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k3 vault Ensuring that your business critical software and data is backed up on a daily basis is a crucial undertaking. By backing up your data online within the K3 Vault you can be confident that your data is taken regularly, reliably and securely.

K3 Vault has been designed to provide a secure cloud based backup of your critical business and ERP information. The potential for human error and failures of magnetic tape backups can now be removed completely by the automatic collection and synchronisation of your data with the K3 Vault.

Business BENEFITS you need

Business challenges you recognise  There are many risks of traditional tape backup solutions, common ones include:

• Failure to backup the correct information.

• The task of manually changing backup tapes can easily be overlooked or forgotten.

• In the event of a server failure having a tape does not necessarily mean you have somewhere to restore it.

• You have business critical data in a wide variety of servers, PC’s and laptops. Ensuring this data is also secured has become an ever evolving challenge.

The K3 Vault delivers a range of benefits.

• Peace of mind that your core business critical data is stored and secured in an ISO27001 data centre.

• 24*7 support and access to your information.

• Data is deduplicated to reduce storage costs.

• Option for K3 Managed Services to proactively monitor the backup on your behalf.

• Remove the risk of human error in your backup process.

Service level options

WHAT OUR CUSTOMERS SAY “It is often way too easy to say ‘We use a backup tape’ but when we looked into the costs for recovering data it could easily run into tens of thousands of pounds, needing the involvement of

This service is made available based on the volume of information being stored within

data recovery specialists and with no guarantee of ever getting it back.”

the vault. Often customers start with securing just their


core ERP information however there is complete flexibility to store additional data as required. Online Backup

available dataplans

Backup Monitoring Disaster Recovery Web Filtering

Complete peace of mind and protection is available


from less than £1 per day.

End Point Security

We have dataplans priced at 10, 25, 50, 100 and

upload on your behalf, subsequent uploads will be


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easier. K3 Managed Services will remotely configure the system and undertake the initial



Securing data within the K3 Vault couldn’t be

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easy deployment


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1000 Gb.

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done automatically so you can relax knowing your

allows access to historical backups as easily as accessing the most recent.

fully managed service K3 can provide a fully managed service to monitor and ensure the backup has been completed successfully on your behalf.


device using a secure log in. The intuitive interface



Data can be retrieved at any time via a web enabled


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Find out more about the k3 vault 01256 744 704 or contact your K3 Account Manager

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easy restore


data is protected.



K3 Vault Factsheet  

K3 Vault Factsheet

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