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Curriculum Vitae I Learn Candidate | Bachelor of Architectural Studies University of Waterloo School Of Architecture | Cambridge, ON 2010 - present Gifted Program | Western Technical Commercial School | Toronto, ON 2006 - 2010

I Work Architectural Assistant SUSTAINABLE.TO | Toronto, ON September - December 2012 Junior Assistant Taylor Hazell Architects | Toronto, ON January - April 2012

I Help University of Waterloo Orientation Week | Architecture Leader 2011 - present School Of Architecture Open Houses | Tours + Information 2010 - present

I Am

Kristin Allison, 3rd year architecture student, and I want to work with YOU!

Adaptable | to different settings and situations Inquisitive | about the world around me Enthusiastic | about the things I love Efficient | with my work and time Detail Oriented | because the details matter

I Can Adobe CS5 Photoshop Illustrator InDesign Premiere Pro After Effects

I Like Music Television Languages Nail Polish Sports Funny Things

Use a variety of programs and techniques to put across my point and illustrate my thoughts.

Microsoft Office Word Excel Powerpoint

AutoCAD Rhinoceros

“You know everything? I like it!” – Simon Amstell

Google Sketchup V-ray Model Making Research Hand Drafting

Projects School


...House for the Trees

Saugeen Shores Nuclear

Studio | 1A

Voids + Solids Studio | 1B

Roll Over

Building Construction + Visual Communication | 1B

Basilica San Vitale

Taylor Hazell Architects

New Khmer Architecture Sustainable.TO

Cabin in the Woods Sustainable.TO


Iconography | 2A


Timing is Everything


Studio | 2B

Hello. The following pages contain my portfolio. I hope you like it.


...House for the Trees Studio | 1A Prof | Rick Andrighetti Dec. 6, 2010 Create an 80 square meter live/work cabin for a writer, visual artist or musician in one of 4 specific sites on the plot – the meadow, ridge, valley or lake – and build a 1:100 scale model. Using the ridge location, focusing on views to and from that spot, I create a linear residence with vertical windows to mimic the surrounding birch trees. As it was important for the house to front directly on the existing foot trail without obstructing it, the 2nd floor cantilevers over. The central service core houses a fireplace for each floor, and interior and exterior storage space, keeping the walls of the building open for windows on all sides.

Elevations | North, West, South, East


Plans | Roof, 2nd Floor, Ground Floor



Site Section



Voids + Solids Studio | 1B Prof | Maya Pryzybylski Jan. 17, 2011 Using balloons and plaster, create a model with voids to study negative space. Develop a system to measure the volumes of the voids, and transform the measurements into positive space as shapes. Creat a 3D model of the resulting form. Using lines to measure the depths of the circular and ovoid spaces in the plaster model, I was able to skew and scale the resulting lines to create new shapes where the lines intersected. The figures were then aligned to match similar shapes and joined at 90째 angles. The final model was made of a single piece of folded paper.

Roll Over Building Construction + Visual Communication | 1B Prof | Terri Boake + Mark Cichy Collaborator | Christina Robev Apr. 21, 2011 With ‘biomimicry’ as a theme, design a structural steel installation to be placed anywhere in the world. This was an entry in the 2011 SSEF Architectural Design Competition. Roll Over is a fern leaf inspired, retractable pedestrian bridge proposed for Amsterdam’s Red Light District. Providing pedestrians with the unique opportunity to experience walking on a glass floor over one of the city’s many canals, the project is versatile, functional and interesting for its’ users. The main structure is composed of HSS members that make up the ‘stem’ and ‘leaves’ of the frond shape. Steel tension cables act as railings, but also serve to roll and unroll the bridge.

Foundation Connection Detail

Glass Platform Detail

Pin Connection Detail

Basilica San Vitale Cultural History | 2A Prof | Tammy Gaber Collaborators | Keturah Breckon, Evelyn Hoffman, Monica Lalas, Anjie Liu, Tamara Paolatto Oct. 18, 2011 This project was part of a larger study of religious buildings of the the 6th to 13th centuries. Our group was assigned the Basilica San Vitale in Ravenna, Italy, to study and model at 1:100 scale. After studying the basilica at length and choosing a section cut to best display the elements of the church, construction was divided into parts: exterior walls, interior walls, columns, vaults, domes and mosaics; I was put in charge of the domes. Paper mache was used to create a smooth dome interior that would be easy to apply hand painted mosiacs to. Assembly of the final product was done as a group.

Saugeen Shores Nuclear Taylor Hazell Architects | Co-op Principal | Charles Hazell Collaborators | Save Our Saugeen Shores Organization (SOS) Jan. 30 - Apr. 23, 2012

Underground Facility Area Surface Facility Area

This was a research project involving the Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) and their plans to build a Deep Geoligoc Repository storage facility for nuclear waste in Saugeen Shores, Ontario, near Lake Huron.

