abdulahi




organizational challenges. There

Critics have lit-dropped at mosques edu. He can also be followed @fuguni. during Friday prayers attacking him.

Urban Education Program (CUE) to are less than 60 days before precinct Facebook battles have been raging

How Minneapolis’ Somali immigrants are keeping their artistic traditions alive By: Alexandra N. Katz, MinnPost The




know about their culture of origin.”

to settle in Minneapolis.

Minneapolis experienced a lot of In addition, the museum gives firsts in 2013. Abdi Warsame was

are storytelling (which revolves around music and poetry), weaving,

Minneapolis’ large Somali immigrant

“Here is the right place,” Ali says,

pottery and woodcarving. Many of

community — some estimates put the

beaming, as he stands in the doorway

these arts, and their artifacts, are

population at more than 75,000 — a of his museum. Minneapolis’ strong represented in the Somali Artifact viable presence and a voice.

Somali community provided his

and Cultural Museum. One art that

family with an instant sense of isn’t in the museum, but can be found The museum is also a portal through belonging. In 2009, Ali returned in Minneapolis’ “Somali malls,” is to Somalia for the first time since

henna. While more than 100 Somali

the cultural and social relevance of leaving and gained a new perspective

henna artists call Minnesota home,

elected to the City Council and took Somali art and artifacts, and explore on the everyday objects of the

none may be as well known, or as

office in December. Barkhad Abdi and teach Somali traditions — country’s nomadic people.

sought after, as Sabrina Seyf.

Henna artist Sabrina Seyf at work in Suugda Karmel.

which Ali can expose Minnesotans to

earned Oscar buzz, in his inaugural whether or not visitors are of African

Seyf’s intricate designs — which feature tiny flowers, circles, and dots — are coveted for their drama and elegance.

“Henna is the Somali version of a

acting and film role as a pirate in heritage. And the museum doesn’t He noticed more people were

Visiting Suugda Karmel on 29th

“Captain Phillips,” for going head to

exist within a vacuum. The growing migrating to modern metropolises

and Pillsbury, Minneapolis’ largest

get tattooed for their wedding days.

manicure and pedicure,” Seyf says,

head with Tom Hanks. And Osman

Somali immigrant community has and enjoying the conveniences of city

Somali mall, is like stepping into

While henna is traditionally for

laughing. “We get it done all the

Ali founded the first Somali art transformed the Twin Cities into an living. Consequently, the creation

a Mogadishu street market. Long

brides, and done at women’s parties, time.” Somali women stick to feet,

museum in North America in the

area rich with 3,500 Somali-owned of their traditional art and artifacts

narrow hallways are lined with henna fanatics find any excuse to

Plaza Verde building at 1516 E. Lake

businesses, which offer traditions was declining. Ali began collecting clothing shops and cafés. Stall

have Seyf embellish their bodies with women are also embracing henna, and


from authentic cuisine to the ancient,

her creations.

anything he could get his hands on, number 110 is draped, floor to

hands and arms. But non-Somali during the summer months ask for

artistic form of expression known in an effort to sustain remnants of the

ceiling, in jewel-toned kaftans. The

The Somali Artifact and Cultural

as henna. For Somali artists, Ali

dresses’ crystal-encrusted necklines A fourth-generation henna artist, or backs. Seyf attributes the increase

Museum is a 700-piece collection

says, the desire to create “runs in

quickly disappearing culture.

designs that may appear on their legs

gleam against the black-painted

Seyf was born and raised in

in non-Somali clients to their interest

amassed by Ali, who owns Sanaag the blood.”

The desire to collect and preserve walls. Behind those walls is the henna

Minneapolis. She grew up watching

in the culture, but her reputation and

Coffee and Restaurant and is a Somali

aspects of his culture “is something studio.

her grandmother and mother henna style are her own doing.

in my blood,” he says. “I see that the

their clients in the family home.

community leader. The collection

Preserving a disappearing

encompasses a wide range of objects


Pride and preservation

Seven years ago, the women realized

that document Somalia’s traditional Since gaining independence from

their clientele had grown too large

Like Ali, Seyf takes tremendous pride

nomadic way of life: camel bells

Great Britain in 1960, Somalia has

to accommodate at home. So they

in the traditional arts of Somalia and

and woven milk “jars,” drums and

been attempting to unify its five

opened the studio in Suugda Karmel sustaining their existence for future

clothing, jewelry and spears, vessels sections as represented on its flag

and Seyf tattooed her first Somali generations. Plans are already in

and prayer mats.


by a five-pointed star. After civil

place for Ali to expand his museum,

war broke out in 1991, about 30,000

in order to include a life-size replica

Mogadishu was formerly home to Somalis fled to the United States.

“When it comes to other arts, I can’t of a nomadic hut. Soon, he and co-

the world’s only Somali cultural One third of that population currently

draw at all,” she says. “But with founder Sarah Larsson will offer

resides in Minnesota. In the past two

henna, the designs just come to me. classes in Somali poetry, weaving,

museum. But over the past two

decades, the museum’s contents decades, according to the 2011 U.S. have been scattered across the

Census, the community has doubled

Courtesy of the Somali Artifact and Cultural Museum

art is something that the ancestors

engaged in civil war, with many

used as a way to survive, the art gave space as women chatter and wave rooted in India, Africa and the Middle Only by chance did Ali and his

dancing and language. Seyf is a new mother and looking forward

world. While the nation has been in size. formerly nomadic citizens moving

Laughter billows from the tiny

I consider myself an artist.”

Henna is a 5,000-year-old tradition to training her daughter as a fifthgeneration henna artist.

them life. You get proud of the art. If arms freshly painted with ornate East. The crushed leaves of the henna

into the cities or living in diaspora, collection end up in the land of you collect it, you keep this history patterns. “Drying is the worst part,” plant are mixed with water to form By keeping their artistic traditions immigrants like Ali have worried that 10,000 lakes. Born in Somalia, Ali for life.”

says Hani Farah, a bride-to-be who an amber-brown or black paste. After

alive, Ali, Seyf and other Somalis

many traditional art forms have been moved with his family to Yemen

drove 10 hours for Seyf’s distinctive

are creating new lives in the Twin

destroyed or vanished.

the mixture reaches a toothpaste-like

while he was young. As an adult, he For Ali, maintaining Somalia’s pictorialization. Seyf’s intricate consistency, Seyf puts the paste into Cities while benefiting and enriching returned to Somalia, but eventually ancestral traditions is in itself a form

designs — which feature tiny flowers, a cone-shaped bag with a slender

the lives of others, and our whole

Ali started compiling the artifacts settled in the United Arab Emirates. of art. “I am an artist also,” he says, circles, and dots — are coveted for opening, squeezes the bag, and community. four years ago after re-visiting his After spending seven years in Dubai, with the museum as his crowning

their drama and elegance.


draws her designs. After drying for

native country. His collection, he

he received a visa by lottery. With his

says, is a platform through which

wife and five children, Ali moved to

Seyf, who is 22, has already developed scraped off, leaving a design that can

30 minutes, the hardened paste is

Somali immigrants “can educate

New York. They later joined family A living art

a cult-like following. Devotees fly in last for two weeks.

younger generations that don’t

members in Houston, but then decided Among Somalia’s artistic traditions from as far away as Atlanta to

Alexandra N. Katz is a Twin Citiesbased freelance writer.


