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At Central Park


Kaitlyn O’Keefe Design and Rendering Professor Drake Fall 2008

Borrowing the Southport Kiosk

Zagat Kiosk

Central Park

I think the best way to reach out to many people without having to target a particular audience; allowing for more people to be captured, is through their stomach. Something in common with most everyone is the world is that they need to eat in order to survive. When walking through a City such as NYC people are curious and certainly willing to try out what NY has to offer in the department of food. For a Kiosk in Central Park what better way to capture peopleís attention then to demonstrate all the wondrous food Ny has to offer. Especially after walking through the park, people will be hungry. The kiosk will be near the park exit, just as people are ready to leave and deciding what to eat, there will be an informational station for them. The information provided by the Zagat Kiosk would give a range of places to dine depending on their own budget. The location of this previously constructed Zagat kiosk holds the most value of all. The Columbus Circle exit or entrance from Central Park has a very historic feel. Immediately there is a connection with the existing designed Southport Kiosk, and this Columbus Circle location, to the early 1900ís. Solely, the beauty of the borrowed kiosk sets it apart form all the rest, but connecting the structure with the chosen historical time period brings the project full circle. The reusing of an existing structure is another important facet of the entire concept. Some of the chosen, highlighted Zagat restaurantís will be those that have been around since the early 1900ís such as, Tavern on the Green, and Café des Artistes. The connection of the historic kiosk, the location at Columbus Circle, and the provided restaurants from Zagat will give the Zagat Kiosk more personality and certainly create a memorable experience if nothing more.

Columbus Circle Entrance

Zagat Kiosk Location

Central Park


On the four main sides of this octagon would stand a built in computer screen. This touch screen would be set directly to the Zagat server and allow for any Zagat search imaginable. This would be convenient for those searching for a restaurant near or far. On the other four walls, would stand information on more local vendors directly inside Central Park.

Zagat Rated

Upon reaching the Kiosk, people would immediately see the computer screens. There would be four throughout the kiosk. Each would be a Zagat search engine just as on the web page. This would allow for people to search in a quick and effective manner, if looking through the Zagat books seems just too time consuming. The Zagat web page also provides information about Zagat that tourists whom have never heard of the company will not know. This is the most effective way in producing information about restaurants through out NYC.

Here is a quick sample of what the Zagat web site does in terms of categorizing NYC cuisine. There are many restaurants listed from the oldest and most famous, to the newest and most affordable.

Cafe des Artistes

Cafe des Artistes is of the oldest restaurants listed in NYC. It has a very early 1900’s feel very similar to that of the “Borrowed South port Kiosk. It immediately connects to any host of people, its grandness and divine cuisine.

Tavern on The Green

Tavern on the Green is yet another wonderful and timeless oasis located direct ley in Central Park. This is convenient for any tourist or even local visiting the Park and looking for a true get away for the evening. This restaurant in one of NYC’s most memorable due to its location and exquisite atmosphere.

zagat kiosk  

sagat kiosk

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