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In an unprecedented time, people from all kinds of backgrounds have been put on a level playing field. National lockdowns have meant that all have had to give up something. For some this was their escape route. Leisure facilities and recreational sites had to close to help manage the spread, having a knock-on effect on both physical and mental health. The goal behind this collection is to combine the relaxing nature of routine with an environmental recognition in a contemporary design that will work in any surrounding.

There are strong connections between mentality and water. Other than the clear physical benefits to water such as hydration, water and its association are known to have many positive benefits on mentality and wellbeing. Chemically, the vapour from a waterfall increases the flow of oxygen to the brain, improving alertness and mental energy. However, it is arguably the sound of water that is the central element for relaxation. Whether it’s the fall of a waterfall or the trickle of the stream, the sound of water has had a strong presence in meditation. Scientifically, it is suggested that the rhythm of waves can affect the neural “waves” of the brain, adjusting our pace of thought to become more harmonious. The sound of water acts as an organic “white noise”, allowing listeners so step away from their thoughts and enter a space of serenity. This detachment from spiralling thoughts allows people to be bought back to the moment and experience a moment of peace. Take away the sounds and you’re left with one of the most peaceful natural environments there is. Oceans, lakes, rivers they all strike viewers with a sense of awe. The awareness of this beauty is proven to promote prosocial behaviour along the lines of benevolence, humanitarianism, and sentimentalism. The positivity that emanates from people in this natural environment leads to greater life satisfaction especially when it comes to awareness and generosity.

But how does this get incorporated into a piece of furniture? For most, their daily hit of water influences comes from their local pool when they go swimming. However, the idyllic scenery is replaced by the gentle distortion of pool tiles. The soft movement of water manipulating the tiles creates a forever transforming pattern. By using this concept, the essence of meditation created by water can be bought into the domestic environment in the form of a surface pattern.

ASPIRE Side Table- A small surface perfect for a book or cup of coffee. £466.56 (400mm x 400mm x 500mm) ASPIRE Large Draw Unit Taking the collection into the dressing room with this storage solution. £757.35 (800mm x 525mm x 1000mm)

ASPIRE Bedframe - This king-sized bedframe is a perfect feature for any bedroom, the enlarged pattern will catch your eye and promote a sense of relaxation. £866.26 (2050mm x 1550mm x 1150mm) ASPIRE Bedside Table - To accompany the bed this elegant bedside table is perfect for keeping those odd and ends whilst having a new take on the pattern that allows for functionality. £517.14 (400mm x 425mm x 660mm)

ASPIRE Coffee Table - A simple minimalist design that has a glass top allowing light to play through the chanels. This mimicks the way that light can reflect through the water of a pool. This will also be manipliated by the different lights of the day and its changing positions. £609.48 (900mm x 500mm x 600mm)

ASPIRE TV Unit- This longer unit is perfect as the feature of any room. The strong structure will be perfect as a TV stand and in the bedroom as clothes storage. £895.86 (1500mm x 500mm x 600mm)

ASPIRE Breakfast Table - Every household has a central table that is used everyday. This is the table that is the perfect size for a quick catch up or family breakfast.

£861.80 (1200mm x 1200mm x 760mm)

ASPIRE Dining Table - Featuring the same glass top, this larger scale dining table is perfect for when guests come over with plenty of room for everyone. £930.27 (2000mmx900mmx760mm) ASPIRE Shelving Unit - A strong statement perfect to hold those treasured items that deserve somewhere beautiful to be featured. £507.81 (450mmx450mmx1640mm)

ASPIRE Cabinet - every home has clutter that they wish to hide. This minimalist piece is the perfect solution with a push release on the doors there is no need for handles allowing the front pattern to stand out. The raised cabinet also allows a rather solid shape to seem light and elevated. £723.48 (1300mmx425mmx1010mm)

ASPIRE Draw Unit - Smaller in size but still with an abundance of storage, this draw unit fits nicely into any space that just needs that little bit extra. £751.44 (500mm x 525mm x 1000mm)

ASPIRE Storage Unit - The best of both worlds. this unit has the pride of a shelving unit with the ability to hide those not so attractive objects found around the home. £610.29 (400mm x 425mm x 1780mm)

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