Caalamka / World News

Vol. 1 Ed. 1

Prof. Abdiweli Gaas oo loo doortay madaxweynaha Puntland

Ra’iisul Wasaaraha Soomaaliya oo laga Taageeray Minnesota

Qoray: Ilyas maow, Mogadishu Times

Qoray: Siyaad Siciid Saalax, SomTV

Baarlamaanka dowlad goboleedka

iyo tii labaadba waxay u ekeyd in uu

Madaxweyne Faroole waa aqbalay Xaflad lagu taageerayay ra’iisul

(beene-beene) ayaa ugu horreyn

hadalkeeda ku bilowday duqa cusub

soo dhaweyn iyo mahadcelin ah

ee magaalada Minneapolis, Betsy

mahadceliyay dadkii taageeray. Cabdiweli Shiikh Axmed oo ay ka u jeediyay dadwaynahii kasoo

Hodges, iyadoo dowladda iyo ra’iisul

Puntland ayaa maanta madaxweyne guuleystay Faroole. Qeytii koowaad natiijada cod-bixinta wuxuuna u u doortay Ra’iisal Wasaarihii hore ee

wuxuu Faroole helay 27 halka

Soomaaliya Prof. Abdiweli Mohamed Abdiwelina uu helay 13. Qeybtii

wasaaraha cusub ee Soomaaliya,

Abdiwelina wuxuu u mahadceliyay

qayb galeen shacab aad u fara badan

qaybgalay kulanka iyo waliba intii wasaaraha Soomaaliya u rajeysay

Ali. Waxaa loo doortay in uu shanta labaad Faroole waxaa u codeysay dadkii taageeray iyo kuwii kasoo

ayaa lagu qabtay goobta Minneapolis

soo qaban-qaaabisay xafladda.


sano ee soo socota madaxweyne u 31 xildhibaan halka abdiwelina ay u horjeedayba. Wuxuu balanqaaday

Convention Center ee magaalada

noqdo maamulka Puntland.

Minneapolis ee gobolka Minnesota.

codeysay 18. Markii ay dhamaatay

in uu u sinaan doono dadkoo dhan.

Xildhibaan Keith Ellison waxuu aad

Dadkii Soomaaliyeed ee goobta ka

u soo dhaweeyay Ra’iisul wasaaraha

hadlay waxaa ka mid ahayd Caasho

S o o m a a l i y a Qudbado ay goobta ka jeediyeen cusub ee Soomaaliya, isagoo goobtaa

Abuukar Qaasim una hadashay

labadii qeyb ee ugu horeysay ee Abdiweli wuxuu qeybtii seddexaad

codeynta, taageerayaasha Faroole


ee cod-bixinta ka guuleystay

waxay bilaabeen in ay dabaaldegaan

Xasan Sh. Mohamud iyo Ra’iisal

madax kala duwan sida xildhibaan, ka akhriyay taariikhda C/weli Sheekh kaalinta haweenka, iyadoo mudane

madaxweynihii Puntland Abdiraxman

laakiin talo waxay gacanta ka baxday

Wasaaraha Soomaaliya Abdiweli

Keith Ellison oo laga doorto

oo kooban sida waxbarshadiisa



markii la isugu yimid qeybtii 3aad. Sh. Ahmed ayaa hambalyo u diray

gobolka Minnesota, duqda cusub


Wuxuu Abdiweli helay 33 halka

Abdiweli ayaa qeybta 3aad helay 15 madaxweynaha cusub ee Puntland

ee Minneapolis, Betsy Hodges hay’adahii uu la soo shaqeeayay,




C/weli ka codsatay inuusan illoobin

kale kaalintii dumarka.

madaxweyne Faroolana uu helay cod oo dheeri ah halka uu Faroolana Abdiweli Mohamed Ali.

iyo Maxamuud Nuur oo ah wiil

32. Qeybtii koowaad ee cod-bixinta helay 1 cod oo kaliya.

Soomaaliyeed oo loo doortay xubin leh uu yahay qofkii ay Soomaaliya

bandhigay suugaan kala duwan sida

guddiga waxbarashada Minnapolis u baahnayd.

heeso, gabayo iyo guurow; waxaana

una taagan doorashada baarlamaanka

fanaaniitii heesaha soo bandhigay ka


wuxuuna sheegay in qofka aqoontaas Xafladda ayaa waxaa lagu soo

“Waan iska rabaa farxadda iyo

mid ahaa: Axmed Cali Cigaal, Cabdi

sacabka waayo kursiga duqa

Shire Jooqle, Bashiir Nagara, Xaaji,

Guddoomiyaha guddiga qabanqaabada Minneapolis waxaan ku fadhiyaa illaa

Sahro Cumar Dhuulle, Sahruuji,

xafladda, Maxamuud Cabdiraxmaan T a l l a a d a d i i


a y a y Qalanjo iyo abwaan Tallman.

qorshaha kuma jiro dib u celin qasab ah Xafiiska Qeybta Warbaahinta iyo Xiriirka Bulshada ee Wasaaradda

Prof. Suleymaan Axmed Guuleed oo si weyn loogu soo dhaweeyay Gobolka Minnesota Qoray: Siyaad Siciid Saalax, SomTV

H.E. Fawzia Yusuf “ qorshaha kuma

nool xeryaha ku yaala wadankaasi.

jiro dib u celin qasab ah oo lagu

H.E. Fawzia Yusuf H. Adam ayaa Wasiirka arrimaha dibadda dowladda

H.E. Fawzia Yusuf Haji Adam iyo

sameeynayo qaxootiga Soomaaliyeed shaaca ka qaaday inay la kaashan

Kenya H.E. Amina Mohamed ,

ee ku nool Kenya”.


iyadoo heshiiskaasi uu qeexayo in

Soomaaliya dib u soo celinta

qaxootiga Soomaaliyeed ee tiradiisu



Ra’iisul wasaare kuxigeen ahna qaxootigaasi laanta qaxootiga u lagu sheegay hal milyan oo ruux dib Wasiirka Arrimaha dibadda iyo qaabilsan Qaramada midoobey

loogu celiyo Soomaaliya inta lagu

iskaashiga Caalamiga H.E. Fawzia (UNHCR),iyadoo aanu qorshaha ku

guda jiro muddo seddex sano ah.

Prof. Sulaymaan Axmed Guuleed oo hadlay ayaa hadalkiisa ku bilaabay jaamacadda ay ka kala yimaadeen 32

Yusuf H. Adam iyo wafdi ay

jirin dib u celin qasab ah , hadba la

ah aasaasahii ugu horreeyay ee ka

”markii ardayda jaamacadaha

Dagmo oo ka Kooban 18ka Gobol ee

hogaamineyso oo cishooyinkii ugu

celin doono qoyskii doorbida inuu ku

Dowladda Kenya ayaa waxaa hadda

hirgeliya Soomaaliya waxbarsho heer

dhiganayay ay wadanka ka tageen

Soomaaliya, waxuuna ku qiyaasay

dambeeyay howlo shaqo u joogay

noolaado dalkiisa iyo deegaankiisa.

u diiwaan geshan qaxooti ahaan

Jaamacadeed dagaallaadii sokeeye iyo kuwii dugsiyadda sareba ayaan

kun iyo afar boqol ardayda ka timid

Magaalada Nairobi ee Caasimadda

610,000 ruux , halka 500,000 qof

kaddib ayaa xaflad soo dhaweyn ah iswaydiinnay sidaan ku badbaadin gobollada kale een ahayn gobolka

Kenya ayaa maanta dib ugu soo

Waxaa xusid mudan in 3-dii bishan aan diiwaan geshaneen oo qaxooti

loogu qabtay magaalada Minneapolis

laheen jilka soo baxaayay ,waxaana Awdal oo Jaamacaddu ku taal.

laabtay Caasimadda Muqdisho

November, heshiis ku kala saxiixdeen

ah ay ku kala nool yihiin Xerooyinka

ee Gobolka Minnesota.

aasaasanay 1997 jaamacadda oo

Dhadhaab,Kakuma iyo goobo kale .