Concession Square

With the Save Our Saugeen Shores (SOS) organization, I compiled information on the project, ranging from technical aspects of the storage facility, to the geological, environmental, and social issues associated with nuclear power and its byproducts. This information has been used at information sessions and in mailout packages to inform the people of Saugeen Shores and neighbouring communities about plans being made without their full knowledge or understanding.




This map aims only to show the scale of the proposed DGR relative to known landmarks. It does not show the actual site of any of the planned facilities.

Timing is Everything 8

Studio | 2B Prof | Lola Sheppard Aug. 8, 2012 7

Design a botanical garden for one of three sites in Toronto. The variety of plants in the garden is your choice, but they must be related by some unifying theme. Come up with appropriate strategies to display the species, as well as buildings to house other programme relevant to the garden. The research base of my garden is into a hormone, ‘florigen’, which is thought to control the time of day and year at which a flower blooms based on daylight hours. The flowers I chose bloom at different times of day and year, and would be subjected to photoperiod (light-time) experiments in order to learn more about ‘florigen’

1 - Sound Academy 2 - Patio + Pool 3 - Soccer Dome 4 - Volleyball Courts 5 - Mini Golf Course 6 - Driving Range + 6 - Drive-In Theatre 7 - Go Kart Track 8 - T&T Supermarket 9 - Lake Ontario

6 1 4 9


Dotted lines indicate buildings to be removed

2 3

The plants would be placed on the site so that their blooming times would coincide with the active hours of other programme on the site, the goal being to give visitors a different experience of the garden with every visit, and a way to physically experience the passing of time.

Summer | Day

Summer | Night

Winter | Day

Winter | Night

Morning Glory

Christmas Rose

Canadian Anemone Daphne Bholua

Thale Cress

Evening Primrose

Angel’s Trumpet

Night Phlox


Blue Wood Aster

Pampas Grass

Persian Cyclamen

4 O’Clock




New Khmer Architecture Sustainable.TO | Co-op Principal | Paul Dowsett Collaborators | Nicholas Discenza, Paul Dowsett, Donald Peckover, Craig Race, Steve Socha, Andrew Stiffman Nov. 4 - Dec. 21, 2012 A competition entry for new housing developments for Habitat for Humanity Cambodia. The residence must have a greater than 21 m² floor area, sleep 6 people, and ideally have a total construction budget of less than $2000. In addtion to meeting these requirements, the house should also take into account the vernacular architecture, lifestyle, and climate of Cambodia. My contribution to this project was researching and compiling information on Cambodia, particularly architecture and housing. The research and following charettes resulted in several iterations of the design, exploring the permutations and combinations with which the elements of a house could be put together. The final design uses the main features of Khmer housing – a floor raised high off the ground, sleeping area separated from kitchen, use of native plants as building materials – to create a modern house that responds to its surroundings and inhabitants in a sustainable and adaptable way.

Cabin in the Woods Sustainable.TO | Co-op Principal | Paul Dowsett Collaborators | Nicholas Discenza Oct. 30, 2012

A cabin for the two young sons of a family in the backyard of their cottage. The bunkie should be able to accomodate up to 4 children, provide storage, and a table for eating and doing arts and crafts. As the actual construction would be done by the family, ease of assembly was key. All the components of the design are easily availble from hardware and building supply stores, and the pulleys can be found at any number of boating good shops.

Corrugated plastic roof panel for daylight

Pulley system to raise and lower platform

The recycled wood storage bins with twigs for handles would give the kids a fun project they could work on, while the Shou Sugi Ban – a Japanese style of charring wood – would let the parents try some new techniques with their power tools, both giving the cabin a real ‘DIY’ feeling.

Windows at low level for ventila

Platform serves a lowered, table wh Storage bins underneath beds

wer bed ation

Highest Level | Platform is pulled out of the way for open space

Middle Level | Platform is used as a table, allowing access to storage underneath beds

as bed when hen raised

Lowest Level | Platform bridges beds to form mega sleeping platform

Photography Agnico Mining Facility Nunavut

New York City New York

Harrison Caves Barbados

Chicago Illinois

San Francisco California

Montreal Quebec

New York City New York

Chicago Illinois


‘Quorra’ Ink on paper

‘Starters’ Ink on paper

‘Mr. Donut’ Plush toy | made with Sheelah Tolton

‘Blue Mountain Sunrise’ Acrylic on paper

Drop me a line. email: phone: (519) 404-0240 Cambridge | 250 Ainslie St. S. Unit 1 Cambridge, ON N1R 8P8

Toronto | 16 Nelles Ave. Toronto, ON M6S 1T7

Portfolio 2013  

Samples from school, jobs and personal work

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