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fsepiytu Ma;T eLtk;> jkpoPok; Field Research Center of Tamileelam 11 - 08 – 2018 Dear Comrades of the Sinhala Nation!

People of Tamileelam are very much indebted to be grateful to you for the progressive activities uncompromisingly and fearlessly carried out by you in solidarity with the liberation struggle of the Eelam Tamils. Unlike other liberation struggles of an oppressed ethnic nation, despite unfortunately Tamil nation got the fullest support of a very few progressive forces of the oppressive Sinhala nation, the progressive comrades, who have been long standing for the self-determination oriented struggle of Eelam Tamils, namely late Mr.Adrian Wijemanne, late Mr.Brain Senewiratne, Viraj Mendis, Bashana Abeywardene, Jude Lal Fernando and a very few others, are the rare gems from the oppressive Sinhala nation for the oppressed Tamil nation.

While the Tamil people, more particularly the Tamil Diaspora has been failing to identify the natural allies and adversaries in their continued freedom struggle and moreover they foolishly believe the solution from those who orchestrated and engineered the genocidal war against the Tamils, you took the firm stand in spelling out the UK and USA’s complicit in the genocide of Eelam Tamils in the international arena particularly at the Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal by submitting the reports particularly a report titled “Britain’s Dirty war against the Tamil people”.

While Tamils around the world have been still lamenting the genocide committed against them and the loss of their liberation movement and even most of them have been still doing nothing more than shedding crocodile tears in the commemorative events, you comrades belonging to the Sinhala nation took the constructive steps in seeking justice for the genocide committed against Tamils. Tamils have to hats off to you for the activities that you carry out uncompromisingly for the Tamils even at risking your life and since the day you fled the country you are unable to go back to your home country even to attend to the funerals of your parents whereas a group of Tamil Diaspora who had been showing their loyalty to Tigers when the armed struggle was active could now be able to meet the ministers and business people in Sri Lanka through the back door and it has become a normal practice and their cup of tea in their summer vacations.

We have no words to express our gratitude to you and we want you to set an example as the way the progressive forces belonging to an oppressive nation should behave in a country where a distinct ethnic nation is oppressed. For that, we righteously ask you to consider something that needs to be well analyzed and taken into account in your activisms. Some of such things are mentioned below.

Either most of you or all of you were either the comrades or the sympathizers of JVP during the time it fought against the capitalist ruling of Sri Lanka. Some of you could be able to tolerate the racist approach of the JVP on the selfdetermination oriented liberation struggle till the early 1990s. However, we know that you had broken away from it by recognizing the self-determination of the Eelam Tamils, since then you have been uncompromisingly working for the Tamils. When you were engaged in JVP, you had to attend to the five Political Classes one of which unjustly seeing the hill country Tamils as the continuation of Indian interventionism and expansionism and seeing the Tamileelam freedom struggle as the same. Therefore, you have the political obligation of understanding the Indian complicit in the annihilation of national liberation struggles and the class struggles in the South Asian region.

fsepiytu Ma;T eLtk;> jkpoPok; | 2

As India is a prison of nationalities, it takes all possible barbaric interventionism in annihilating the self-determination oriented liberation struggles in the South Asian Region. Beyond the geostrategic interests of India, India is always against the liberation struggles of nationalities in the South Asian Region. Looking at the historical information is enough to understand that Prime adversary of Eelam Tamils is India. However, you comrades, who could very smartly spelling out the UK and USA’s complicit in the genocide of Eelam Tamils, make a very few attempts in making the international exposure of India’s complicit in the genocide of Eelam Tamils. Tamils in Tamilnadu are a distinct nation that is imprisoned in the India for the betterment of the market interests of the British imperialism. Tamilnadu is a distinct nation appropriated by the India that is the prison of many nationalities, is the very nearest nation that has the thirst of national liberation should be our natural ally number 1. Eelam Tamils should hand in hand with Tamilnadu not just because the language, culture and vogue of both nations are same, but because Tamilnadu is a distinct nation that should be liberated from the oppressive India. The common and prime adversary of both Tamileelam and Tamilnadu is India. Therefore, Tamileelam and Tamilnadu should have a common agenda in their continued liberation struggles. When the political circumstances are prevailing like this, why do you comrades, who advise us to identify the natural allies for us in Latin America, pay almost zero concerns towards Tamilnadu?

Also, you are well aware about the usage of Marxist slogans in justifying their oppressions is being carried out by the socalled intellectuals supporting for the oppressors. Dayan Jayathilaka like-minded persons used to quote Marxist slogans in creating the illusive semblance that Sri Lanka’s war against Tamils is a war against imperialist countries. Thus most of the countries that self-proclaimed themselves as the Marxist and socialist countries could listen to these justifications using Marxist quotes. Some of the sections from Tamilnadu in guise of progressive forces, who approached you with the same Marxist slogans, could easily win over your hearts and minds to prepare the report that exposes the UK and USA’s complicit in the genocide of Eelam Tamils, do nothing in the international exposure of India’s complicit in the genocide of Eelam Tamils. Some of the persons come up with Marxist quotes are well prepared by the Indian Intelligence Wing to infiltrate into the activisms in the International arena with regard to the Tamils’ issues in order to safeguard the India at the eleventh hour of crucial stage. Making such accusation on the popular figure, who is intentionally promoted by the Indian Intelligence while making no ban on his travel documents to fly to meet International Community, his close associated comrade had left the particular movement.

We suspect that you comrades are easily decieved by those who prepare their paper works and reports based on the principles with quoting the Marxist slogans. Intelligence Wings consider this weakness of you to infiltrate into your activisms. If you promote someone like this in our politics just because they are good in speaking English and preparing reports based on the principles with Marxist quotes, it will be disastrous at the end in case they are the infiltrations of the Intelligence Wings. You comrades are uprightly pleased to make steps in making the international exposure of the India’s complicit in the genocide of Eelam Tamils and you are pleased to recognize the self-determination of Tamilnadu Nation and Hill country Tamil nation in order to get out of the clutches of barbaric India, that has been being the prime adversary of all three Tamil speaking but distinct nations

fsepiytu Ma;T eLtk;> jkpoPok; | 3

We know the “Hiru Comrades” will easily understand what is written in this letter. We hope they would identify the infiltrations of the Indian Intelligence in guise of progressive force that is prepared with Marxist quotes. Also, we hope that our “Hiru Comrades” will help the Eelam Tamils with a report that makes the international exposure of India’s prime complicit in the genocide of Eelam Tamils.

Yours Truly,

Puratchi Coordinator Field Research Center of Tamileelam

Open Letter to Comrades of the Sinhala Nation - Field Research Center of Tamileelam  
Open Letter to Comrades of the Sinhala Nation - Field Research Center of Tamileelam