,iyadoo ka warbixisay heshiiska

magaalada Nairobi, Ra’iisul wasaare

markeedii hore loogu fakaraayay

Prof. Sulaymaan waxuu hore ula soo

dowladda Soomaaliya ay la saxiixatay

kuxigeen ahna Wasiirka Arrimaha

Kulankan oo intiisa badan ahaa soo in laga sameeyo iskuul lagu barto

kulmay Jaaliyaddaha Washington

dowladda Kenya oo ku saabsan dib u

dibadda iyo iskaashiga caalamiga Xafiiska Qeybta Warbaahinta iyo

dhaweyn & xushmeyn loo hayo farsamada gacanta,waxaana taas u DC,Ohio, Columbus Iyo Boston siduu taariikhda uu qaybta ka ahaa Prof. sameenay markii jiilkii soo kacay

goobta ka sheegay Max,ud Cigaal

Sulaymaan. Dadkii goobta ka hadlay oo dhan ay gacanta u galeen dagaal oo ah Masuulka Hay’adda Camuud waxaa ka mid ahaa Prof. Axmed

oogayshii dalka joogay ,dhalinyaradii

celinta qaxootiga Soomaaliyeed ee ku ee dowladda Federaalka Soomaaliya Xiriirka Bulshada ee Wasaaradda. mahad leh , kadib Ambassador damqanaya dhib kasta oo uu la kulmo,

oo ay wada shaqeyn ka dhaxayso A b d i r a h m a n

ganacsato,shaqaale,arday iyo qoysas


waxaan ku boorinayaa muwaadiniita

Soomaaliyeed oo deegaansaday

Ismaaciil Samatar oo ka sheekeeyay soomaaliyeedna ay noqdeen kuwo

jaamacadda wuxuuna xusay in

Dinari” , oo ah Safiirka dowladda

Soomaaliyeed meel kasta oo ay

gobolada iyo degmooyinka kala

taariikhdii jaamacada, waxuuna ku

baayaca qoriga kaliya, waxayna

waxbarashada looga baxi karo dhibta

FS ee South Sudan oo u howlgalay joogaan inay taageeraan dowladooda duwan ee dalka South Sudan.

tilmaamay taariikh socota maadaama

aheyd tijaabo lagu guulaystay oo ka jirta wadanka Soomaaliya , isagoo badbaadinta iyo daad gureynta dadka

ay bilow u aheyd jaamacadaha ka

aan dhihi karo waxaa ku badbaaday ka sheekeeyay wax qabadkooda.

ku go’doomay dagaalada , si qurux

Waxaa kale oo madashaasi ka

sameysmay gudaha Soomaaliya.

dad faro badan”. Prof. Sulaymaan

badan ayey dowladda dadkeeda ugu Hassan Dhaqane Omar ayaa waxa

kala hadlay ganacsatada kala

gurmatay,safaaraduna si wacan ayey

uu yiri“ Dadka Soomaaliyeed ee dib

ah Abdihakim Moalim Ahmed

u agaasintay”.

loogu celiyay Muqdisho , waxa ay

Malin oo ah Xoghayaha guud ee

Prof.Sulaymaan oo Goobta ka waxaa uu sheegay in Ardayda dhigata

Jaaliyadda Soomaaliyeed ee South Sudan oo taageertay dadaalada dowladda Soomaaliya ay ku daad gureyneyso dadka dagaalada ku go’doomay. Xafiiska Qeybta Warbaahinta iyo Xiriirka Bulshada ee Wasaaradda Section of Press and Public Relations Jaaliyadda Soomaaliyeed ee South


iyo dalkooda”.

noo sheegeen in la dejiyay hoteello guddiga ganacsatada (SOBAS) Ganacsade



,kadibna loo kala ambabixiyay ,Bashir Farah Jama , Khadar

ayaa waxa uu intaa raaciyay in deegaanada iyo gobolada ay kala Mohamud Ali iyo Mohamed Hassan Soomaalidu ay ku kala nool yihiin

degan yihiin, iyagoo gacanta ku sita Mohamed oo u mahad celiyay

gobol waliba oo South sudan ka Tikidh diyaarad iyo masaarif lacag Madaxtooyada qaranka, Xafiiska tirsan , Safaaraduna ay hooy siisay Soomaaliyeed ee South Sudan oo

ah oo biil ahaan ugu filin muddo

gudoonka Baarlamaanka, Xafiiska

muddo kooban dadkii dagaalada ka gaaban”.

Ra’iisul wasaaraha , Wasaaradda

soo cararay inta aaney diyaaradda

Arrimaha Dibadda iyo Safaaradda

muujiyeen taageerada iyo yididiilada hadal ka jeediyay furitaanka shirka koowaad imaan caasimadda Juba,

Safaaradda Jamhuuriyadda Federaalka


Soomaaliya ee Caasimadda Juba-

Soomaaliya ee Caasimadda Juba-


Sudan oo ay ka qeyb yihiin guddiga ay u hayaan dowladda Federaalka

ayaa waxa uu yiri , “waxaan nahay “ qof waliba oo Soomaali ah oo

ganacsatada Soomaaliyeed ee South Soomaaliya.

ummad magac leh , wadan leh ,

South sudan ku nool wuxuu ogsoon South Sudan ayaa ku qiyaastay South Sudan kaalinta balaaran ee

Sudan ayaa maanta kulan ku yeeshay

astaan leh , laga yaqaan caalamka

yahay , kuna dhaaranayaa Allah

tirada dadka Soomaaliyeed ee

ay ka qaateen daabulidda dadkii ku

, loo yaqaan magaca Soomaaliya,

kadib inuu leeyahay dowlad iyo dal ku nool South Sudan ku dhawaad

go’doomay dagaalada ka soconaya

Xarunta Shirarka ee dhismaha

Hassan Dhaqane Omar Gudoomiye

Safaaradda , halkaasoo ay ku

kuxigeenka Guddiga ganacsatada Allah magacaas noo yeelay ayaa

magaciisu yahay Soomaali ,kana

10,000 ruux oo u kala qeybsan qeybo ka mid ah South Sudan.


Ganacsiga / Business

Vol. 1 Ed. 1

Trust: The driving force behind many Somali traders’ success Qoray: WINSLEY MASESE, Standard Digital The phenomenal growth of Somali

is certified and is of good quality. – and a critical area in which the

businesses in Kenya’s commercial

This is not the practice where Nairobi business differentiates itself from the

towns and urban centres is an envy residents and visitors at times buy

competition. As such, “Protecting,

to any would-be entrepreneur or

deepening and delivering trust

donkey meat, instead of beef.

business person.

through good governance is at the Bashir, who is also the chairman to

From the often frequented restaurants the board of the recently launched

core of this thriving community business strategy,” says Dahir.

in Nairobi’s Central Business

Crescent Takaful Sacco, noted that

District to well-stocked boutiques

human relationship is largely driven Since perceptions about what

their business models have created

by trust and this is the key concept constitutes a conflict of interest might

a massive economic touch, which

they hope to build on to grow strong vary across regions, Somali traders

cannot be overlooked.

businesses culture.

Behind this upward curve though is

“I will deal with an individual due their business.

a business based on trust, a character

to the trust I have and one equally

has created financial institutions,

parts of the world such as the US, capital intensive projects and has

are able to identify any conflicts,

which aim to pool the resources UK, and Canada have not been able the potential of formalising the

potential or real, that could jeopardise

together to fund key projects.

to amass such capital towards a given community’s businesses into Kenya’s venture apparently because of the mainstream business,” noted Bashir.

Trade pillars

lack of trust or suspicion when it comes to pooling resources together. Research on on-going project on

trait that has remained elusive in transacts a business with the person

Dahir also agrees that the element of

many conventional entrepreneurs,

he trusts,” he noted. As a pastoralist

trust is common and strong within

The institutions, which are Sharia In their place is an element of mistrust

Eastleigh by the Oxford Diasporas

who find it hard to trust their wealth

community, he says, the Somali has the community, a factor that has seen

compliant, largely focus on assisting where doubts raised on who benefits

Programme points out that business

with others, however creative their

a practice where they give some

an individual to get out of some from the dollars sent.

success of places like Eastleigh is

ideas may be.

members a cow in the hope that

financial rut, such as to pay school

testament to the ability of people

business flourish.

they will return it. “This is where

He says the partnership is a

fees or hospital bills, without any “It’s a common story you hear that

our trust to transfer capital from

progressive mind able to bring


Somali community resonates loudly one trustworthy individual has been

their ideas together to achieve that

the Diaspora, in the presence of a

in respect to raising enough capital inherited from.”

phenomenal investment. Dahir, upon

The launch of the Crescent Takaful close relative. In most cases, inflow

among family members and close

his arrival from South Africa for

Sacco is part of that process to

example got together with his close

institutionalise trust. Consequently, family instead of uniting them,”

Emma Lochery states: “Business

well as one that creates an even prospered because they are willing to family members and pooled resources

the ideal of transferring capital explained Njoroge Kamau who has

people’s capital, augmented by funds

economic impact in the entire society.

from one individual to another is

Trust, in a good number of the

friends for a profitable venture as

Being a resilient people, Somalis have take risks and accept smaller profits,

to construct the estate.“Inasmuch

which is another factor that has seen as they trust me, I also trust them Takaful Insurance Managing Director their business thrive. Abdullahi Hassan Bashir agrees that trust in the

and that is how business grows,” he

Dahir, the director at the Imara Daima states.

role in fuelling success in their

to trade, “everyone wants to be very

However, Bashir admitted that in the

business growth.

competitive in terms of the pricing

recent past, incidences of misusing

economic development of a region.

of Diaspora cash tend to divide the The research by Neil Carrier and

a number of family members living from a widely scattered diaspora

dominated by this character trait. abroad. For Dahir, there are checks

has been invested along multiple

Bashir said: “This is how to make the

and balances such as getting an

routes strung together by kinship,

best of trust by ensuring the money auditor to look at the books and a

friendship, and religious solidarity.”

sent from the Diaspora is protected,”

community has played an incredible Gardens, explains that when it comes

to mobilise alternative sources of

so and so cannot receive a call from funds and play crucial role in overall

clear mode of payment.

he said.

Staying together for years to create As the community moves to put in

a business empire without any break

It’s true that a good number of the

place these mechanisms to strengthen up is a rare gem in majority of

“Ours is a business model that are looking for.

has made them think of creating

community members in the Diaspora

their business dominance, Dahir business partnerships and the Somali

is based on trust as shown by the

institutions so that that trust is

send a sizeable amount of money to

reckons that the next hurdle is to

factor, so it’s the margin that people money sent from the Diaspora

community offers vital lessons, albeit

community. Such ventures thrive While other traders are looking for founded on it.

their beloved ones, a key seed capital create financially stable institutions in a small way.

since it’s founded on the human

a higher margin, a Somali trader is

that has helped propel success of this

spirit,” he argues. The human spirit, looking for a lower margin. They’re “What we are doing is to build an

conservative community. However,

he reckons, is one where both the looking at the turnover.” Dealing in institutional foundation to support

other Kenyan community members

“Sacco are key sources of income to

seller and buyer trust that the product

who equally are based in different

spur economic growth by financing

trust is the foundation of reputation that trust,” he said. The community

Immigration beat: African Development Center names new director By: MARK BRUNSWICK , Star Tribune The African Development Center has announced it will be filling the significant void left by the death of founder Hussein Samatar last year. It has named Nasibu Sareva its first wave of Somali refugees in new executive director. A longtime Minnesota, he learned English with Total loans surpassed $1 million, member of the center’s management the help of a Minneapolis librarian

more than triple the level lent in

team, Sareva was appointed interim and eventually earned a master’s

2012. Additionally, more than $1


in business administration from

million in equity was invested, and

Samatar’s death from leukemia in the University of St. Thomas. As a



those projects resulted in retaining

August. He had been the center’s member of the Minneapolis school

more than 50 jobs and creating almost

chief financial officer and head of

120 new jobs, the center said. Default

board, he was the first person of

its business development department, Somali descent to be elected to public rates on the loans remained well one of the most active in the state.

office in Minnesota and possibly in

below industry standards.

the United States. The African Development Center

A native of Tanzania, Sareva holds a

occupies a unique spot among Through training, workshops and

bachelor’s degree in accounting from

economic development organizations.

loans, the center’s goal is to link

the International Islamic University in

Its mission is to help businesses

the African immigrant community to

Malaysia and an MBA in accounting

grow, build wealth and increase regional and mainstream economies. from Lincoln University in Missouri. reinvestment in African communities across Minnesota.

In 2013, the center provided small Matthew Holm has been named business loans to nearly 20 businesses

Samatar’s American success story

in the African community. A third of

also is legend. As part of the

those were start-up projects.

deputy executive director.

to service the business.


Qoyska iyo Dhallinyarada / Family & Youth

Vol. 1 Ed. 1

Minneapolis police officer Mohamed Abdullahi: “I’m a Somali person first. I’m a part of this community too.”

Killings prompt questions and worries in Somali community By: Briana Bierschbach, MinnPost Hashim Yonis has been to a lot of

related. In another case in October, particularly hard.

funerals lately. The most recent was an elderly man was convicted of

“You know how people say nice

one who was shot, or my son, who

Abdullahi told the crowd. “I’m a

things about people just because they

is growing up? That is what I fear.”

Somali person first. I’m a part of

for his friend Fuad Ali, a 31-year-

beating to death a fellow Somali man He was a father of two — with one have died, well that’s not the case

old Somali-American businessman

in his apartment, but no arrests have more on the way — and owned

here,” Sabri said. “He was truly a The police had frustrations, too.

who was shot dead in Minneapolis

been in any of the shootings, police

good man.”

last week.

spokeswoman Cyndi Barrington said. attended the University of Minnesota

two event centers in the city. He and was cherished by the arts

Seeking answers

It was Ali’s killing that drew Yonis It’s been five years since a similar community, which used his center for Those gathered at the event center and a somber crowd of nearly two string of gang-related killings in performances. Police are following

this community too.” In many cases, members of the

Police also had some good news:

Somali community were too afraid

There are new leads on two of the

of retaliation to come forward with murders. That was the first update information to help solve the murders.

asked police if any of the shootings

many in the community had heard in months, and it sparked a dialogue on

dozen Somali men and woman and

Minneapolis led to a groundbreaking

several leads in the case, Barrington were close to being solved. Yonis “One woman told me she was more what they could do to help the police

members of local law enforcement

meeting with the Somali community

said, but there have been no arrests. asked if there was a better way to

to the Safari Events Center near


East Lake Street Friday night. Ali

department. Now again, community “He was a true, good American who investigations. Some members of the government,” homicide investigator Somali activists now plan to meet


M inneapolis


release information about murder

afraid of what her community would solve these crimes. to do her than she was afraid of the

had been buried earlier that day and members say they are afraid to go

immigrated here and started his own

the crowd was thin at the usually

business. He was a hard worker,” said share the names of suspected gang all by ourself. We need your help.”

outside of their homes for fear of

bustling event hall. But a handful of getting caught in the middle of gang Basim Sabri, the largest immigrant

crowd even asked if the police could Charlie Adams said. “We can’t do it with law enforcement officials members in their own community.

organize a community response team

community members — mostly young

activity. Other slayings have seemed

— showed up to grill law enforcement

more random.

about a spike in bloodshed in their

“That could have been me,” Yonis In an unprecedented move in the doors and turning over beds to catch with the Somali community.


said. “I’m really sick and tired of Somali community, Sabri is offering

these guys,” said Shurkri Hassan, The department hired Mohamed tunnel,” Yonis said. “For the first

going to burial sites and burying my a $15,000 reward for information that

who moved from Minneapolis to Abdullahi and Abdiwahab Ali — the time in months, I think I can see that.”

Ali’s slaying comes after three young

friends. I knew almost all of them

could lead to the capture of Ali’s

Columbia Heights because of the

first Somali officers in the state — to

Somali men were shot and killed this

very well.”

murderer and $15,000 more if there’s violence. Hassan said the community

patrol the densely Somali-populated

a conviction. He’s willing to spend has held dozens of similar meetings,

Cedar-Riverside neighborhood.

summer — two in Minneapolis and one in Burnsville — in incidents many

‘Truly a good man’

landlord in the state. Ali was a tenant.

monthly, and they are trying to

Law enforcement officials said they to help police solve cases. “I want the police to be knocking on were making strides in working

more if that’s what it takes to catch

in the community believe were gang Ali’s murder hit the community his shooter.

but the violence continues. “When will I hear that my brother is the “I like how you are challenging us,”

“I think I can see a light through the


Cayaaraha / Sports

Vol. 1 Ed. 1

Xulashada Ciyaartoyada Kubadda Kolayga Soomaaliya Qoray: Siyaad Siciid Saalax, SomTV Magaalada Minneapolis ee gobolka xulan doonaan gudaha Soomaaliya Soomaaliya. waxuuna u rajeeyay

Somali FA equips regional football committee offices

Minnesota waxaa ka billowday

Somali Football Federation Media Department

iyo qurbaha si loo helo ciyaartoy

guul xulka Qaranka Soomaaliyeed

tabbabar lagu xulayo xulka kubadda awood leh oo meteli kara xulka

iyo tababbaroohada C/qadir Barajab.

k olay ga


S o omaaliy a

u ga

Qaranka dalkeenna Soomalaiya.

As part of its regional development Mahmoud Hassan told the media

toward football promotion” President

qaybgalaya ciyaaraha Bariga Africa

Waxaa kaloo goobta xulashada ku

program under the ‘Spread the during the equipment presentation Ali Said Guled Roble told the visiting

ee sannadka 2014-ka ka dhacaya “Annagoo ogolaasho ka haysana

sugnaa Cabdi Maxamed Ciye (Cabdi

football’ initiative the Somali ceremony on Tuesday.

regional football committee Boss Mr

madaxda xiriirka ayaan hawshan Dheere) oo ahaa tababbarahii kooxdii

Football federation (SFF) on

Burhan Mahmoud Hassan.

billownay ilala sanadkan bilowgiisii

Jeenyo iyo xulka Qarankii xiliyadii

Tuesday donated complete office

“For the past several days I have

waxaana ku faraxsan nahay in intan sideeddanaadkii, isagoo HOL u

equipment and different kinds of

had lengthy meetings with SFF

magaalada Kambala ee dalka Uganda. Dhallinyarada tartamaysa ayaa ka



dalkan oo dhallinyaro ah oo raba inay xulka sheegay in uga yimid hawshan

Maraykanka iyo dalka dariska la waddankooda u ciyaaraan ay gobolka dalka Canada gaar ahaan magaalada elected chairman of the southern ah ee Canada, waxaa ka muuqatay Minnesota isagu yimaadaan,” ayay Toronto, uuna waday ilaa afar farxad iyo farsamo isboorti oo ay

tiri Gani Xasan.

soo bandhigeen.




football materials to the recently- executive committee members and I Federation Secretary General Abdi would like to tell with a loud voice Qani Said Arab emphasized that the

Lower Jubba football committee Mr that their generosity will not only

generous donation was part of the

ciyaartoy wuxuuna u mahadceliyay Burhan Mahmoud Hassan who is on be confined to the equipment we are SFF’s ‘spread the game’ initiative bahda isboortiga ee Minnesota

an official working tour to the SFF

receiving here today, but more other which is intended to get every

heaqquarters for the first time after developmental steps will follow” the

Sidoo kale, Axmed Daahir oo ka mid

siday u soo dhaweeyeen afartii

Guddoomiye ku xigeenka saddexaad

ahaa ciyaartooydii hore ee dalka ayaa

dhallinyarada ahayd ee uu keenay, his election by the end of November regional football committee boss told the country is now emerging from

ee xiriirka kubadda Kolayga Somalia,

isna HOL u sheegay inuu ku faraxsan

kuwaasoo ka qaybgalaya tartanka

Gani Xasan Nuur oo la hadashay HOL yahay inuu qayb ka ahaado qorshaha

lagu xulanayo ciyaartoyda kubadda

last year.

the ceremony.

ayaa sheegtay inay ciyaartoyada ka lagu xulayo xulka kubadda kolayga koleyga Soomaaliya.

Somali child involved in football as decades of lawlessness. “One cannot develop something unless he or she has the proper office equipment and the other materials needed for accomplishing the dayto-day tasks and that is why the SFF was prioritising to equip the regional football committee offices” Secretary General Abdi Qani Said Arab said in a separate press statement on Tuesday. “The equipment given to the regional football committee include: mini footballs and other materials which

A colourful ceremony which intended Mr Burhan noted that with the help

are important for the grassroots

present the equipment to the regional

of Somali Football Federation, his

development program which will

football boss was held at Stadium

committee will prioritise to work on soon start in the city of Kismayo,

Banadir on the eve of Jeenyo United-

a sudden recovery of football in the the provincial capital of Lower Jubba

Horseed FC clash which ended in

former Islamist stronghold region

region” Mr Abdi Qani Said Arab said

4-2 in favour of Jeenyo On Tuesday.

which is currently emerging from

in his statement.

decades-long civil wars. “On the behalf of the football

The SFF Secretary General noted that

committee and the entire people in The president of Somali Football the southern Lower Jubba region was the southern Lower Jubba region I

Federation Ali Said Guled Roble

an example for the rest regions in

am very grateful to Somali Football for his part said that the SFF was

the country which are expected to

fully jubilant at the return of football follow by electing their local football influence into the region which was committees. once well known for its great role in Somalia’s regional tournament just “The election they made was a tangible nearly 30 years ago.

move forward and in return for that the Somali Football Federation is

“Lower Jubba region had played

fully committed to helping the

a key role in the promotion of the elected regional authorities promote federation authorities for the generous country’s football and in particularly football in the whole region—We donation and I testify that SFF

the regional competitions, so glancing are once again urging other regions

was fully committed to promoting

back to the past history we want

in the country to follow such good

football both in our region and the you to be an icon of progress for the

example” Secretary General Abdi

entire country” Lower Jubba football

region and the SFF will always be

Qani Said Arab explained in his press

committee chairman Mr Burhan

along your side in all endeavours statement on Tuesday.


Waxbarashada / Education

Vol. 1 Ed. 1

Early education efforts in Minnesota promoted

From the darkest to brightest

By: Maja Beckstrom, Pioneer Press

By: Ibrahim Muzamil, TC Daily Planet

Momentum is building to get more

Cassellius said, “Poverty is the

distribute to low-income parents in

I lost my eyesight when I was a very

It was tough and difficult to accept lonely day pondering what was next

low-income kids into quality day care

greatest challenge facing kids.” She the form of scholarships, which can

young boy living in Taltale, a rural

at first; it was very hard for me to in my life. Then I made my decision

and preschool. The state’s fledgling noted that 43 percent of first-graders be used to send 3- and 4-year-old

village in Ethiopia. As a result of cope with the loss or get used to and asked my brother to take me

early education scholarship program qualify for free and reduced-price

children to any approved home- or

my blindness, most of my childhood being blind. I stopped playing with

to the State Services for the Blind,

was the hot topic at Thursday

center-based child care program.

was spent behind closed doors, in children as I had before, and I quit

a blind rehabilitation center. The

morning’s Children and Youth Issues

The funding was largely the result

the protection of my home; I had no going to school. I imagined there was counselors there advised me and told

briefing, held every year before the Updates from the departments

of MinneMinds, a coalition of

access to formal schooling, and my no independent life for me; I thought

me what blind people could and could

start of Minnesota’s legislative

of Education and Health and 70 statewide organizations that

world grew smaller and smaller. My I would have to depend entirely on

not do. I began to instruct myself and


Human Services highlighted their coordinated lobbying for early- young life suddenly changed from


commitment to support teen mothers,

childhood scholarships.

others and never have a life of my

became hopeful. I was optimistic and

light to dark, from promise to sorrow. own. There was no blind school or

looked forward to having a great,

any resources available for blind

bright future. I was committed to

people in Taltale, the town I lived in.

working hard and long.

On Friday, supporters plan to

deliver health care to uninsured

announce legislation to request

kids, push for stable housing and “All of us heard the message The accident occurred at the end

additional money to fund the program.

provide mental health services. consistently, and it worked,” said

of 2000. I vividly remember that Sadly, I became immured as a young

Recent legislation doubled mental

state Sen. Patricia Torres Ray,

eventful day. It was very nice, sunny boy. As a result, I became idle and These last three years, I have studied


and gorgeous. After I had lunch with

The briefing drew hundreds of people health grants to schools, with $45

spent all of my time with my family;

in the ABE program at Southside

to the Crowne Plaza Riverfront

million to school-based mental health

in addition, I always needed people’s Education Center, and, most

Hotel in St. Paul and showcased

services through 2018, said Health The initial funding serves about 10

help to leave the house for a breath of

recently, I passed the GED. Soon,

a successful effort in recent years

and Human Services Commissioner percent of eligible families, which is

fresh air. I couldn’t do anything by

I begin classes at MCTC. My plan

to rally foundations, preschool

Cindy Jesson.

why MinneMinds will be hitting up

myself. I endured this situation for

is to complete one or two years of

legislators again this year.

seven years. It was hard to deal with.

courses at MCTC and then enter the

directors, policymakers and others around early-childhood education. After-school programs will be

College of Education and Human

Supporters say giving kids and their another focus in the coming year, said


When I came to the United States,

families support in the early years can

Kari Denissen Cunnien, director of

“The bill, which was filed today

with great effort and determination, Minnesota.

set them up for success in school and

Ignite Afterschool, formerly known by Representative Ryan Winkler

I was able to overcome my disability

saves money down the road.

as Minnesota Afterschool Network. (D-Golden Valley), would add an

and regain my independence. After I’m very thrilled to have passed the

She noted that state funding for after- additional $20 million for early

Development at the University of

Ibrahim Muzamil

I lived in the United States for two GED and to have the opportunity to

“It can help close that achievement school programs is down and federal learning scholarships in the 2015

my family, I went to climb one of my

months, I decided to enroll in blind earn a college degree and, in time,

gap,” said Barbara Milon, director

fiscal year and call for the base funding

favorite trees; when I reached the top,

school and learn to walk with a cane,

help others, as many have helped

of the Phyllis Wheatley Community “may no longer be as reliable.”

appropriation to be doubled in each

I lost my footing and fell many feet but, at the same time, many people

me. I thank my teachers for their

Center, which runs a child care center

fiscal year until the need of all at-risk

to the ground. The fall from the tree

I knew discouraged me and wanted

encouragement, time and patience.

changed my life dramatically.

me not to walk on my own because

I pray and praise God for leading

in North Minneapolis.

funding in the form of large grants

The child advocates also celebrated children is met.” I had a wrong dollar last

Education Commissioner Brenda


u n p r e c e d e n t e d amount in my original version of this

authorization of $46 million to


they were concerned that I might get me from the darkness and for the Within a year, I lost my eyesight.

lost or get hit by car. I spent one full,

brightness that fills my life today.

dayaxa Qoray: Ali Omar Suldan, Halkan waxaan

ka salaamayaa


wargeyska Soomaalida iyo dhamaan

iyo (Ururka xiddigaha/Galaxy).

akhristayaasha ku xiran, waxaanan Dowladaha horumaray ayaa ku ku salaamayaa salaanta islaamka,

hamiweyn in ay mustaqbalka soo

Asalaamu Caleykum. Salaan kadib, socda ay doonayaan cirka iney ku waxaan donayaa inaan ka hadlo,


fikradd cusubna aan ka dhiibto cilmiga astronomy ama cilmi falagga







taariikhda dheer.

Xiligii hawada sare iyo dayaxa la tagey ilaa maanta waxaa laga jogaa 50 sano. Dowladaha horumarayna marwalba waxay

baritaano iyo

dadaal dheraad ah ay ugu jiraan dayaxa iyo waxyaabaha la xirira, iyaga oo marwalbana baaritaano cusub ino soo gudbiyaan. Hadaba su’aasha muhiimka ah ayaa ah, waa oo ay Soomaalidu u taqaan cilmiga

maxay sirta ugu weyn ee dayaxa


ku qarsoon oo ilaa maanta aan la ogaanin? Jawaabta ayaa aha sirta

Cilmigan Falagga oo ah cilmi aad u ugu weyn ee dayaxa ku qarsoon, waa weyn ayaa waxaa la yiraahdaa waa warreega uu ku socdo dayaxa iyo cilmigii ugu horeeyay ee ay binu xisaabaadka uu ku socdo dayaxa aadamku bartaan. Anigu waxaan

Talking beading and buffalos in South Minneapolis By: Helen Duritsa, TC Daily Planet

oo ku dhex qarsoon. Xisaabta uu ku

ahay dadka cilmi Falagga xiiseeya, socdo dayaxu ayaa ah, hal xisaab oo

Somali and Native American

Dakota. An Ojibwe wild rice stew,

an urban Indian, said, “It’s nice to be

As Patty said earlier in the evening

xiiseentaana waxaan bilaabay markii

women discovered shared cultural

wild blueberry sauce and Pepsi

around a bunch of women.”

about the art of beading, “Keep trying

ku qarsoon, xisaabtaasna weli lama

aan imi magaallada Minneapolis, soo sarin lamana ogaanin. Aniga oo

similarities at a small group meeting rounded out the Native fare. Somali

and trying. The more you try the better you get at it.”


cilmiga Falagga in mudo ah ku soo

at East Phillips Community Center

women contributed beef stew with The Somali community organizer

Mareykanka. Anigu cilmigaas weyn

jiray, lana dersayay, ayaa haddaba

on October 21. Fowsiyo Aden noted

basmati rice and a big lettuce salad of the Native American Somali




in yar baan ka fahmaa, waxaanan waxaan jecladay in aan dowladaha that there is a structure in Somalia jeclahay inaan ka hadlo



Friendship Association, Amina

The same can be said for a developing

called a qualdo, which reminded her

iyo akhristayaasha Soomaaliyeed, in

in its similarity to the teepee. She also

Somali women whose English skills

of the Play Circle, a Somali henna

aan u faa’iideyo, mawduucana aan

said they have buffalo in Somalia. retired teacher, a Shoshoni from are still developing. (Norma Smith

artist will teach the art of henna

d o o n a y a a wax yar kala wadaago. Qof kasta oo

Easy laughter followed when Rukia Idaho, said “I learned to bead from is the Native American community


cusubna aan ka dhiibto. Qoraalkan

with bananas.

horumaray ee arrintan ku mashquulsan

inaan kaga hadlo Dayax Saaxiibka bini Adam ah wuxu ka hadli kara

Mohamud asked if they milk the

Saleh, translated for several of the friendship. At the November meeting Patty, a professional beader and

my mom, brothers and grandparents.

organizer for the group.) Rukia

Dhulka, anigoo aad usoo koobaya. wuxu isagu ogaaday, jecelyahay ama buffalo here. There are buffalo in

The number one thing for beading is Mohamud has been in this country This is one of a number of articles

Akhristayaasha sharafta lahoow,

uu takhasus u leeyahay. Haddaba

Somalia but they are wild, while


sidaad ogtihiin iinsaankii ugu

markaan ka hadlo nafteyda, waxaan

domesticated camels are milked.

horeeyay ee taga hawada sare,

idiin soo gudbiyay intaan ka

dhulkana ku soo warreegay wuxuu ogaaday mawduucan, ahaa Yuri Gagarin oo isagu u dhashay

for only three months and everything

produced by student interns at the

is new for her. Amina Shuriye had TC Daily Planet. Mariah, a Lakota woman, came to been here for eight years and is happy


Native bead artists taught Somali

assist Patty, quietly moving among to be living here, after first living

sidad ogtihiinba waa bad oo kale,

women how to bead, working on a

the ladies showing them the beginning in a refugee camp in Kenya. One of originally implied that buffalo are

dalka Ruushka sanadku marku ahaa qoraalkan koobana laguma dhamayn simple pattern for a key chain. The

steps for the key ring.

her children, daughter Rabio, tried

CORRECTION: The first paragraph milked in Somalia — that’s not

1961. Sidoo kale, iinsaankii ugu

karo dhamaan wixii akhbaar ah ee la

gathering was the first of several

her hand at beading on this evening. correct! The question referred to

horeeyay isna ku degay dayaxa

xiriira cilmiga Falagga.

meetings of this kind, working The small group of women brings

Fowsiyo Aden, a smiling outgoing

in conjunction with The New intimacy to this exchange of cultural

woman, diligently working on her Rukia Mohamud asked if they milk

dushiisa wuxuu ahaa Neil Armstrong oo u dhashay dalka Mareykanka, Mustaqbalka



Native Theater, aimed at fostering

heritage. As in many groups of beaded ring, mentioned that there are the buffalo here. There are buffalo

dhawaana dhintay. Ilaa maantana

rajeynayaa xisaabta dayaxa ku

aqoonyahaniinta cilmigan bartay ama

dhex qarsoon inaad aragtaan ama Native American women and Somali interests of family, education and

cilmi barista ka sameeya, koonkan aad ogaataan. Sirta konkan oo dhan

understanding and friendship between women, talk flowed freely, with also tribal people in Somalia. women.

of The New Native Theater hopes to

dayaxa. Waxaan rajaynayaa in The beading followed a shared meal Kasa Hohenstien, whose kids attend produce a play out of the discoveries

aragnaa dowladaha horumaray in ay qoraalkan koban ay dad iga cilmi of Somali and Native American Anne Sullivan school, where half

the women unearth as their new

marwalba iyagoo cilmi baaraya, kana badan akhristaan oo ay wixii tallo

friendship ensues. “The process is


of the students are Somali and her

hadlaya, (Dhulka/Earth), (Dayaxa/

iyo tusaale ahna ila soo wadaagan,

Moon), (Big Bang), (Xiddigaha/

haddi ay wax su’aal ahna ay qabaan

Emmy Her Many Horses made a get to know more about Somalia and

Stars), (Dayax Gacmeedka/Space

ay ila soo xiriri karaan.

Lakota buffalo stew with buffalo its culture. Terry Yellow Hammer, other in a different way, over dinner

Electronic), (Meerayaasha/Planets),

in Somalia but they are wild, while domesticated camels are milked.

arts filling in the occasional silences. Rhianna Yazzie, the artistic director

oo dhan iyo dayaxa baaritaan cilmi wuxuu ku qaroonyahay xisaabadka bey ka wadaan. Sidoo kale waxaan

camels: Easy laughter followed when

children have Somali friends, came to more important than the play,” voiced Yazzie. “ Here we get to know each

from her family’s ranch in South from Standing Rock Sioux tribe and and a new activity.”

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Caafimaadka / Health

Vol. 1 Ed. 1

Autism hits Somali kids harder, University of Minnesota study finds By: JEREMY OLSON , Star Tribune Autism might not be any more Somali-heritage children with autism

black children in Minneapolis, and

address some of the persistent fears

deal with it much better” if treatment

one in 80 for Hispanic children.

in Minneapolis’ growing Somali

starts earlier. Abdull, who serves

children in Minneapolis than it is

— defined as scoring 70 or less on Concerns about the prevalence of The rates for the Somali and white

immigrant community about the

on a federal autism advisory panel,

among white children in the city,

IQ tests — compared with a third of autism among Somali children

prevalent among Somali-heritage

also had related intellectual disorders

on Community Integration.

surfaced among parents in 2008, and

children were higher than national

origins of autism in their children. said it is easy to spot the nonverbal

averages as well.

Some in the community believed that Somali children who are at risk for

were validated in 2009 when a report Somali




from the Minnesota Department of Abdull said she felt emotionally were two to seven times more likely

of the study results, because they

moved here with their parents. Hewitt

language doesn’t even have a word

to receive autism services from the officially recognize a public health said that wasn’t addressed by this

for autism, or really describe the

problem in her immigrant community

study, but that researchers have birth

nuances of mental disorders. As one

that Somalis have long confronted

record data to address that question

anonymous parent said in the U study,

The U study, released Monday,

on their own. Autism is marked by

next. The report also didn’t address “In our culture, you are either sane

was an outgrowth of that Health

difficulties in communicating and

fears among some in the community or you are crazy; there is no gray

Department report, and is the largest forming relationships, as well as

that pediatric vaccines were somehow

area. So there is a fear that someone

examination ever in the United States

to blame. The study did find that

will call your child a name behind

immigrants’ children.

struggles with language and abstract

autism diagnosis, on average, until Abdull speaks openly about her son’s

Rather than counting the number

they are 5. That is late considering autism and about the educational

of children signed up for autism “Somalis are very talkative,” said

that the disorder can reliably be software on an iPad that helps him

services, or even who have received Abdull, whose 11-year-old son is detected by age 2.

learn and cope with the nonverbal

a diagnosis of the developmental autistic, “and our children are not

nature of his disorder. She said she

disorder, the researchers examined

talking. That’s why we’ve advocated A call for more research

hopes that the U study will validate

medical records from thousands of and cried and protested from every Minnesota now needs to do more to

the problem for others and make them

autistic children in the study overall. participating families and evaluated corner” that the disorder is more research the causes of the disorder

feel more comfortable about seeking

disorder appears harsher in this

In a much-anticipated report released

children of all races and ethnicities your back.”

noticeable in a culturally verbose in Minnesota aren’t assessed for an Somali community.

minority group.

children born in the United States, have felt ashamed by a disorder that

overwhelmed when she learned and not among Somali children who is poorly understood. The Somali

of autism prevalence among Somali concepts, which Abdull said is

but the severity of the developmental

autism. But for years, Somali families

Health found that Somali preschoolers

Minneapolis public school system.

With the help of an iPad, Abdullahi told his mom what he’d like for a quick snack before they had to leave for a therapy appointment. He’s largely nonverbal but can use a program loaded on the iPad to communicate.

autism was only a problem among

whether children met the medical common among Somali children.

and to spread awareness so conditions

screening and treatment services for

“Somali children are much more

criteria for autism — regardless of

are diagnosed and treated earlier,

their children.

likely to also have an intellectual

whether it had been diagnosed.

disability, which means their

Monday, University of Minnesota symptoms, their characteristics, the The net result was that one in 32

Doesn’t address ‘why’

said Dr. Ed Ehlinger, state health

While the study established a high commissioner.

“With our kind of autism, you can’t

rate of autism in Somali children,

miss it with a 10-foot pole. Anyone

researchers found statistically similar ways in which autism presents itself

Somali children in the study met Hewitt said, it was not designed “We know that they can develop

can diagnosis it” in Somali children,

rates of autism symptoms among

the diagnostic criteria for autism, to address some of the pressing

in these children are very different,”

coping mechanisms and they can

she said. “A lot of these kids are

compared with one in 36 white

“why” questions — such as why develop skills,” he said. “Even

smart. We just have to figure out a

regardless of whether they were of the study and a senior research children. The rates were notably

autism rates vary so sharply among though it won’t lessen the severity

way to communicate with them and

7- to 9-year-olds in Minneapolis, said Amy Hewitt, the lead author Somali or white. But all of the

associate in the university’s Institute

lower at one in 62 for non-Somali racial and ethnic groups. Nor did it of their autism, they’ll find ways to teach them by other means.”

Ka Badbaadi Qoyskaaga Xanuunada ka dhasha Qiiqa Sigaarka! East African Smoke-Free Program Cabitaanka sigaarka iyo guud dhismayaasha dhaadheer ee lawada badani rabtaan in ay ku noolaadaan ahaanba isticmaalka tubaakada qiiqda dago, oo aanad gurigaaga ku dhex guryo aan qiiqa sigaarka loo ogolayn. ayaa sababa xanuuno badan oo ay

cabin sigaar, balse guryaha kale

ka mid yihiin kansarka sambabka, ee dhismaha aad degen tahay lagu

Haddaba si aad ugu noolaato

kansarka afka, kansarka cunaha,

cabo sigaar, qiiqu si fudud ayuu deegaan caafimaad qaba, adiga

wadne istaag, qalal, iyo cudurka

usoo gaadhayaa gurigaa. Taasoo

iyo qoyskaaguna uga badbaadaan

neefta. Dhibaatada caafimaad ee qiiqa

macnaheedu yahay adiga iyo

cudurada dilaaga ah ee laga dhaxlo

tubaakadu kuma koobna oo kaliya

qoyskaaguba halis baad ugu jirtaan qiiqa sigaarka lasoo xidhiidh

dadka iyagu isticmaala sigaarka ama

xanuunada aynu soo sheegnay ee laga

shaqaalaha East African Smoke-

shiishada, balse waxa qiiqa tubaakadu

qaado qiiqa sigaarka.

Free Program. Taageeradaada

xanuunadaas oo kale u keenaa dadka lagu agcabayo een iyagu cabin. Haa,

ayaa wax badan caawin doonta, Haddaba, barnaamijka East african

maamulayaasha dhismayaashuna

adiga oo aan sigaar cabin ayaad halis Smoke-Free ayaa ka shaqaynaya sidii

way ku dhiiran doonaan qaadashada

ugu jirtaa xanuunka kansarka, ama

loogu ololayn lahaa in dhismayaasha

xeerarka mamnuucaya qiiqa sigaarka

wadne istaag hadii agtaada lagu

lawada degaa ay hirgaliyaan xeerar haday arkaan dadka degen guryaha

cabo sigaar. Wadankan Maraykanka,

mamnuucaya in sigaarka iyo

sanad kasta, 3,400 oo qof oo aan

dhamaanba tubaakada qiiqda laga sigaarka iyo qiiqiisa ka xor ah.

oo raba in ay ku noolaadaan deegaan

sigaar cabin ayaa u dhinta kansarka mamnuuco gudaha dhismayaasha. samabada ku dhaca oo ay ka qaadeen

Shaqaalaha barnaamijkan ayaa Nolol Badbaadi. Lacag Badbaadi. Ka

sigaar aanay iyagu cabin balse lagu ku hawlan sidii ay dadka ugu xoroow Sigaarka. ag-cabay.

sharaxi lahaayeen dhibaatada qiiqa sigaarka iyo sidii maamulayaasha Barnaamijkan waxaad kala soo

Sidoo kale waxa qiiqa tubaakadu u iyo mulkiilayaasha dhismayaashu xidhiidhi kartaa telka ah: 612daran yahay caruurta yaryar oo iyaga ugu qanci lahaayeen in guryaha

Murtida Bisha Saddex waa la tix galiyaa:

Toowbada waa la tix galiyaa Taariikhda waa la tix galiyaa Talada waa la tix galiyaa Xigasho: Buuga Ha Suntin, Mohamed Duale

230-3251 ama emailka: easf@

uu ku keeni karo dhimasho degdeg

gudahooda laga mamnuuco sigaarka ama

ah iyo xanuuno badan oo ku dhaca

iyo qiiqa tubaakada. Mulkiilayaasha

facebook-ga: East African Smoke-Free

neef mareenada. Hooyada uurkale iyo maamulayaasha dhismayaasha


ee sigaarka cabta ama lagu agcabo ayaa iyagu u leh awood sharciya in

Ama Twitter-ka: @eastp.

ayaa iyaduna halis ugu jirto in ay

ay dhismayaashooda ka joojiyaan

dhasho ilmo yar oo miisaankiisu

sigaarka. Daraasdo badan oo

aad u hooseeyo ama xanuuno lasoo

laqaaday ayaa iyaguna cadaynaya in

dhasha. Haddi aad ku nooshahay

dadka dhismayaasha degaa ay intooda

Vol. 1 Ed. 1

Shaqooyinka / Employment / Community calendar


Cedar Ave Fire Benefit presented by The Cedar, Augsburg College, and KFAI

Friday, January 24, 2014 - 7:00pm Doors Open: 6:00pm Advance: $20.00 Day of show: $20.00 Limited seating At The Cedar The benefit concert will feature musicians who represent the cultural past of the West Bank neighborhood as well as its present. Already scheduled to perform are Spider John Koerner (of legendary West Bank folk trio Koerner Ray and Glover), The Brass Messengers, Martin Devaney, Phil Heywood, Jon Rodine, Southside Desire, Augsburg JIVE, and DJ Go Getta with SYAV (Somali Youth Against Violence). Ticket options and info On sale date: now Phone: 612-338-2674 ext 0 between 12 noon and 4pm ($2 fee per ticket) In person: From a Cedar volunteer in the front lobby during events (no fee; cash, check, credit card), Depth of Field (no fee; cash or check only), or Electric Fetus (approximately $2 fee) Online: Ticketweb (typically $2--$3 fee/ticket) (click on red Buy Tickets button at top of this page) The Cedar is an all ages venue Students with ID, seniors over 65, and children under 12 may purchase tickets at a discount at the door (subject to ticket availability).

Mental Health Paraprofessional--Somali Speaking job in Minnetonka, Minnesota Schedule: M – F, 20 hours per week (additional hours may be possible, if desired) Job Qualifications: Qualified candidates must have experience, knowledge and language skills with the Somali/East African culture. Fluency of the language(s) is strongly preferred. Education: A Bachelor’s degree in mental health/social service-related field is preferred. Candidates with an Associate’s degree who have at least 4,000 hours of experience working with young children will also be considered. Experience: Experience working with children is required. Experience working with children with special needs, particularly children on the autism spectrum, is strongly preferred.


Apply at: St. David’s Center for Child & Family Development 3395 Plymouth Rd Minnetonka, Minnesota, 55305

Employer: UCare Posted: Wednesday, January 15, 2014 Closes: Saturday, January 18, 2014 Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota Category: Customer Service Employment Status: Full Time

Associate Educator-Roosevelt Community Education

Member Service Representative - Somali Speaking

Further information The Somali-Speaking Member Services Representative will provide accurate, timely responses, resolution to inquiries, and informal grievances from members, authorized parties, county/state representatives and other internal/external customers. The customer contact takes place via phone, written correspondence, web, fax, voice mail, or face-to-face contact and is imperative to member retention.

Date: Jan 6, 2014 Location: Minneapolis, MN, US Job Title: Associate Educator-Roosevelt Community Education and Requisition ID number: 3781 Close Date: No established closing date; open until filled Organizational Unit: Community Education (10000017) Site: Roosevelt (0360) FTE: .50 fte, 20 hours per week, 41 weeks; this is based on full-time equivalency with 1.0 being full time Union: Educational Assist(28) Functional Area: Paraprofessional

High school graduate or the equivalent required. Two-year degree in health related, liberal arts or communication field, including a course in medical terminology is preferred. Candidates must be fluent in the Somali language. One to two years call center experience or two years customer service experience. Preference given to candidates with health insurance (HMO), physician group practice, or community agency. Proficient PC skills required knowledge of Microsoft office preferred. Working knowledge of medical claims and/or medical billing processes is preferred. Proficient computer skills; knowledge of Microsoft office, Amisys, and MACESS type software packages. Rewards Enter a highly collaborative environment where people are truly engaged, and feedback is valued. You???ll enjoy a competitive salary and benefits, as well as a host of other perks, including a nationally recognized wellness program, and a bright, open, award-winning office space in Northeast Minneapolis???just minutes from major freeways and retail centers. At UCare, we welcome and employ a diverse employee group committed to meeting the needs of UCare, our members, and the communities we serve. EOE/AA

Somali Interpreter Job ID #: 35023 Location: Park Nicollet Clinic--Minneapolis Position Category: Administrative / Clerical Department: Primary Care Unit 8191 Employment Type: Full Time Education Required: N/A Experience Required: 1+ years Union Representation: Non-Union (100) Work Schedule 9:00-5:30 M-F Job Code: 5FE Hours/ Pay Period: 80 Date Posted: Dec 30, 2013

AXIS Medical Center Office Hours 1801 Nicollet Avenue South Monday - Friday Minneapolis, MN 55403 8am - 5pm  ffice +1 612.823.2947 O Fax +1 612.870.2947 Saturday 10am - 4pm *After Hours Hotline


Family Practice | Pediatrics | Geriatrics | Internal Medicine Child and Teen Check-Ups | Travel Clinic/Hajj and Umra Immigration Exams | Radiology (full digital X-ray) Laboratory | Integrated Medicine (Acupuncture) Behavioral Health

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